Thursday, July 31, 2014

Monday June 23, 2014

Finally warm enough to take advantage of the pool membership I bought. I love Chester Hills pool. Even better that some of our best friends also have memberships. It's clean, there's a life guard and it's never packed. It's absolutely perfect. Can't wait for more swimming days here this summer. (After Alabama, of course)
My kids love to swim, that's for sure!
We love the McLuskie girls!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sunday June 22, 2014

Besides being the day that my most favorite little sister was born, the 22nd was a good day! I love Sunday's. I love resting (kind of) and getting caught up on things at home (kind of) of course, going to church and enjoying the spirit there. (in between whisper yelling in sacrament meeting for the kids to stop fighting and pay attention) :)
This Sunday was the day. Tucker HAD to learn how to ride a two wheeler without training wheels. I felt bad that he is like the last 7 year old on the planet who rode with training wheels. I would take him out every now and then and we would practice with one training wheel off, and he really just had no desire. Plus, I think his bike is a little too small for him. Last year was just so busy with a newborn, and we leave every summer for a whole month almost, it just kind of gets pushed aside. 
Not today, today was the day!!!
A little wobbly at first:
But he picked it up pretty fast and did pretty well!!! Still needs to practice some, but that will come. I'm sure by the end of the summer he'll be a pro!!
He did have a fan club!
The neighbors were cheering him on:
Papa was cheering him on:
Kathryn was cheering him on:
Taylor was definitely cheering him on. And busting out some awesome dance moves while at it:
After an hour or so, he finally started feeling confident and comfortable and made a few independent runs down the street to the end of the block.
It was the perfect, most beautiful northwest summer evening:
Taylor was trying to inspire him by performing 'let it go'...

This guy, on the other hand, wasn't so impressed...
But he sure is cute! On his new little tractor that our neighbors just GAVE him! It was the nicest thing ever! He loves it!

I love these lazy summer Sunday afternoons with my family!
Then Ben had to go and show off and make Tucker feel bad about his mad skills!~

Monday, July 28, 2014

Saturday June 21, 2014

Saturday we headed to the lake. I love where we live. I love that we have so many fun and beautiful lakes and rivers so close to play in.
Taylor wanted to help me make my salad for lunch, and wanted to help cut the onions. I warned her. She didn't listen.
Her first experience crying while cutting an onion.
I've heard so many things throughout the years. Like, run the faucet while cutting them, burn a candle. I have worn goggles before and that did help, but I couldn't find goggles close by. So I gave her my glasses hoping that they would help a little. Not so much! :)
We went to Hauser lake. I didn't think I had ever been. But as soon as we pulled up, I knew it was the lake I went to all the time with my friend, Emily Stephenson growing up, and her family. I recognized it immediately. I hadn't been here in years!!!
Ben had the Christensen's jet ski while they were in Africa for the month of June, so we took that baby out. I was hoping to get a ride in, but that is hard with a one year old. Ben took the kids on plenty of rides while I held down the fort with Jacks-o.
It was a fun family day in the sun. The kids loved playing in the sand and riding the jet ski, and there was a park right there. 
This little man was so white trash. (is that his fault or his mom's?) Double beef jerkying it up, naked with food all over his entire body!
Here's a close up of what he looked like before I stripped him down:
Tucker is such a good big brother:
He got him going SO high on the swing, it was making me nervous. But Jackson loved every minute of it!!!

I'm excited for when Jackson is a bit bigger so they can really play together, I think they'll have fun! Love me some family days together!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Friday June 20, 2014

Friday came and the big event for the day was Taylor's gymnastics program. Her gym, Northwest Gymnastics, has a performing team for girls 7 & up, I believe. Until they are 7 (and all those girls 7 and up who are not on the team) they put on performances twice a year. Taylor was very excited about it!
I knew it was going to be a good one, when our clouds looked like this on the way to the gym:
{I love me a good cloud pic}
They break up the classes, so not all the girls are performing at once. This was Taylor's group:
First up was a floor routine with some tumbling over some mat's and wedges:
Next up was the bar. Those pointed little toes just kill me! :) She sure does love gymnastics, and works really hard at it! She is a tough little cookie and I feel like she has a good gymnastics body.

The absolute best thing in the world was the look on her face when she was done doing her performances. She has got the Ta-Da thing DOWN! :)
The beam was next. Did a few ice-cream scoops...
A few high kicks:
And one great dismount! (I only wish I would have had my nice camera so these pictures didn't turn out so blurry!!!)
Jackson seemed to enjoy the show:
They all got to take turns standing on the #1 spot on the podium for pictures and to get their certificate, after:
My cute little gymnast:
So proud of my girl. I really do think she's found her thing. I hope she continues to love it so much and want to work so hard at it! :) It is the cutest thing in the world!!!
Papa and Kathryn also came to the show to watch! Lucky girl!!! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thursday June 19, 2014

Obviously my momentum had already run out in my efforts to make this summer so wonderful every day and having all these fun crafts and activities to do for my kids. Four days later, and the only picture of the day I have is of these two boys snuggling on my bed. I don't even remember what we did that day! :) HA! So much for documenting our month so well! :) 
I do sure love these kiddos though!! These boys love each other, Jax loves his big brother and Tucker loves his baby brother!
And also this one of how Tucker sleeps. It amazes me every morning when I see it. I don't understand how this can be comfortable, but he has been doing it since he was a baby and he is the most flexible person I know!
I do love these lazy summer days mixed in with the busy fun days, though!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wednesday June 18, 2014

Our activity for Wednesday was to make cookies for our new neighbors. Since the McLaughlins had left, we had been trying to catch glimpses of our new neighbors. I know that she is pregnant with her second baby and I wanted to introduce myself in case she needed help at anytime.
Anyway, we went to work and the kids had a heyday with the sprinkles...
I was excited to finally meet our new neighbors that I had been meaning to introduce myself to for days, and they weren't even home. We left the cookies on the doorstep, and hopefully one day here soon, we'll actually meet them. Tara told me that they were actually really nice. I know that he is a fireman, and that they have a 4 or 5 year old son who is on the same soccer team as one of my good friends son. And that the dad is the coach of their soccer team. How bad could a soccer coaching firefighting dad and a pregnant mom be, right? :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tuesday June 17, 2014

Tuesday night we invited two of our friends from the branch, The Vazquez and the Reyes to our house to watch the Mexico World cup game against Brazil.
Somehow Juan got both Odalis and Jackson:
Whenever there are a gaggle of kids over, somehow this wig makes it's way out. Tonight was no different! :) Ben with two of his former Young Men, Brian and Adrian:
Then, of course, Ben had to hug it out with Juan while wearing the wig. These two are so funny together. They work together and play together all the time!