Thursday, March 17, 2016

Non-Taco Tuesday, Zumba & Pinewood derby races...

For some strange reason, being sick last week made me motivated to get this kid out of his crib. He's ready for his freedom and I'm ready for him to have it! He's a good little sleeper, so why not, right? I just took off that side and just like that, he's a big boy! He LOVES it!
I hadn't seen Heather for a while, so we decided to give Taco Tuesday a try again. We went religiously every Tuesday last year for a good few months. Our favorite is the Taco Truck downtown right outside Sweet Frosting Cupcake shop. So, it's only natural that we get taco's and a cupcake. My favorite memory of doing this with Heather was a few years ago when I was helping her plan Madison's wedding. We were going to check out the mansion in Browne's addition that she wanted to have the reception at, and since we were driving right by downtown, we had to stop at our fav place! :) I think she had called me last minute to come with her, so I was still in my pj's. Well, my sweats and very UN fancy clothes. Jackson didn't even have any shoes on. But we stopped. So, I had to carry Jackson in the place. No biggie. But on the way out I had a box of cupcakes in one hand and my child in the other, and he was starting to slip. They were making fun of me because I wouldn't risk losing the cupcakes, but my very own flesh and blood was slowly sliding off my body! :) Luckily, he survived. Anyway....back to the present...Heather and I headed to our favorite joint. We may have decided to get the cupcakes first this time. he he... And while we were there, we noticed that they sell sandwiches now, so we just decided to do that, and we didn't do our taco truck. The sammy was SO good! I think we may have discovered a new favorite. :) Another funny story, is that Jackson didn't want a cupcake, and he wanted the macaroons. I asked the lady how much they cost, and I swear she said 69 cents. So, he wanted a variety of colors, so I let him choose a few, and I think he chose 5, and I figured he could share them with Taylor. I personally can't stand them, but I think he just liked the colors. Anyway, I go to check out, and it comes up to be a lot more than I had anticipated. So, I asked her again how much the macaroons were, and low and behold they are 2.25 a pop!!! So, Jackson got $12 worth of macaroons that day. Total waste! :( sad face. But it was a fun outing and so great to catch up with Heather. I love her so much!
That night, I had been asked by my friend in the Evergree ward, Sandy Ross to ask Nadia Appleton in our ward to see if she would come do a Zumba class for their young women. I knew that Nadia doesn't speak English at all, so I knew I was going to have to come and translate. So, I had to run out to Post Falls and pick up Nadia, because she also doesn't drive that distance, only around town, and bring her to the church and translate. It was actually really fun. It was long, and the kids were going crazy, but it was fun to watch Nadia in her element. She is SO good! It actually made me want to try Zumba. I had to snap a few pics. It was also fun to be with the Evergreen girls. I know so many of them from camp, and then of course, Avery was there and she is like my second daughter, so that was fun!
I also learned that the Cumbia is a dance that started in Colombia by the slaves, and so you'll notice that in the steps there is usually one leg lagging behind and that is because on the slaves, that was the leg that was in the shackle! Crazy, huh!
I kept on telling Taylor that we were heading to Milton-Freewater to see Aunt Kathy and Uncle Scott in a few weeks, and she was so excited, that she made them this card at school. I had to take a picture of it before she gave it to them. We are going down in a few weeks for Stormee's baby shower.
I am so glad I got this picture of Tucker's black pinewood derby car. It would be it's first and last. Ben and Tucker had been working on this thing for days. And it was sitting so nicely on our kitchen counter ready for the Pinewood Derby on Wednesday night when we got home from school that day. Then Ben got home from work early to help put the finishing touches on it before the derby. I'm not even exactly sure what went down, but somehow Ben did something as he was trying to make it better that actually ruined it. Whatever he did, he couldn't fix. Desperate since it was so last minute, and if we didn't get to the church soon, he wouldn't be able to weigh in, he grabbed his car from last year. LUCKILY Tucker has a great sense of humor about things like that, and while he was upset a little, I could tell, he was mostly giving his dad a hard time for ruining his car. He still had a fun night!
My beautiful view on the way to the church for the pinewood derby... It's always so much prettier in person...

It was really funny, on their first race, the boys were asked to introduce their car, their inspiration, etc..whatever they wanted to say about their car. Tucker got up and said, something like, this is called my car from last year because my dad ruined my car this year! :) Everyone was laughing at that one!

And at the end, they each got an award. Tucker's award was 'Best Design' AKA...we are making these up for each kid, and this sounded good! :) ha ha. I'm just so glad that he has a great sense of humor and can take these kinds of set backs in stride. He really is such a great kid! And he still had a fun night and I'm super proud of him for that!
Next up is Portland! Woo-Hoo! We are heading out Friday to Portland for Britanee's wedding! SO excited to have a little getaway with our little fam!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gma visit, getting sick, play group & date night...

Since grandma was in town and had to stay a few days extra for a Dr. appointment we decided to party. We spent a good part of Monday just recovering from the weekend. These two love to snuggle.
 My cute little cheeser.  Ben cut his hair this weekend and I was SO mad! It made me so sad. I loved my long haired boy!
 We decided to take the kids to a movie on Monday afternoon because Tucker had been begging me to take him to Star Wars. We had wanted to go to it since Christmas Break and I figured it was high time. I was surprised that it was still in the theater.  So, while I took Tucker to Star Wars, my mom took Jackson and Taylor and her friend Lyndsay. I even took Tucker out of school early to be able to go. And it was so fun. He loved it, and we had a great time together. I was glad to have this time with him. And it was so nice to have grandma here to take the littles to the kiddy movie. Lyndsay's mom had texted me to take her after school, and we were happy to have her join.
These cute kids were happy to be on a fun afternoon movie date with grandma and mama.
 I didn't get a good photo of Tucker and I, and I tried to get one of the girls, and this was the best one I got! :)
 I sure do love this boy of mine. And, like I put on Instagram: 'Because some days you just need to skip school and go to the Star Wars movie that your mom has been promising to take you to since Christmas break! Yes, it was both our first time seeing it, yes, we are the last people on the planet to FINALLY see it, yes, we had the theater to ourselves and yes, we both loved it!'                                         
 That afternoon we got to see Tay Tay do her thang at gymnastics. I love this girl so much. She is so good at gymnastics. She keeps her body tight and toes pointed, and I am so impressed at how far she's come in the last year, it's so amazing to me!
 That night for FHE, grandma wanted to take us to Chuck E Cheese. Papa and Kathryn met us there and we had a great time. It's funny, because I was remembering when I would take Tucker to Chuck E Cheese at this age, and I would seriously take like 50 photos of him playing there. Poor third child. :) I did bust out my camera for a few good ones. The boy is obsessed with basketball and wanted to do this with grandma the entire time. Grandma didn't mind, and it was so cute to watch how excited he would get at making shots.
 I love this boy so much!
 Tuesday we took grandma to lunch at Cafe Rio. We were both in the mood for it, even though I hadn't been there in so long.
These two sure do love their grammie:
 We also did a little shopping that afternoon. I do love me some shopping while my mama is in town! :)

 Got some new kicks, and I was so happy! :)
My mom took this picture one morning, because this boy loves his grandma so much that he would sneak down every night/morning and snuggle with her on this little couch and they would be so crowded, but she loved it and he loved it, so it worked! :) She would just push the ottoman over a bit to have more room to sleep with him next to her.
 Making some yummy Orange Chicken. Actually, grandma was the only one who really liked it. It wasn't my fave... I love how Jackson gets so emotional and excited about things. Even little things like stirring the chicken. His face says it all! :)
 I don't know why this child insists on eating things out of their containers while on the ground or counter. He's like a little dog!!! Ugh! :)
 Then we thought it would be fun to try a little science experiment that Grandma got us for Christmas. Making our own slime!  It was fun!


IMG_0749 IMG_0740 






IMG_0770 Wednesday morning I woke up like any normal day and got to work on the house because it was destroyed from the weekend with grandma and the family here. And I started cleaning and cleaning. I noticed like half way through the day that I wasn't feeling so hot. My stomach would drop here and there and I wasn't interested in eating AT ALL! No big deal, I pushed through it.
On the way to pick up Tucker, I seriously thought I was going to have to pull over on the side of the road to puke. Luckily, I didn't. I puked right when I got home. Ugh! I spent the rest of the night puking and in bed! Ben came home early from work and we both skipped out on Youth that night, which I was actually sad about because we were going to the Mission home to talk to the Mission president and his wife.
Here are some treasures we found while cleaning up the house. I forgot Jackson had gotten this at a birthday party he went to while I was in Florida. I had put it away and we found it. It was actually pretty cute. He went to a dinosaur party and they got to bring home this Tupperware full of sand full of those little plastic dinosaurs to dig out. It entertained them while I was sick!

 So, funny story...the next day I woke up feeling a lot better. I got up, got the kids out the door to school and started finishing cleaning up the house since I didn't get to all of it on Wednesday. I was cleaning toilets, and scrubbing floors and folding laundry. Jackson was in his diaper on my bed watching a show, I was just in an oversized sweatshirt of Ben's and after all that exertion, I kind of wore myself out. Probably around 11 or so I decided to just lay down and rest for a bit because I was feeling a little light headed. Totally didn't mean to fall asleep or anything, but I must have dozed off for a bit because I all of the sudden jolted awake and looked at the clock and it said 12:18. Since it was late start, Taylor gets out of school at 12:10. But I had it in my head that she got out at 12:15, probably because I just kind of always give myself 5 minutes, and think I'll be ok if I'm 5 minutes late. But in my head, that turned into 12:15, so I was thinking I had time to run to the school and get her. I grabbed Jackson, only in his diaper and I ran downstairs! No bra, no pants, no shoes. I hopped in the van and took off. I didn't have time to do anything because I knew I was already cutting it close.  Well, of course, on my way there, my phone rings. It's the office. They have Taylor in the office. I said to her, oh, I'm so sorry I didn't think I was going to be that late! And she said to me, well, Kris, the duty, only had 3 minutes out there with them before she has to come in to help with lunch, so you should probably start planning on being here 5 minutes early rather than 5 minutes late! :) haha! I was dying! Lesson learned from the secretary! :) So....I had to turn around, go home to put some pants, a bra and some shoes on! :) Such a wonderful mother moment, I was so proud of myself! :) ha ha. I had to laugh about it, because what else can you do in those situation? right?!
On a side note, when I did hop in my car to get Taylor, Ben had left this on my seat in the van. Isn't this so sweet? He knows I love me some Cranberries, and they just came out with this new CD, Roses. I am so out of the loop on the music scene these days, but he is totally up to snuff on what's happening in the music world and good new (and old) music. What a sweetheart-I just love him!! :)
Also, something I have noticed since we moved in, but I don't know if it was the sickness and being stuck in the house, along with the deep cleaning mode I was in, but these light switches. I just don't understand why EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR ROOMS upstairs has to have a different type of light switch. Is this weird to anyone else? :) ha ha! So random!

Luckily, Thursday night I started feeling great, and I was ready to tackle playgroup the next day. Of course, it was at our house the week I get sick! :) So, I didn't prepare a lot, but they're three year olds, so I wasn't too concerned! :) Usually I just throw them downstairs for a bit and they have a great time! We did some St. Patrick day coloring pages and had yummy snacks. This picture cracks me up because Cambria refused to smile. She looks so sad and depressed, but she is so cute and sweet! :) All of these little cuties are so fun. It's been a fun year in playgroup, even if I do forget about it about half the the weeks! :) ha ha
We had George for a little extra time at our house while Dori had a Dr. appointment. It was so fun and the boys love each other so much. It was so cute, I just heard them saying 'cheers, cheers' over and over again. I looked down and they were cheering their drinks and then drinking over and over again.
It was really cute!
Friday night was pretty low key. Ben went on a man date with Jared. I stayed home with these turds and we built ourselves a pretty freaking awesome little people city. I need to get down and play more. I played with Tucker every single day, all day. These poor two second and third children they have each other and I don't get down with them nearly enough! But I sure do love them!
This boy LOVES to put on make up with me. He is such a great little helper! :) ha ha
I also taught Taylor the great art of friendship bracelets. Something that took up many a hours in my years of ages 10-15. It was fun to do it with Taylor and teach her. She is just like me in that sense, she loves anything crafty or creative.
Saturday night was date night. We were supposed to go to Laserquest with the Mortensens and DaBells, but Meg got a concussion that morning at dance practice. (Evergreen Ward's RS birthday dinner in March and they always do a dance skit. Janette was asked to put together a dance, and somehow I was roped into it. I was supposed to be at that dance practice that morning, but was skipping it in my bed sleeping...shh....don't tell. Anyway, her and Marianne bonked heads!) :) So, she wasn't up for the laserquest thing.  We went downtown to MOD pizza which is totally yummy! Walked around Nordstroms for a bit, and ended the night at FroYo arm wrestling. It was totally fun and we are so lucky to have such great friends! :) Even doing the most casual thing like walking around Nordstroms is a GREAT time. Ben even got to sit next to a homeless person at MOD downtown! :) He sat down right next to him and mumbled to himself the whole time and even got up and walked out with us when we left, we all thought that he was maybe coming with us, but he went his own way. :)
These arm wrestling matches were pretty epic, I tell ya! :) I love our friends!

 Sunday night Michelle Cartagena texted me these pictures from BYD at their house. I love our branch. I love the great people that we get to work with. Ben and I have to rotate who goes to BYD, most of the time it's him because Yulissa can usually always go and Jared most of the time can't. At least this time he got to play pool out of it! :) ha ha
 Dan, Juan, Ben , Anibal...