Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Halloween day...

Halloween day finally came!! Yay! :) I was kind of already ready for it to be over with, but we still had lots of partying to do. So, we trudged on...gathering more and more candy! :) We went to U-High's annual trick or treating event. The high school kids all bring a bag of candy, and during their TAP hour, they invite the little ones to come and walk the halls from door to door trick or treating. It is really fun, and the little high schoolers are so sweet, for the most part, to the little kids and just give them handfuls. They always have a ton of candy. We had a great time. Once Jackson finally got a bop (lollipop) he was done for the day. It didn't matter what else he had in his bucket, but was happy.
My little football player and cheerleader. The funny thing about these two and their costumes is that, that very weekend, the Seahawks and the Raiders were playing. ha! :) What can I say, we are a conflicted family...
By the way, I bout that Raiders cheer costume at a consignment shop over a year ago, and have been prepping Taylor (unbeknownst to her) all year so that she would think that it was HER idea to be a Raiders cheerleader this Halloween. I'm such a good mom! :) ha ha. I couldn't pass up $4 for the costume, and then after buying maroon pom poms at Value Village and trying to spray paint them black and silver, I finally found some black ones at Party City for like $2. Too bad I spent like three times that on spray paint. If you've never tried to spray paint pom poms, DON'T DO IT! It is impossible and impossibly frustrating!!!
Here was our whole gang of friends at U-High that morning. I love this little play group group we have going on here. Such amazing women I get to call my friends and hang out with on a regular basis! And such cute kiddo's too!!!
Cute friends, Jackson, Crosby, Paige and George...
Ummmm....this was our counter even before Halloween night began. Sickening! I usually use all the candy that we acquire at things like the trunk or treat and at U-hi to give out at our house on Halloween night. Then a) I don't have to buy much candy, and b) we don't have hoards of it at our house for months and months. It's a win-win! :)
My big tough boy as Marshawn Lynch... (he looks WAY too grown up in this picture!)
My sweet boy as a mini Marshawn Lynch. We've got Lynch fever at our house right now.
Look at my little QB, he's got the stance down and everything!!! :)
And my cute little Raiders cheerleader:
Meg, Marianne and I all met up that afternoon after school to get some cute pictures of the kids. There is a beautiful tree right on the corner in between our houses, and Marianne had had a vision of the kids in their Halloween costumes. They all looked so cute in their costumes, and we looked like a bunch of crazy ladies trying to get them all to look and smile at us in the middle of the road. :)
So glad my kids are growing up with such good friends!
And my three:
Marianne sent me this that she took with her good camera, I only had my phone with me. Yes, Taylor grabbed her purple bat wings to put on with her cheerleader costume! :) Silly girl...
My two football players:
And two BFF's, a dinosaur and a football player:
That night for dinner and trick or treating, we headed over to the Nelsons house. It was so fun, lots of yummy food, pizza and lots of little friends. Then we went out and trick or treated in their neighborhood. It was so much fun. Even though I had a little allergic reaction to a cashew in a salad. I thought that I had picked them all out, and I hadn't had an allergic reaction in so long, I was being too lax, and just got so sick. So, I took Jackson home and we handed out candy and Ben took the other two out with our gang, and they had a great time.
All the crew heading out for some candy:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Oct. 30th...

The day before Halloween Taylor had the show and tell for preschool, and it was their dress up day since Halloween was on a Friday this year. I love Teacher Barbara so much. Taylor loves her so much, and she loves Taylor, so I'm happy. She always tells me how much she loves Taylor and how she's just so fun to have in class and so happy all the time. I had to stop in on their class to see my sweet girl show her treasures.
That night Ben had offered to take all of his guys that work for him to Scarywood, which is what Silverwood does at Halloween time. So, it was just me taking the kids to our branch/ward Halloween party and trunk or treat. I had actually gotten Ben two tickets to go, he had always wanted to go, and I thought he'd take a friend. But none of his friends wanted to go, but his guys at work did, and so he got a few extra tickets, and they went. The Pines ward was really the ward that  put this on, and they invited us, so I really had no idea what all it was. I thought it was just a trunk or treat. And it was, that is what I participated in. Here was the really cool back of Sonia's van. Complete with Adrian wrapped up in a spider web:
The McComb's family was on our other side, and they were all decked out in superheros...
I still had my dad's Avalance at this point, and this guy and I sat ont he back and once again, he was the worst helper ever. :) I had glow sticks and treats galore to keep him occupied, and of course, hejust wanted to jump down and follow the big kids everywhere.
I was just about to leave to go home when the trunk or treat was over, and someone said that there was hot chocolate in the back of the building, so we meandered over there, and it was a whole freaking Halloween festival going on! It was amazing, I had no idea it was going to be such a party.
Me and my friend, Odalis:
In one of the game rooms they had doughnuts, and this boy was in heaven...
Major sugar rush meltdown turned into knock out, and he crashed in his car seat on the way home that night.
I tried to get him straight into his bed when we got home, but that didn't happen, and the other two were so hyper on candy, they woke him up. Ben was still gone at Scarywood, and I was stuck with three sugar rushed, hyper, tired, wirey kids. They were seriously going to crazy in our kitchen that night.
And before I knew it, the clothes had come off and a dance party had started. I don't know where these kids came from, but they are crazy!
Let's hope we can survive the actual Halloween day!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Carving Pumpkins...

We finally got around to carving pumpkins on our own. Ben always brings out the big guns, and the kids always think it's pretty cool. 
Tucker was very serious about his carving this year. It was fun to see his concentration...
I don't even know what to say about this boy. He's in the stage where he makes most things pretty difficult. But that's why we love him. I confined him to his high chair which he was not happy about, but I did give him some googly eyes to put in his pumpkin.

The clan...
Man, I love this brood of mine. Nothing shows their personality quite like this picture below:
Ben came home with this handsome fellow, and we put him up front and center of our pergola. Tucker was scared to death of him, and wouldn't even walk by the thing. Taylor on the other hand, walked right up to him and said, 'I'm not scared of you!' It was really cute.
We are officially ready for Halloween!!! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Halloween dinner with the Campbell's...

I thought I would try my hand at the soup in a pumpkin recipe that Meg made for us. It's pretty easy and so delicious. So, while my mom and Angie and the boys were here, I planned a fun Halloween dinner.
This is the look Taylor made when trying to help me squeeze out the sausage onto the pan. That face killed me.
Then she realized we were laughing at her, so she started to ham it up.
Putting the soup in the oven!

Cute cousins...when Angie and the boys came over, we ate our soup and decorated some cookies .
Even Chase was smiling, so I had to document it. It doesn't happen often! :)
Kathryn brought cookies and decorations and we had a great time!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Triple Play with the Campbell's...

Angie, Carter and Chase came to visit at the end of October, and it was fun to have them here. They came with us to watch Taylor play soccer up at the park in Morningside. Here is cute Carter snuggling on Jackson. It had started to get so cold, so we were bundling up.
This picture was taken right before an epic crash with Tucker and Carter. Tucker had brought his scooter to play on while Taylor was practicing, and while we were distracted, Tucker and Carter had started getting a little crazy with the scooter. OK, not too crazy, but Tucker was riding really fast on his scooter, and Carter was running right next him, and got a little too close. Somehow they collided and Tucker flew up over his handlebars, and crashed on the ground, and poor Carter, I think just face planted it straight to the concrete pathway. So, we had two screaming boys. Tucker with major scrapes and burns on his legs and Carter with a HUGE goose egg on his head. I felt so bad for them. Boys just being boys! Luckily they both checked out OK.
We also went over to Triple Play while they were here. We got to hang out with Lexie and her kids, too. I hadn't been to Triple Play in so long. It was fun! It was practically empty so we had the place to ourselves.

This boy is so fun, I just love watching him discover and enjoy the little things. He's so animated and gets excited about every little thing he can find!

Jackson was a little hesitant at first going down the slides, but eventually he go the hang of it.

After swimming we went and played a round of mini golf. We couldn't leave without playing a round of glow in the dark mini golf. The kids loved the idea of it:
And we had quite the handicap with this guy crawling around all over us! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Oh, Jackson Part 2...

More Physical Therapy shenanigans! :) This boy cracks me up!
I swear that the opening in that Danimal Yougurt was so small when I gave it to him, I think he ripped it open more. Either way, I looked over, and I don't know how he did it in such a short amount of time, but it was literally ALL OVER HIM!
I really have no idea how or when he did it, it's almost like he's magic, but it was EVERYWHERE!
The boy loves to be naked!!! He crawls all over my bed with that naked bum, and gets into anything within reach! And I just love those curls!!! Am I finally going to get a curly one?
More therapy with Ilene, just cause we love her so much! :)

Interesting note about these pictures, is that you can see his shoes. $30 freaking shoes I had to find him, that were wide enough to fit his FAT feet. I have never had or seen a child with such fat feet. I finally found some at the rack that opened up wide enough to fit them in, and spent more than I would on shoes for myself. They better last a looooooooong time!
I just love this Jackson boy. How did our family ever manage without him???

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life in October...

Life is good in October. The weather gets colder, so we can bundle up and drink warm drinks and yummy delicious soups. It's also a time for husbands to cut your daughters hair. Oh, your husband doesn't randomly cut your daughters hair and ruin it? Only mine. That's strange. I came from out of Jackson's room one night putting him to bed and Taylor was in the hallway with wet hair. Just out of her shower. She looked at me like she was guilty of something. Then I went into my bathroom where Ben was cleaning up something and he looked like he was guilty of something. I looked at what he was cleaning up and it was a ball of hair. Isn't usually the kids who cut off chunks of their hair themselves, not the adults??? :) It wasn't too awful, but it was definitely an inch or so shorter on one side. He said that he was just going to do a trim and then it kept getting shorter and shorter. I had to make an emergency visit to Meg, and luckily she was able to fix it pretty easily. I snapped a picture, and this was the beginning of the end of my phone. All of my pictures were blurry no matter what. But, I also just wanted to document this kitchen because I have spent many an hour in that kitchen while Meg works her magic! :)
Tucker also got his school picture taken, and I was so happy with the way it turned out. Such a handsome boy!
This was the first year that we didn't have to do a retake.
Also, one night at gymnastics Tucker was playing on my kindle, but I had also asked him to keep an eye on Jackson so I could watch Taylor practice. I looked over and saw this. Not so good at the watching his little brother part, but I'm sure he's killing it in the kindle game!
Our fruit flies were SO freaking bad this year. I don't know why, even well after the summer was over, there were so many flies. Everywhere. It was so so so annoying. I had set up some apple cider vinegar traps and you can't see it well from this picture, after just a few days this thing was FULL!
Tucker drew this awesome dragon and I wanted to document. I actually want to frame it for Ben for Christmas along with drawings from the other two kids, as well. We'll see if that happens. :) Tucker loves drawing dragons, and I just loved this one and the colors.
This lady leads a rough life. She gets to go to cute cupcake shops for lunch. This is my favorite cupcake shop in Spokane (and the best) called Sweet Frostings. It's downtown, and my friend Heather and I make frequent stops downtown just to go there. It is seriously the best and the cutest shop ever. I want to have Taylor's birthday party there this year. Maybe I'll just have a party for myself there! :)
Family home evening with daddy one night. I love Taylor's face in this picture, it looks like she is getting in trouble or something, and maybe she is, I can't remember!
OK, I had no idea I looked so homeless on this particular morning. Hermana Judd and Hermana Quinn came back to Spokane for a visit, for a quick weekend trip. Hermana Judd called me and wanted to see me, so I told her I'd feed her. I really wanted to take her to Cda for dessert at the resort, I always told her I would take her there if she ever came back to visit. It was something they couldn't do as missionaries. Anyway, we didn't have time for that, so I made them breakfast one morning, and I invited our current missionaries, Hermana's Walton and Robles. Hermana Judd had trained Hermana Walton, so I knew they wanted to see each other. It was so much fun to have them all at our house. I love all of these ladies so much! I was so busy making breakfast, I made them a breakfast casserole and also we had a yougurt parfait bar. It was so fun, but I didn't have time to get ready, but I thought that since it was breakfast, I could still be in my PJ's and it would be fine.Anyway, once I got this picture back, I realized how homeless I looked. Oh well! :)
My mom was here visiting to see Angie and the boys and my other sister in law, Kelli sent her this picture from their ward Trunk or Treat, I believe, of my nephew Gage. I made her send it to me, too because I thought it was so freaking cute!!! So, here is cute Gage in his robot costume. So darling!
Also, while my mom was here, Ben and I snuck away for an overnight getaway. Finally celebrating our anniversary. We stayed at the Red Lion downtown right on the river. It was so perfect and a great little getaway. I love getting to spend some time one on one with my hubby!
When we came back from dinner, this was literally the ONLY spot left in the hotel parking lot. And the two knotheats on either side had parked way over their lines. So, Ben, being the man he is, decided he needed to teach these guys a lesson. We had to turn in the mirrors and I got out before he parked all the way in, and then he climbed out his window. But we got in! :) I wish I could have been there in the morning to see how these guys got into their cars! :) ha ha. Only my husband would go to such measures to make sure these idiots paid for their bad parking jobs.
Also, while my mom was here, she brought with her a blanket that was found at my grandma and grandpa's house. It say, Ida Paddock, that is my great grandmother. My mom's mom' mom. My grandma's mother. We aren't sure who made it, but she wants to find out when it could have possibly been made. So, she brought it up to my sister's grandmother in law who is really good with things like that. 
I loved all of the bold, rich colors in the quilt.
Another norm for our life right now is headphones during church. How many kids can say that they have to wear headphones to church? They dont typically last very long, but eventually we will either have to go back to an English speaking ward, or I'll have to teach my kids more Spanish. Or they'll have to wear headphones for the rest of their lives to church. 
This stinker is just causing havoc during church. That's all he does.
It's a good thing he's so freaking cute, and I get this smile out of him every now and then, or I'd be tempted to leave him on the side of the road somewhere! :)
Teaching Tucker the fundamentals. Eventually, I'll be letting him take over on diaper duty! :)
And I'll leave my October post with this awesome face. He is such a big TURD! Always has to sit in the sink while I get ready, and always has to play with toothbrushes.