Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life with Taylor Rae...

We sure are in love with our new little Taylor Rae.
We have had many firsts over the past few weeks. But first things first, the new BIG brother!
This expression pretty much sums up his feelings about his little sister. He loves her! He is ALWAYS wanting to love on her and kiss her and be near her. I love watching him with her. He is so sweet and gentle. (most of the time!) :)
Feb 10 068
Her first Dr. Appointment... Had to get in the ONE TIME use of her newborn size little outfit that she got as a gift. My children have both jumped right over that size as they have both been born bigger than the weight limit. :) But that's why we love them. So when a friend of mine gave me a newborn sized outfit, I knew that we'd be lucky to get in maybe one day of wear out of it! :)
Feb 10 094
Her first Olympics! Taylor was born right in the middle of the Olympics. Since they were on 24 hours a day for the first week and a half of her life, we did a lot of Olympic watching when she was first born. To say that our good friends, Ryan & Alicia are Olympic FANATICS would be an understatement! :) So when they showed up to visit Taylor when she was just a few days old, I wasn't surprised when they gave Taylor her very own Olympic Onesie! :) I love it! I love that it is totally homemade! :) It made me laugh so hard! :) Taylor was the youngest little Olympic fan cheering on our American team! :)
Taylor Rae 10 033 (2)
Her first bath... She actually loves bath time and will usually just lay there and let me clean her! She is so sweet! There is nothing better than smelling a freshly bathed newborn babe.
Taylor Rae 10 040
First trip (of many, I'm sure) up to Papa's house. We went up to Sunday dinner at Papa's house. And she loves snuggling with her daddy! :)
Feb 10 076
My mom was here for her first week of life, and Uncle Nathan and Carter came over to visit one day. Some how Uncle Nathan ended up with both the babies and a naked Tucker (he does have underwear on!) snuggling up next to him! :)
Taylor Rae 10 002
Grama and Carter snuggling up! I love how Carter has drool just hanging out of his mouth. That is to typical of Carter right now. He is always soaking wet with his drool! :)
Taylor Rae 10 005
And here is Taylor snuggling up with her Grama...
Taylor Rae 10 010 (2)
This is the first of many, I'm sure, pictures of these three cousins. The three new Campbell cousin babies: Cassidy, Taylor & Carter. I'm sure that Carter has years of torment ahead of him being so close in age to two girl cousins! :) I know my cousin, John can relate as he was stuck being close in age to me and my other cousin, Alicia and we used to torment him! :) Love ya John! :)
Feb 10 098
And obviously this was the first visit from Aunt Kelli, Uncle Allen, Keyton & Cassidy! Tucker had fun with Keyton being here and I'm sure Cassidy and Taylor will be just as close! :)
Taylor Rae snuggling with her Uncle Allen...
Taylor Rae 10 038
Our first outing, besides to the Dr. or to Papa's house was to the Enloe's (surprise, surprise!) :) I think that Tucker, at this point in his life, thinks that the Enloe's house is his second home. Olivia loved her some baby Taylor! :) It was my first experience breastfeeding outside of our home and Olivia, who had no clue what I was doing, just came up and lifted up the blanket and asked me, 'are you feeding her from your tummy?' I really didn't want to get into it, so I just told her yeah, and sent her on her merry way! :)
Feb 10 108
Tucker got my camera again and took this picture of little Taylor...
Feb 10 100
Other than all of these firsts, Taylor has been doing a lot of this....
Taylor Rae 10 036
And we have not been doing so much of this! :) But I just can't help but take lots and lots of pictures of her while she is sleeping. I just love those cheeks! This little girl is the funniest little girl! She is such a grunter. She grunts 24/7 like loud man grunts. She sounds like a motorcycle! :) It makes me laugh so much! We had to move her out of our room because she kept us up all night. At first I would get up to check on her and she would be sound asleep, just grunting non-stop! Ben's mom thinks that she is destined to be a shot putter the way she grunts! :) I think that she is going to give Tucker a run for his money. She seems to not be very shy about the way she is feeling. She shows all of her emotions on her face and isn't afraid to let you know how she feels, and is NOT very quiet about it! :) I'm anxious to see how her little personality will be!
Taylor Rae 10 041
Anyway, we love her! :)