Thursday, April 17, 2014

In like a Lion, out like a Lamb...

March was a fun month for us. Still totally cold, but I taught my kids that saying about March coming in like a Lion and going out like a lamb, so every time the weather was bad, they made jokes about the Lion weather. One day in particular, it was totally nice and sunny then instantly it started hailing. And not just a little bit, but like my van was swerving from so much hail on the road! It was crazy, my kids thought it was pretty cool. I was dropping off Tucker at the church to meet up with some friends to watch the pinewood derby, and as soon as we got home, Taylor wanted to go jump on the trampoline in it! She's a crazy woman!

Typical mornings at our house, the kids not listening and taking FOR-EVER to get ready! Especially on Sunday's. Love my cute boys:
Luckily, once the hassle is done, they sure are CUTE! :)

I have never made freezer jam, and my dad and Kathryn were dying to teach me. OK, maybe I was dying to have them teach me. My dad kind of went crazy buying the berries at Costco one day (he does that from time to time) so we thought it would be a great time to make some. We made Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Huckleberry and combinations of all of them.
Lots o' Sugar..... YUM!
Our finished batches. We had so much that we ran out of jars, we had to start using Tupperware containers, which is fine for freezer jam, luckily! :)
I've never really done too much about St. Patricks day, but this year I thought it would be fun to do something a little fun. Nothing major. I saw somewhere an idea where you put green paint on the outside of a closed fist and make a 'footprint' out of it and then dye the toilet water green and it looks like the Leprachaun went pee in the toilet. So I did this before I went to bed the night before:
Added some green confetti and viola. :) The kids thought it was pretty cool at first. Taylor was the first to go in and use the bathroom and was so excited that the 'clover' had come to visit. I kept on telling her all day that it was the Leprechaun, but she kept on calling him a clover. Anyway...after we ate breakfast and got ready, I sent them in to brush their teeth and they refused to go back in. Taylor just looked at me in fear and shook her head and finally said, 'do you think the clover is still in there?' and Tucker said, 'I'm kinda freaking out....I don't want to go in there.' So it looks like there will be no leprechaun traps at our house ever, I guess they are the only kids on the planet who DON'T like leprechauns.
I was going to make a big green dinner, but got busy and so homemade pizza instead. We added some spinach for St. Patrick's day! :)
Taylor at one of Tucker's basketball games:
And Jaxey, such a sweet happy little man:
Also, I won this cute little embroidery hoop!! I couldn't believe it, I was so excited. It was actually for Valentines day, but I loved the yellow so much, I kept it up for spring decor, too! My friend Natalie, over at Natalie's Sentiments sent it to me! She has such a fun blog about mommyhood, and is always having giveaways, and actually I've won three of her giveaways. Like over the last 5 or 6 years or so, but THREE!!! I can't believe it, and she has such great taste, I know that whatever I get from her is going to be rad! Thanks Natalie!
While I try and decorate my house cute, to be honest, most of the time, it looks like this:
That's why I have to clean the stupid thing 30 times a day!
And if you ever wonder how I feel about it:
Glad Tucker caught that on camera! :)
OK, no one else might appreciate this but me, but I thought that this was awesome. A few weeks ago I was in our church building, and these two posters were hanging next to each other:

This is the difference between asking women and men to advertise for an upcoming event. I thought it was awesome. Does anyone else appreciate this as much as I do? One of my good friends, Marianne who is so talented,  designed and painted the Women's broadcast poster, which I think is beautiful, and I know that it probably took at least a few hours to get it complete and that beautiful! The boys on the other hand, slap down a poster board and do their best bubble lettering and done. Hilarious! :) It really doesn't take much to entertain me. :) Now bring on these April Showers so we can get onto summer already! :)

Gma Kelly's March visit...

My mom came up to visit us in March, of course. Because she can't get enough of us up here! :) She was actually supposed to come up for a surgery. Since my grandmother just died of Ovarian Cancer, her and her two sisters were advised to have theirs removed, my grandmother's sister also died of Ovarian Cancer years ago. They said hers were fine, but that just out of precaution, to get them removed. Long story short, insurance wouldn't pay for it because it was an elective surgery, so she had to cancel the surgery (or pay like $10,000 out of pocket) and she's going to have to go and either add it to her insurance and then wait the allotted time or just have yearly checkups until it is 'advised'. Anyway, she already told my kids that she would be here for the weekend, so she decided to come up anyway. We were on a mission to find this boy a jumpy toy to get those legs moving, the ones I had he didn't like, so I sold them and was on a mission to find a good one. They are surprisingly hard to find! Target didn't have any, Walmart didn't have many good ones. But we finally found one! :) And, of course, grandma found some other little trinkets along the way:
I don't think he liked his new sunglasses! :)  Note that beautiful blue sky! It's finally starting to warm up a bit around here...yay!!! :)
It WAS March, so, of course, there was a lot of basketball watching....
We went to FroYo and Jackson was happy that grandma fed him as much of the stuff as he wanted:

Our branch is so fun, we are always having activities and dinners and dances. We had a branch dinner and dance while she was here, and my mom was SO excited. Anyone who knows her knows that those types of things are right up her alley. Especially in our Spanish Branch that she loves dearly! :) I think she was more excited about it than we were! :)
Of course, she was snapping away the whole night... Don't mind that white girl out there with all of the amazing Latina dancers...I just made sure I had a kid in my arms the whole night so I didn't feel so awkward! :)
It was a combined dance with the other Spanish branch (our old one, down town) So President and Sister Condon were there, and we were So very happy to see them! He held on to Jackson all night! It was way cute! He must have been missing his grandkids or something! :)
Jackson enjoyed it, so I was happy!
Grandma did have to steal him away from President Condon eventually...
Then my friend Yulissa grabbed my mom and Jackson out into the middle of the dance circle. It was hilarious! Everyone kept on telling my mom that she should just have her records transferred up to our branch and come up here every weekend so we could put her to work! :)

Taylor helping the Sister Missionaries washing the dishes and cleaning up...

It was a fun night and a fun weekend with grandma here! Usually when she's here we have parties to plan or visitors to entertain, but we were able to just hang out and enjoy grandma and it was so fun!! :) We are so lucky!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Words can not describe how much I love this little man. He seriously is the best! He is happy and snugly and cute and I seriously put his cheek in my mouth at least once a day to take a little nibble, I just want to eat him up so much!
This was his favorite seat in the house up until a few days ago, when I put it away forever. He has been sitting on his own for a long time, I just liked having him so close, and since he isn't too much of a mover (no shock there, more on that later...) I could put him in as much as I wanted. But, I think it's for the better, that he move on to bigger and better things. He is now officially in a high chair to eat all of his meals.
Oh, here he is in a bumbo again! :) And we recently discovered that he is happy forever in his bumbo as long as he has a vegetable in his hands. We tried many a toy, and the vegetable did the trick and it lasted the longest! :) Bless you Celery stick! :)
Oh, and he loves to talk (no shock there either) and will just chat and chat to his veggies...
And here is Jackson's camera phone portrait from my new sucky camera phone:
Playdate with his two buddies, Crosby and Jack. These boys. It was accidental after Jack's big sister's birthday party, and we're missing George, their 4th band member, but these boys sure are cute, and are getting so big. I love that we will have photos of them together in every stage of their baby hood. (Although most all of them are crawling and pulling themselves up at this point...)
Speaking of crawling, this is what happens when Jackson is on his tummy for even 2 seconds...
I guess I should have been more diligent when he was littler, because now he just immediately gives up and puts his head down like this and cries:
Like there is no movement whatsoever!
Put him on his back like this though, and then you're getting somewhere! :)
I didn't think I should worry about it until I took him in last month to his 9 month appointment where they told me that they wanted me to take him to baby physical therapy! Yes, my 10 month old son goes to physical therapy. I joke about it, because I'm still not too concerned, given the history of my other two children, but deep down I do hope that he starts using those legs soon, so I really don't have to start worrying! I'm not so much concerned about the crawling, but there was no rolling, or even getting up on his knees. I did tell the doctor that I may have been encouraging his immobility, because it is really nice having a baby who will stay in one place and I can get things done. And I wasn't super diligent about the tummy time, thinking that it will come when he's ready. Anyway, since then, I've been better about getting him tummy time, and he's started rolling over like a champ. And he kicks his legs and uses them, just doesn't put any weight on them. He still isn't so good at that, but he's getting better. The physical therapist came to our house last week for his assessment, and she said that his muscles are weak because he doesn't use them, but that she isn't concerned that he has like weak muscle mass or anything, but that I just have to start doing daily exercises with him, and she is going to come to our house once a week until he is where he needs to be. She doesn't think it will take too long, and I really hope it doesn't either! She also told me that it just could be part of his personality because he is seriously so chill. He doesn't care about things too much, so if things aren't within reach, who needs it! :) My poor lazy baby. She told me that he was pretty small compared to most babies she sees, so it wasn't his size, which I was surprised at. At his 9 month appointment he was 20 lbs. and 3 oz. and 28 inches long! He is SO long!!! I was kind of in shock! But he sure is a happy sweet little thing. She also said that his social skills and talking was right on, and he was right where he needed to be, we just need to get him using those legs! And I've never seen anything like it, but seriously, whenever I try and put him on his legs, he lifts them right off the ground! (And I thought that Tucker & Taylor were bad!!!) 
At least he's rolling now and so my heart is a little lightened, thinking that he is fine, and just needs a bit more time for the rest to come!!!
Since he isn't moving yet, we thought we'd just put him in the oven and eat him right up!! :)
He is the sweetest boy! Those big blue eyes are just the best. Here he was during Taylor's gymnastics one night, and he was so tired, but he doesn't complain, just hangs out looking around!
Baby selfie! I don't even remember taking this, but just saw it on my camera roll. Must have been early early in the morning. My worst hours! :) He actually is a champion sleeper, but was teething there for awhile and had some rough nights!
Oh, and just chatting away with the fork in his hand. He loves to talk, just like his brother and sister, oh and his mom and dad, oh and his grandma and grandpa for that matter...hmmm....looks like my kids have no hope! :) I love how excited he gets when he talks to the objects in his hands! :)
I sure love this 10 month old of mine!!! I CAN NOT believe it has been 10 months already!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Oh, this boy! I swear he's grown a foot in the past month. He is all of the sudden turning into a BIG big boy! Where has the time gone????? We are at a difficult stage him and I. I love him dearly, and know that he loves me, but man, he can be a PILL! If he is nothing else, he is persistent and intense. It is all or nothing with him, and when he wants something it's, '' over and over again. Luckily he is not malicious or mean in any way (except to his little sister sometimes) but he pesters and whines with the best of them! I have to remind myself over and over again that he is only 7. I have to be the one who teaches him patience humility and meekness. We are still working on those! :) But I do love him fiercely! When he's not pestering his sister or begging me to have a friend over or play some sort of electronic devise, he is sweet and helpful. On that day I was testing out my new phone camera, I asked him if I could take a picture, and he wanted to pose with the Play Station Controller, of all things; I don't think he realized he grabbed Taylor's pink one! :)
The boy is intense and has a lot of energy. Always bouncing off the walls. Basketball was so good for him to get some of that Wintertime Indoor energy out. We were all starting to go stir crazy up here but is has finally just started warming up! Hallelujah!
I made a deal with him that I would take him out to get ice cream for every game that he made a basket in. I think that there was only one game during the season that we didn't get ice-cream after! :) Way to go, Tuck! (as I made the deal with him, he, of course, had to add, that if he made 1-5 baskets he got ice cream, 5-10 baskets, ice cream with a friend, 10-15 baskets, a friend over for the rest of the day 15-20 baskets, some extra time on the Play Station, etc...I finally had to stop him and burst his little bubble that it was highly unlikely that he would make more than 4-5 baskets per game. But that is my Tucker, always pushing the line, always taking things a step further, and thinking he can do it all!!!) :) I do love his enthusiasm for life and excitement for things that he loves.
Another one of his passions is his friends. I always thought I was social, I'm nothing compared to this kid. I can't tell you how many times a day I get asked if Owen can come over. Owen is his very best friend. They have been friends since they were about 6 months old. They have the cutest little friendship and both just love each other, and Owen just happens to be the sweetest most kind and obedient kid I've ever known. Score one for us for Tucker having such a great friend! :)
One night I was bathing the kids, and Tucker was waiting to get in, and he started doing all these poses for me, just laughing and laughing at himself. He posed like this and said, Mom, take a picture of this. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was doing his 'cool' pose. He then told me to send it to Carson's mom. Carson is his best friend in his class at school. It is so funny to me that these children these days are growing up in a world, where they know nothing else but this fast, instant gratification digital world. I mean, he knew that I could instantly send it to Carson's mom via any number of devices and services. I chose Facebook.
And sure enough, a few minutes later, we got this response from Carson's mom, saying 'Right back at ya!' (with the cool pose) :) These boys are so cute, and I just love their little friendship. I know that Tucker can be a pill and pester and think that he is so funny and want to over run conversations, but these buddy's of his just love him and are the sweetest little guys. I'm so glad he has such good friends who are such good boys!

One funny/embarassing story recently about Tucker is a few weeks ago when I got a phone call from his Primary teacher. She is a sweet old lady, and while I know he likes her, after talking to her, I just don't think that she gets this 'young generation' if you know what I mean. She called me because she was concerned that Tucker had answered a question in class a few weeks about about his family. She was teaching them about families and to reiterate the lesson, she went around the class asking them if they knew that their families loved them. Well, when she got to Tucker, he said, No. No, my family doesn't love me. I tried to tell her that he was probably joking and being silly to make the class laugh, and that we've never had a problem with him and this, and we love him and he knows that. But she was concerned because it didn't seem like he was joking. The little stinker! I was so mad at him and I was so embarrassed!!!! I told her I would talk to him, and I did. He said he was joking, and I had to tell him that his primary class isn't a place to joke about something like that because his teacher thought he was serious! Now, I can appreciate that she had a concern and called me about it, she told me that if one of her children were struggling and their teacher noticed, she would have wanted them to call her, and she has a daughter that is inactive now, and ' I wish I would have known something was wrong when she was younger...' Anyway, I was a bit embarrassed, but did have to take into consideration that she was just a sweet little old thing, and probably doesn't get a lot that goes on in the class!!! That Tucker will be the death of me, mark my words!!! :) It's a good thing he's so cute!

Some of the kids missed the official picture day for the basketball league, so I snapped a quick picture on the last practice, so we could print one out and sign it for the coach as an end of season gift. This is how it turned out, with the awesome Sunrise Elementary blue walls:
Not bad, you say for 7 crazy 7 year old's. Well...the above photo is after I had to remove and exchange some heads. Many heads. I don't think that there was one good usable shot out of the bunch. Thank goodness for photoshop!!!
This is what most of them looked like:
Notice who's child seems to be the ring leader of the mischievousness:
But...on his last game of the season, his two best friends came to watch him, and he was the happiest boy in the world! Owen came with us, but Carson showed up with his mom. I thought it was the nicest thing ever because I know that I have a hard enough time keeping my own family's activities straight, let alone making the time to go to friend's events. But they came, and stayed for the whole thing. Both friends came over after to play and because Tucker made a few baskets, we went and got some FroYo.
Oh man, I'm in love with these boys. Ben always tells me to stop being creepy when I tell them how much I love them!!! :) I hope that they are BFF's!
Oh, and do you know who else came to his basketball game, his teacher, Mrs. Larsen! She is the best! We just had Tucker's parent/teacher conference, and she raved about how smart he is. How she sends the students to him sometimes, if they are on the computers, to help them with their work if they need it, because he is so good with computers. And that he is reading at a 5th grade level, and she was just amazed at content wise he just gets things. Which I totally understand, I'm amazed too, sometimes!  He definitely is a smart cookie. (those would be the Pyper genes, by the way!!!) :) But also how social he is and how much he talks. She said that she just can't get mad at him, because he is so sweet just wanting to tell her stories all the time about what is going on in his life, but she can't talk to him the whole time during class. She said that he started this thing a few weeks ago talking about 'Bob' everything was about Bob, stories he would write, he would jokingly call people in the class that, and now everyone in the class is doing it. She said she gets homework assignments back with sentences and stories about 'Bob' and it was just this thing Tucker started to be silly, and now it's like their class joke! We told her that it was OK to be a bit more strict and mean with him. He has had to go out in the hall a few times to finish his work because he just talks during work time. And that is totally how I was at  that age, my mom told me that my Kindergarten teacher told her that she wanted to duct tape me to my chair because would just always get up and wander around the class taking to my friends. And we all know how his father is, so basically Tucker had no hope in this department!!! :)  But it is something we have definitely been trying to help him control and work on while he is at school. But she just loves him and I'm so glad that he has a teacher who loves him and understands him. And he has so many friends at school, I'm so happy that this has been such a great year for him and such a good experience. I just hope it continues and we can work on his listening and focusing skills!
He is so fun to chat with and be silly with and wrestle with. I just love my big boy. I have to pray every day to love him, but I do love love love him!!! :) Some day's it just comes easier than others! :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Taylor...

I love this girl so much. She is my very best friend. We talk and laugh and joke. She is so fun! I'm in love with the little lady that she is becoming. She is just enough girly to make it fun. We paint our nails together, and she wants to do her make up when I'm doing mine. She lets me curl her hair every now and then. But she's also got enough tom-boy in her to make it fun, too. She likes to be rough and tumble with her brother, she likes to dig outside in the dirt, she can burp and fart with the best of them, and she's definitely a little athlete. Just like a little girl, it just depends on the day! :) I guess it starts young because this little thing is already a roller coaster of emotion!
She's also spoiled rotten. Having Tucker in all day school this year has been such a treat for this little thing. Also, having a mama who isn't the greatest eater in the world is another benefit for her. Whenever we are out running errands, we love to stop and get snacks and treats together. I love my time with her. :) One of our favorites is Auntie Anne's pretzels in the mall. (along with Target, McDonalds, Noodle Express...the girl is spoiled!!!)
She is also very social. She loves her pre-school class. Our field trip this month was to Pizza hut. All the kids got to make their own personal pan pizza.
Oh my gosh, that smile!!!
This is a pretty typical picture of Taylor. Insisting on dressing herself, her fleece pants are her favorite right now. I had to bribe her to even let me put that barrette in her hair, just so her hair is out of her face. Un-matching socks, her signature look, and that fake smile that she's just started doing. (along with a fake laugh that Ben and I just noticed. She is already a courtesy laugher!!!) :) Oh, and her cute little lisp, I just love it. She can't say her S's very well, and I love it. I hate correcting her because I secretly want her to have it forever! Is that bad???
Testing out the camera on my new phone. (It isn't the greatest, my biggest disappointment with the phone)
And she had to take one of me, but I love it because we just hang out together and chat sometimes, and that is exactly what we were doing.
We went down to the Mobius childrens museum one day and they always have crafts you can make, and one of them was to make Mardi Gras masks. It was her idea to make one for Kathryn (Krathreyn) because she remembered that Kathryn loves Mardi Gras. I thought it was so cute and thoughtful!
The day we went down to Mobuis, we had a little mommy/daughter date (Jackson was there, but was asleep most of the time in his stroller, luckily!!!) :) But it was pretty much just a mommy/daughter date! :) After playing, we had Ben and Jerry's in the food court. I love my little lady friend. 

She has also started 'tinastics'. We tried her in dance, and although she liked it, it just didn't seem to be her thing. I was really shocked because she loves dancing at home. She then started talking about how she wants to do Tinastics, so I signed her up. She is awesome. It is totally her thing, and she absolutely loves it!!! I have loved so much watching her every week. They stretch out, and warm up, and she is just the cutest little tinast out there! :)
She started out a little hesitant going around the bar, but by the second class, she was flipping over that thing like a pro all on her own! I'm so proud of her and am excited to see how far she can go with this! I hope that she to enjoy it!

So grateful to have a baby girl! Maybe I'll even try for another...:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Animal friends...

We have had some serious animal love going on around here. Our friends, who live behind us, went to Disneyland for the week, and we were lucky enough to get their doggy for the week. We have loved on Scouty for like months now, and we were so excited to have him all for ourselves. :) I was a bit nervous because I'm not too much of an animal lover, and I've never had a desire to have an animal. But....we LOVED LOVED LOVED Scout, and he was a part of our family. He fit right in and I even became one of those animal moms who drives with their dog on their lap. I let him sleep in my bed!!! Biggest shock ever! :) He is such a good dog though, and everyone we had over was just in love with him. He is a tea cup poodle, so he doesn't shed, and he doesn't really bark much, they had a little doggie door that was portable to put in our slider, and so I didn't even really have to do much, just love on him! :) I had to send Tara updates on him periodically throughout the week, and so I tried to get some good shots of him:
His official spot for hanging out throughout the day was on our red pillow on the couch. It was his little throne:
He loved to go on rides in the van, and was most of the time found on my lap like this:
I ran in real fast to take Taylor to the bathroom while we were out one day running errands, and when I got back to the van, I found these pictures that Tucker had taken on my camera. Looks like they had a fun time! :)
These two little babies, I tell you what, were totally jealous of each other all week. Well, Jackson not so much, he just wanted to grab at Scout all week. But Scout, every time I was feeding Jackson or holding him or playing with him, would just nuzzle himself right up next to me as close as he could and whine until I petted him. You can tell he is used to being the baby of the house. :) So spoiled!
We also inherited this guy, Gomer:
Again, from the McLaughlins. The had Gomer before they got Scout, and of course, once Scout came, Gomer was forgotten about. Turtles are my favorite, so I always told her how much I would love to have a turtle. She had told me a few weeks earlier that they wanted to get rid of Gomer now that none of the boys ever wanted to play with him or anything. They were going to try and sell him on craigslist, but the amount they wanted, I knew Ben wouldn't be down with. So, I didn't think we'd do it. Well, after a few weeks, she called me and told me that they were at the point where they didn't want to have to take care of him anymore. I'm not even sure if they listed him on craigslist, or just wanted to be done with him. But either way, we inherited an awesome Turtle, and we love him. :) He has a pretty sweet set up, and he's pretty low maintenece, some Romaine leaves or Kale leaves every day and he's happy. I do need to clean out his tank. But he is a pretty easy going happy little guy, and actually moves around all the time, and is pretty active. My kids like to let him out and let him roam around Tucker's room. (That is his room, too) We love us some Gomer. We got him on the same night we got Scout for the week. So my kids were in animal heaven. :)

And lastly, our final animal friend, is this beautiful red bird here. In this picture he looks like a pretty fat bird. Who knows... He sat on this branch outside our living room window for a week straight. And not only would he sit on this branch for hours at a time...
But he would fly directly into our window. Over and over and over again. At first we could not figure out what it was, we just kept on hearing a thud over and over again.  Then we realized what it was, we laughed for a good half hour at him flying over and over again into our window. 
I love Taylor's face in that picture above. But then the very next day, we heard it again, and then the next day, and it went on for a good 5-6 days of him just flying over and over again into our window. Tucker was on a mission to capture it on film. And I think he got some pretty decent shots. The two shots below are all Tucker:

We were kind of sad when the thudding stopped. Maybe he'll be back to visit another day. :) Maybe I'm starting to turn a corner here in my animal loving ways. I wouldn't mind having a little Scouty dog all to ourselves! :) We'll see!!! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tucker Basketball...

Tucker started basketball, and loves it. They are the goblins. He has loved it, of course! They have improved so much since their first game. They are still in the stage where whenever they get the ball, they just want to take it straight to the hoop, and shoot, no matter what. But it is so cute, and they are improving. They don't keep score yet, and they don't call travels or double dribbles, which happen constantly!!! :) But the coaches are able to get out there and coach during the game, so they learn, also all of the ref's have been so great also teaching the boys the technicalities of the game, so it's been a great learning experience.
His coach is this cute little old man who is the grandpa of one of his teammates. He is so sweet, and is totally old school. He makes them thank their parents after every game and every practice, he teaches them to congratulate the other team when they make a basket, and they have to play with their shirts tucked in. :) I kind of like it! :)
I love watching my little boy learn these new sports. Sports were such a big part of my growing up, and I'm hoping to pass that on to my kids. I know it's not detrimental to their eternal salvation, but I know that learning these skills, and what it takes to work and be a team and reach goals will totally help them, and hopefully keep them busy enough growing up to not get into too much trouble! :)
They wear these colored scrunchies on their wrists so that they can remember who their guy is to guard. :)

He was spoiled to have my mom, dad, his aunt Kayla and cousin Kenzie all here to watch his first game.

This little lady also loves basketball, and, of course, wants to do all of the sports her brother does...

He was excited to earn a dollar for every basket like he does for every goal in soccer. I told him that wasn't going to happen in basketball, so after some discussion, we decided that he gets ice-cream if he makes baskets. Luckily for us, he has made a few baskets every game and so we've been making some McDonalds and Dairy Queen stops after each game. :)