Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ode to January...

Luckily we came home to a VERY low key January. We had absolutely nothing on the docket, and I was so very happy about that. In fact, we can sum up January in just one post! woo-hoo!
We also came home and I had a new color on my bathroom walls!!! That Ben, you give him a week alone without us and he gets things done! Bye bye pepto bismal pink! I had been hoping and wishing that bathroom wall color away for years. Finally, it was gone. These aren't the greatest pics because they are taken with my phone, but the color is a great mix of warm and cool grey. It's perfect, I absolutely love it!

I also got to surprise Ben with some things. Like this super fancy flannel jacket his dad sent home with me...
The first few days were spent putting together all of the kids' awesome new Christmas toys. Like this awesome new race track that Jackson got from Santa. Only had 44 steps to put it together!!! :) ha ha
This little boy got a haircut and all of the sudden went from 18 months to 18 years! How did that happen???
This boy continues to sleep in his crazy positions. It shouldn't even shock me anymore. I walk in to check on him, and he's like this:
So Ben posted one of his Facebook pet peeves about bad breath. AND then he tagged me saying no offence to my wife but.... And I got so mad at him! Of all the things to post about me on facebook, he chooses to tag me in his bad breath post?! Really? So, I then continued to sent him pictures of me over the next few days of me brushing my teeth. Here are just a few...

Oh, and then he left us again. He went to install a fence at my grandma and grandpa's house. Well, his crew did. He went to make sure everything went smoothly. They stayed in a hotel in Walla Walla over night. And, you know what it means when daddy is out of town for the night. We get these:
Also, the night Ben was out of town, I happened to be driving by the CV reader board and saw that they were doing a mini cheer camp for little girls. It happened to be the next day. So I called, and we got Taylor in. She was super excited. They went to a 4 hour mini camp that night, and then they got to perform at the CV game on Friday at half time with the big cheerleaders. It was super cute. Luckily Heather Silvey's little girl was in it too, so I had a friend to chat with while we were there.
My momma came in to town for a Dr. appointment. Kayla is coming in February and she is going to get her hysterectomy while she is here and we can take care of her. She didn't stay. She drove up for her 11am appointment and the older two were in school, so just Jackson and I met her for lunch downtown at PF Changs (YUM!) and it was  perfect little lunch date with my mama. After, she left to drive back to M-F.

These two cuties had a play date. Lanie Jo is the absolute cutest thing ever. Her mom was one of my roommates at BYU-H and they are in the same preschool. Their family is actually moving to Alaska for the summer, then they are going to go to Florida and stay there for a month or so, Jeff has a job to do there for a while. Then they are going to buy an RV and take a few years and travel across the country with just their little family. Stopping for a month or so at different spots along the way. It sounds totally fun to me. I'm excited for their adventure. Courtney was trying to get their house ready to sell, so I offered to take her girls every now and then. A lot of times I had all three, but mostly just cute little Lanie Jo after preschool. She has the best smile! :)
Waiting for Tucker to be done at school:
Finally Friday night came, and it was time for Taylor's big performance!
Oh my gosh, they were so cute! I could tell she was a little nervous, so  we got there early, and I kept on prepping her. She was excited, but also all of the sudden really nervous. Ben showed up right before the performance, and it was so cute! It took her a little bit to get into it. I love this picture because all of the other girls are doing their thing, and Taylor is still a little shy, the only one in focus, kind of figuring out if she even wants to do this! :)
They did three different dances, and finally she started to get into it a little bit:

I thought she would love it, and she did, but I just don't think she liked the performing part so much. She was yelling those cheers for weeks at home, and even told me that the CV Bears were right up there with her teams like the Raiders, Auburn, Seahawks etc!!! :)  And it's a good thing because that's where she is going to go to High School! :)

She, of course, immediately found her daddy. She's such a daddy's girl.
I love this girl so much and was so proud of her for doing something that was scary for her. We'll see if she wants to do another cheer camp anytime soon! :) But for now, I'm so happy with the little lady she is becoming.
Since we had a Monday off in January for Martin Luther King day, we decided to clean up the basement. One of these days we'll get this thing finished. For now, we will try and at least keep it organized. I don't like to go down there much, and it was finally just getting too much for me to handle. Of course, Tucker makes everything fun and crazy...
This guy's obsession with 'bops' continued. I have to make sure our house is continually stocked. He loves them so. Here he was at church double fisting it. Of course, just as I snuck this picture, he put one in his mouth and wouldn't take it out. The nerve!
I'm grateful for a low key Jaunary that let us rejuvenate after a busy holiday time. I feel like we've been going going going since Thanksgiving!
We were ready to get back into the Holiday mode, and had to decorate for Valentines day. Feburary is going to be a busy one, so I'm grateful for the downtime of January.


Feburary is sure to be a good one. We have Valentines day, and birthdays and family coming into town!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas in Alabama 2014- Everyone left us!

Because we bought our tickets so late, they weren't the cheapest. The cheapest tickets back were for January 7th. Like $350 a pop down to $180 a pop. We knew that for that much of a price difference, we had to wait it out. Even though it was well after school had started for Tucker, and well after everyone left for home. And we knew Ben would need to go home earlier, and so it was easy to justify a ticket for him to go home earlier. At the time I didn't think twice, we could totally stay there for a few extra days, even without Ben and cousins there, it would be totally fun. And it was totally fun. I was SO ready to go home at that point, though, and that was really the only downfall. We got lots of grandma and grandpa time to ourselves, even though they both had to go back to work. 
We sent lots of pictures like this to daddy whom we were missing so much:
We sent pictures like this to our cousins, whom we were missing dearly...
We sent more pictures like this to daddy. 'Mom, send this picture to daddy to show him what I drew for him'...
We got to go to grandma's library. And we are SO very excited for grandma that she gets to retire this year, but we are going to be so sad that we don't get to enjoy these perks anymore! :(
I love this picture of my two boys. Just sitting in the window nook at grandmas library...
All three of my cuties...

We got to open up all of our fun toys that we got for Christmas. This was Taylor's nice little mess...
Luckily my father in law had just gotten a new car (the one that Ben popped the tire of in DC) but hadn't sold his old CRV yet, so he let us drive around in his nice new Honda Accord. It is amazing. We went to the children's museum and to feed the ducks. 
Montgomery has the best little children's museum and it's totally free. Well, it's donation based, so we usually throw in a few dollars. But for the price, it's pretty amazing!
Tucker's favorite:
Taylor's favorite:
And Jackson's favorite:
Another picture to send to daddy. 'Tell daddy I made this for him'...
This was a pretty regular meal for me while I was there. Soda and chips for breakfast...
Finally we were off for our trip home. We loved being at grandma and grandpa's house so much, but were definitely ready to be heading home!!
One last stop at Chic-fil-A before I headed back to the sad Chic-fil-A less land that I live in.:(
Luckily they had it in the airport right at our gate. Two Atlanta staples right next to each other. I got Chic-fil-A and the kids got Varsity Hamburgers. The Varsity is an Atlanta Original and staple.



I know the real reason he wanted on the table--my little soda addict!
Atlanta gave us the most gorgeous going away sunset. This picture doesn't even do it justice though, there were a whole gaggle of us lined up at the window taking pictures. My phone takes crappy pictures!
Playing with their new plane ride toys to bide the time for our flight...
Finally we were homeward bound. It was, thankfully, an uneventful flight and we had plenty to keep us busy! I am getting tired of these late night flights with kids. Poor Tucker had to go to school the very next day. Luckily it was late start.

CAM00750Can't complain about our wonderful Holiday season this year. We truly are so very blessed to have wonderful families and wonderful friends and people in our lives.