Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grandma's weekend visit....

Grandma came up to visit for the weekend. She had a follow up Dr. appointment for the surgery that she had a few months ago. She had a hysterectomy. It was advised by her doctor after grandma had Ovarian cancer, so her, Aunt Sherry and Aunt Lorraine all had their lady parts removed. Anyway, she had a follow up post-op appointment. Luckily she was doing and feeling great, and we got to see her for the whole weekend! We, of course, had a great weekend with her, and it was busy busy busy.
This little lady was especially excited to have her grammy here.
Of course, a trip to Target is a must whenever grammy is here! :) She was having too much fun with Jackson in the store; it was almost embarrassing!!! :)

This stinky child gets away with ANYTHING when grandma is here! And then I have to detox them from grandma after she leaves! :) ha ha
We fit in a little trip to the park:

My van had the worst smell and I could not for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. I finally figured out that it was coming from under Jacksons car seat cover. I took it off and washed it, but couldn't get in all the nooks and cranny's. My mom had just happened to bring up some of these tubs from my grandma and grandpa's house for Aunt Lorraine, and we discovered that they perfectly fit a car seat in them! :) ha ha. I let that baby soak one afternoon and all the nasty dried food and gunk came right off! :)
Of course, grandma always spoils the kids when she's here! It's a tough detox, I tell ya!

Saturday morning we went to an Easter egg hunt with the Evergreen ward. While we aren't members of the Evergreen ward, we do live in the boundaries. It is the ward that we would be in if we went to our own English ward. Anyway, we had been invited by a few people, and I had heard about how awesome this Easter egg hunt is every year at these peoples house, so we were excited. It started at 9am and we got there at about 9:05, and almost all the eggs were already gone!!! :) I guess we won't ever be late to an Easter egg hunt again! :) I felt bad about that for the kids, but we still got to enjoy the rest of the activities.

Jackson was the only one would even get close to this bunny. These things kind of creep me out, too, so I can't blame them! :)
These people have the most amazing property and they have animals. These cute little chicks were a huge hit.

This little guy just loved the swings. That's all he ever wants to do.

When that ward activity was over, we had to head straight to Tucker's last basketball game. Grandma was happy to get to see his last game of the season, and Tucker was so happy to have her there.

This little turd. He was such a pill this basketball season. I realized after Tucker's first game that this would be the season that I spend in the hallway. I didn't really get to watch Tucker play much. He's just such a go go go boy and always wanted to run down onto the court, and play with balls and run around everywhere. It was very rare that I got to actually sit in the bleachers. But it sure was fun when I did get to! Here he is snuggling his other grandma, Kathryn!
Since this was the last game, we had a little end of season party at Round Table Pizza. We took another team picture since all the boys were actually here this time. These boys are so cute!
Back row: Coach Jim, Isaac, Noah, Brayden, Tucker and Carson. Front row: Nash, --, --, Drew and Corey.
Silly faces with silly boys:
Coach's daughter, and Isaac's mom made these cute little basketball baskets. She asked each of us to bring a little treat for each boy, so we each got to fill these up and I thought it was the best idea!
Then he brought up each boy one by one, and it was so sweet of him, he was such a great guy and nice coach. Ben has big shoes to fill for next season. Here he is with Carson:
I didn't get such a good shot with Tucker, as Tucker wasn't looking this way, but he did talk of Tucker's great ability as a defensive player. And his hard work. It was so sweet.
Cute boys:
Since the kids missed the Easter egg hunt part that morning at the ward activity, we told them that we would hide some eggs for them in the back yard. They loved this so much. They didn't even have candy in them, but they just wanted to look and look and they spent the most part of the afternoon doing this and being so happy and content with it!

That afternoon we just hung out and relaxed and enjoyed each other. It was so nice to just relax after a long busy day!

Ben got some yard work done. I love this picture because Ben is clueless that Jackson is getting hit by the tree branches! :) ha ha. Jackson just wants to be with his daddy so much and loves it when he gets to do things like this with him.
And I had to include this last one because seriously, this child is just a nut! I was in the middle of making dinner, and he had to lay down RIGHT THERE! Seriously, right there. Right where I needed to be to make dinner! He is a stinker, but oh do I love him so very much! :)
We are so grateful that grandma lives close enough to come up and visit us often! We love her and love having her here, and we love that she loves us so much, too!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring is in the air....

Taylor is our resident flower spotter and lover. She pointed these out to me and we were both so happy that these beauties were coming up in the back yard. They are so beautiful and almost look fake! But mostly, we were excited that it meant that the weather is finally getting warm enough to enjoy this beauty outside! :)CAM01278 
Don't mind the nasty rocks. Still need to do the annual clean up of the back yard from the winter. Luckily, our winter really wasn't bad at all. Just happy the sun is making it's way back out! :)
In honor of the spring time we put out our spring time mantle. Taylor keeps me on my toes in the decor business. She loves it just as much as I do!
And speaking of this lady, she just looked too cute in her rain gear one day to not take a picture. She sure is a poser, this girl! This is probably one of my all time favorite pictures of her! :) I just love this gorgeous girl!

Of course, being silly!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

The problem with Mascara...

 You know how I mentioned Taylor had been on a kick of trying to put on mascara. I don't even know where she would get it. But after a little meltdown, I realized why children don't need to be wearing mascara at her age! :) Luckily the phase has passed. ha ha