Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is me...then

I'm Baaaack!!! (sorta)
Thanks JLo for the dramatic title! :)
So, it is the last day of July. I can't believe August is already tomorrow! Crazy! I spent all of June posting about April happenings on this blog, but back dating them to May ?! :) And I still have May, June and July to post about! I don't know how I got so far behind, but I have decided I am just going to start posting up to date stuff, and slowly work up my back log (or blog, if you will) :) We are having a GREAT summer! Tucker, Taylor and I just got back last Monday from Alabama for two weeks, and then Ben's dad was here for a week and just left this Monday. The day after he left, we of course, all got sick. OK, I was the one who got sick. But it was awful!!! I am just now getting over it and am just now getting my voice back! And Kayla gets here today, again, for three weeks! :) We have two family reunions coming up and lots and lots to update about!!! The kids are great!!! Taylor is getting so big, I can't even believe it! She is already almost 6 months old! She LOVES eating! I know that's surprising! :) She is a champ at eating solids! I think she prefers them over her bottle now! She is so funny. Already our little drama queen! I will post pictures next post, I just wanted to do a quick update! Tucker got a new smile last week! Yea, mother of the year over here took him in to the dentist and he had a huge cavity on the back of his two front teeth! He had to get caps (luckily they are teeth colored, no silver front teeth, thank goodness!) :) He had to go under some major dental surgery, complete with an IV and being knocked out! poor guy! I have so many stories to tell and updates to write about! Hopefully I will get it done, one post at a time! We have had a great summer though and I hope that everyone else has been, too! :)