Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Oregon Zoo...

We got in on Thursday night and had all day Friday to play as a family. Best breakfast ever at the hotel before we left. Marriott did not disappoint. Seriously, build your own omelet  and waffles etc. My sweet Taylor contemplating what she wanted to eat. Of course, we got as much food as we could!
And, of course, Tucker has to pester!
And now he has to calm himself with some meditation. And poor Jackson still has an awful haircut! :)
Our only activity on the docket for the day was the Oregon Zoo. The best zoo ever! We hadn't been here in forever, and I had forgotten how big and fun and beautiful it was! So Northwest, I love it!
And of course, we had to be bundled up in true Portland fashion. And, I do love it when grandma is with us because she is a great photographer and it is the only time I ever get pics with my little family.
To say that Jackson loved the animals would be an understatement. It was so cute and fun to be there with our little family.

And, of course, little man loved having his grandma with us.

I was happy to be the one to stand back and take pics. You know, animals aren't my thing! :)
There was a new carousel at the zoo that we had to test out. You know, they try and get you every which way they can!

The penguins were so much fun. They were playing and showing off for us.

The kids were just running around chasing the penguins.
So were the polar bears. They were being so much fun. It was a good zoo day.

Then Tucker got a hold of my phone and took some great pics...

I love the finger in this one! :)

The monkey's were so friendly, also!

I love how he feels he has to point out in the picture what he wants you to look at. :)

OK, the porcupines were so cool.
Taylor and I got to get a way for a bit and see some monkey's of our own. I sure do love this girl of mine.

This guy sure was interested in Tucker...

So, when Tucker was just a few years old we took Tucker to the Oregon zoo while we were down visiting my dad. We took a picture of him on my back. It's one of my favorites of him and I.  I made him recreate this picture of the two of us! :) ha ha. He's just a little big bigger now. :)
When I got home from Portland, I put the two pictures together, and they were so cute. It's crazy to look at how he's changed and so weird to think that he was Jackson's age at this picture.
And then we took this silly pic. This is closer to what our photoshoot was like, since he is so big now.

We made it to the bats right during the time of their feeding. The kids thought that that was so cool.
These two sure love each other!
It was a long day at the zoo and we were definitely ready to head back to the hotel to do some swimming.
This guy was more interested in playing around with his brothers glasses.

I finally got him bathed and ready for bed and he again just wanted to play with the glasses.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Portland bound...

On St. Patrick's day the fam bam headed down to Portland for Britanee's wedding. I was so excited to go on a little road trip with the whole family. Ben doesn't get to go with us on many of these types of things, so having him come with us was so fun!
The drive between Spokane and Ritzville always has the best clouds and you know how I love me a good cloud picture!
We plugged into the Hoo-Too's and we were off. It was seriously the best and easiest trip ever! They each watched a movie and Ben and I got to enjoy our trip!
Oh, and I got me a new pair of shoes before we left and I love them so much that I had to get a pic with ma new kicks!
We stopped in Tri-cities to pick up grammy and she joined us for the rest of the trip. Family selfie...
Of course, Jackson had to grab the selfie stick and take a pic with grandma...
My handsome hubby...
Once we got to Portland we stopped at McMenamins for dinner. I had never even heard of it before and we didn't even plan it, but it's an Irish pub and it was St. Patricks day so there were Irish bagpipers walking around. And it was so much fun! The food, eh. But it was fun. And, Tucker threw up as soon as we walked through the doors, but I think that that's from traveling all day and he was starving, so it wasn't a great combo. Anyway, it also had just this cute little grassy area all around the restaurant and little lights strung and people chatting around a bonfire. It was very cute and quaint!

Oh man, do I love these people! We had such a fun trip together. We loved having grandma with us!

After, we went back to the hotel and got the kids all situated. It was so cute, Tucker was just telling them stories and they were just laughing and laughing at his stories and he would keep on going. It was really cute! I just love these kiddies of mine!
They just love each other so much!