Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sorry for the delay...

I know, I know... Its been a month and I am just getting around to posting a new blog. To all of my loyal followers, I am so sorry for the delay in blogging! :) I swear a few weeks ago I downloaded a new batch of pictures onto our laptop and that night after Tucker went to bed, I was fully planning on updating our blog.... And then Ben came home with a new computer that night, switched the Internet connection to this new one, and I have none of my pictures on this computer! And we all know that you can't have a blog without pictures--well not a good blog anyway. :) Its not really a brand new computer, but an old one from Ben's office, because they had just purchased a new one there, so we got the old one. See, last January (Almost a year now) our computer crashed. My little brother is a tech guy and somehow always has a plethora of laptops and computers that he gets from who knows where, but that he is always 'working on' or doing something to. So anyway, he gave us one of his laptops, and it was so great of him, and we really appreciated it, because it suited us just fine. But it was a little old and slow and didn't always read discs and ya know. So we had been talking about getting a new computer, and so we just got this one from Ben's office, and its fine, but its old and its not ours, and it doesn't have any of our stuff on it.... yada yada yada. But Good News! We just bought a new computer yesterday! Yeah! So, now I just need to get all of our stuff (photos, videos, music etc...) off of our really old computer, off of the laptop and now off of this one from Ben's office to put on our brand new computer ( I am really excited about this) It will be nice to have one place that I know that I can store everything, and that I know won't die on me. :)

So anyway, I just had to wait until I had at least ONE decent picture of Tucker to post. And I was so excited to post that last time--Tucker went to his first birthday party. His little friend, Carter just turned 1 and had a party at Chuck E Cheese. It was so much fun! Tucker had such a great time. As soon as I get all of my pics off of our laptop, I will post them.
But here he is playing on his zebra (that he loves) that his G-ma and G-pa Pyper got him last Christmas--Thank you guys! He is such a cheese, he knows exactly what the camera is now and smiles so cheesy every time he sees it. Hmmm... I wonder who he gets that from? :)

And here he is snuggling with his papa after waking up from his nap. You know in the phase where he doesn't quite want to be awake yet and just wants to snuggle. I thought it was so cute! Can you tell that my child loves to be naked??? I think that he has been in just his diaper in almost all of the pictures I have posted. I don't know where he gets it? So, this past month has been busy. Like I said before, Tucker went to his first birthday party, and it got me really excited to plan Tuckers first birthday party. These next few months for me are going to be so much fun, I love to plan activities, and I have Tuckers first birthday party, a baby shower for my wonderful friend, Jessy and a bridal shower for my sister Kayla to plan. I am so excited! :) I'm going to start working out every day with my friend Meg which I am pumped about, I still have some (well, alot) of baby weight to lose. And things have just been really good for us. Tucker is going to be 11 months this week. I can hardly believe it, he is like a little boy now, and not a baby anymore. It makes me really sad. But every phase that he goes through gets better and better, and I find myself thinking that I wish he would stay in 'this' phase forever, whatever it is, but then the next phase comes, and I want him to stay in that phase forever. Right now, he is trying so hard to talk. He will try and repeat alot of the things that we say. Some of his favorites are: Thank you,Tucker, Gross, Uh-Oh, and of course, Dada and Mama. Hey, its a start, right? :) He actually starts laughing every time I say thank you to him, but then he wants to say it. He is also pulling himself onto everything, and getting into everything. I have had to completely re-do my decorating here at our house. Everything is either on the mantel, on the TV entertainment center or on the fridge-- well out of reach of little hands.