Thursday, March 19, 2015

End of February shenanigans...

One perk of having grandma here for a week is having a live in babysitter for that week. I was able to head out one day at lunch to eat lunch with Tucker at school. This boy. He's crazy. A little too crazy sometimes, but we always have a good time. We ate our Subway and then went out and played basketball during his lunch recess. I love getting to spend some one on one time with this boy of mine.
Taylor's gymnastics class got some class pictures. Here are the girls in her class and her coach, Whitney. Whitney is awesome, I wish she was a little bit more strict with the girls. I sometimes feel like I'm wasting my money, but then I have to remember that they are only 5 years old. I didn't want to pay and arm and a leg for pictures yet. One day I will for her, but just not yet. But they post them all on the wall at the gym, so I just white trashed it and took a picture of the picture on the wall.  ha ha
Taylor has officially discovered mascara, and wants to wear it all the time. She also likes to put it on herself, and just kind of jabs it at her eyeball.
After all of our company, we were all ready for just some down time. That means kindle time for this dude.
One of my good friends, Courtney and her family are selling their house and moving out of Spokane. First stop is to Alaska to spend the summer with her family. That is where she is from and they are going to live with her parents for the summer. Her husband works for himself and can work from anywhere, and he travels anyway, so they are going up to Alaska for the summer and then in the fall they are heading down to Florida where they will buy an RV and take a few years and travel the US. I think it sounds fascinating and fun and like such a great adventure. Would I want to do it with 5 kids. Hell no! But I am super excited for them! Anyway, I watched her 3 daughters (she, obviously, homeschools) during the day a few days at the end of the month so she could get things packed up and cute little Callie and I became buds. She is so cute, I had to take a picture of her when she fell asleep.
Katrina and I took Courtney out to dinner to say goodbye before she left for Alaska. I'm so sad to see her go. Can't pass up an opportunity to head to the White house in Post falls for their delicious Greek food and lots and lots of garlic! YUM!
Taylor's preschool notebook she brought home. Each of the kids write a page about the topic of the book. This book was 'My family is special because...' I love that little Taylor of mine and I love her mad drawing skills! We even have pig noses and all!
Two boys in the shower. These kids are so lucky to have a great daddy! I love these boys of mine!

My new OB.SESS.ION! I can finish off one of these containers in one sitting. I love this stuff so much! Had to document it! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tucker's First Blue and Gold banquet...

I am, admittedly, very bad at this whole cub scout thing. But! Tucker did have his first blue and gold banquet and I was determined to help him get a good cake done. I didn't realize that you usually do a campfire theme. Or, maybe you don't, I don't even know. It seemed that all the cakes there that night were campfire themed. Tucker told me he wanted to do a dragon cake, so that's what we did! :) I made the cake, and put it together, but he decorated it all on his own. He showed me how to put it together.
Thank goodness for Google images, and pinterest. I was pretty proud of myself! :)
Tucker then went to town:
I love my creative boy:

I was so excited for him to be at his first blue and gold banquet. The theme was country and western and you can see Tucker's 'Most Wanted' poster, the 5th one in. He's so cute! :) I'm so grateful for the leaders who take the time to put these things together. I have a lot to learn and at this point, don't have a huge desire to get things done for him. But I know I need to muster that up and get things done for him. I know it's a great program and will teach him so many wonderful things. But I am going to have to get used to and learn to endure many more evenings like this! :)
Taylor went from this:
to this, in .1 second. This girl is so dramatic!
Tucker's cake with all of the others:
We actually high tailed it out of there a little early because it was grandma's last day here, so we went to Red Robin for dinner! :) Baby steps, people! :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Papa & Kathryn's new house...

Papa and Kathryn finally closed on their house, and we were so excited to go check it out. It all happened so fast, that we hadn't even had a chance to go see it. I, of course, had driven by it a few times to see what I could see, but I hadn't seen the inside. It was fun because Kayla and her kids were also able to go see it with us. The deets are that they bought a 12 acre property out on Saltese Lake, which isn't really a lake, but more like a marsh. But it is totally beautiful and they have a gorgeous view of Mica Peak. It's in between the Valley and Liberty Lake in Greenacres. There are 3 of the acres that have the house and yard on, and where my dad will build his shop, but  the rest of the property is just land with animals roaming and it is this huge valley that is gorgeous. So, we got to go check it out.
The kids had a hey day running around in an empty house. It is so nice, too because the basement has a little mini kitchen and three bedrooms with bathrooms attached to each one. So, it will be totally nice when family comes to visit.

It's just nice and bright and new. I'm so excited for them.
It's a perfect size, too. And a perfect retirement home for them. All that they need for day to day life is on the first floor. No having to go up and down stairs every day all day. The upstairs has their master bedroom, my dad's office, and a spare room with a bathroom that will be Kathryn's room for all of her craft/work stuff. Not too big, but enough space for all that they need.
Their nice big deck that the kids love to dance on...
Dog Pile on Owen...
{Meg and Wes haven't even been out there, but Owen and Luke have! :) It was so cute, on our way out there, there is one turn in the road where you turn with the road and it kind of opens up to a big vista where you can see the valley and the mountains and some houses. And Luke says, 'WOAH! I can see to South America from here!!!' and he was so excited about it!
Of course, Jackson found a ball and Taylor is loving on Burton...

So jealous of the big white baseboards and so many other beautiful details in the home.
They have this awesome butcher block island in the kitchen with these under cabinent baskets. Perfect for breads and veggies. They are so cute!
The Master bath shower. My dad was really excited about how many people could fit in it. All the kids had to test it out! :)
Of course, Kathryn has her priorities right in getting things put in the house. She had this in the fridge first thing.
Papa and Kathryn sitting in front of their new fireplace!
You can't see it very well, but their beautiful view:
Their new front door:

So excited for this new beginning for them and all the memories we will make in their new home! :) And so happy that my dad FINALLY has a decent kitchen to cook in!!! :) HA HA!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Taylor's 5th birthday~

Well, this lady had quite the day. Not only did she have gymnastics on her birthday, but she had pre-school and got to wear a crown and be sung to and be the line leader and have special treats brought in. I just brought in doughnuts. It seems to be what both of my kids love. And it's easy! :)
Taylor leading the kids in the ABC's...
When I brought the treats to her class, Kenzie wanted to come in with me, so she came too...
My camera phone really sucks by the way, especially in bad lighting!
Taylor really wanted to go bowling for her birthday and I told her she could bring some friends, but the only friend she wanted to invite was Will. She sure does love her some Will. She got to open her gift from Aunt Kayla and Kenzie and Burton first so I could put the Ana and Elsa dolls on her cake. She wanted a frozen party, but she's not so hardcore that I had to do everything in Frozen. Which is nice.
She also really wanted to open her gift from Will before we left for bowling.
Cute little Will is so sweet with Jackson:
He has the cutest little dimples:
Ben had a groupon for a cake from 'nothing bundt cakes' bakery on the south hill. I was a little disappointed at first, because I love me some ice cream cake, but this cake definitely did not disappoint. It was probably one of the best cakes I've ever had. Ben bought some blue food color spray to color their white frosting that they put on all of their cakes and since it was a bundt cake with a hole in the middle, I just put a little Elsa doll in the middle, so it would look like the cake was her dress. I was pretty proud of it, and then Taylor wanted to keep adding to it, and I didn't want to let her at first, but then I just thought, what the heck, it's her birthday. So, she went for it. She added some spiderman tops, and Elsa and Olaf on the cake, and even some of her paw patrol characters ended up making it on. It was quite the collection, but at least it was all of her favorite things. Actually, maybe not all of HER favorite things, since she could have cared less about spider man, until Will told her that spiderman was his favorite. :) She's in love, what can I say. Once he said he wanted spiderman on there, SHE wanted spiderman on there! :)
My little lady with her personally decorated cake...

After those two gifts, we were off to the bowling alley. Luckily I had already arranged and planned ahead for most of the party, so the fact that I didn't have my wallet didn't matter too much. But, luckily we had my mama here to help out when we actually did need to pay for something. (Ben didn't come bowling with us because he was still working). Anyway, we made it to the bowling alley, and it was a big hit!
The little ones were more determined than the older ones to do it themselves. This little lady, if we didn't watch her, would grab the biggest ball she could find and try and bowl all on her own with it. It was pretty cute!
My sweet birthday girl:
Taylor lovin' on baby Burton...
Of course, Jackson had to do everything the big kids were doing:







Poor Aunt Kayla was in a walking cast the whole time she was here. Had to travel across the country with two little ones while in a cast!!! Kenzie had broken her foot!!! Can you believe it? She threw something at Kayla when she was mad at her, like a wooden train, or something like that, and it landed on her foot and fractured it!!! The stinker!!!
Cute Will:DSC_0837
This cute Will, I can't remember if I've written this on the blog or not, but he is her very best friend. There are lots of cute girls in her preschool class, and she has been invited to birthday parties and over to play. But she seems to only want to play with Will and have him over. Which is totally fine with me, he is such a sweetheart. I just love him. I just hope that he's not too scared of Taylor. Sometimes I'm not sure if he can handle her sassiness, and I don't want him to feel overwhelmed by her! :) ha ha. It was so cute, sometime toward the beginning of the school year, and she would ask me every single day to have him over to play she told me one day, 'mom...I just can't stop thinking about Will.' I was dying. It was so cute! :) I just love this girl, and I love that she is already in love. And I love Will, so it makes it ok! :) These two are just cute little friends.
Cute Taylor:DSC_0842
Oh man, this girl. I love her so much. She is sweet, and fun and kind and so easy to talk to. She is so animated and excited about the littlest things, and she notices the littlest things which I love. She makes you feel like a hundred bucks when you walk into a room, and she lights up because she is so excited to see you. She makes you feel beautiful when she notices your new hair cut or hair color and tells you how beautiful it is; or when she notices a new set of earrings, or something like that. She is so observant and complimentative. I couldn't have asked for a better little friend for this life. She is so fun. Don't get me wrong. she is dramatic and emotional, and can scream so high and loud that you think your ear drums are going to burst, but luckily that mostly only happens when her brother is pestering her. I'm really hoping that they grow out of that, like pronto! But I sure do love this girl, with her helpful nature, and sweet attitude, I just can't get enough of her. She is always the first to jump up and offer to help me even before I ask sometimes, if she see's me struggling with something. She doesn't complain when I ask her to work. She plays hard, and works hard, and sleeps hard. She is my sleeper, and loves to sleep in and can sleep through anything, like her mama. I can't wait to see what fun and exciting things are in store for this little lady of mine.

Of course, doing a dance move:
This boy, I tell you what. If I turned my back on him for even two seconds, he was trying to get a ball and bowl on his own!
My cute Kenzie May:
Kenzie and Grammy:DSC_0852
The bowling gang: (Of course, Owen had to come, he's like my 4th child!) :)
Stinker man trying to get a way from a kiss from Aunt Kayla:


Nice form, Tucker:
Love the closed eyes, Owen:






Three buddies holding hands after bowling:

Back to the house for some Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, and cake and ice-cream.YUM!
Taylor with all of her goods:
Someone's a little excited:
Even with just these three, you can see that it was getting a little crazy up in here. It was the perfect little family party with her best friend Will and best cousin (slash enemy) Kenzie! :)





I love this birthday girl so much:



Finally we had to say good bye. Look at this happy boy. What a perfect little angel!
It was a perfect low-key easy birthday party for a perfect low-key (most of the time) 5 year old girl. We love her SO very much!