Sunday, April 29, 2012

the home show...

Ben worked at a home show a few weekends ago so we spent a good amount of time there, wandering around, bringing him food, playing in the sand piles (ok, that was Tucker and Taylor) and just hanging out. They actually had quite a few things for kids to do. Lowe's had a booth there for kids to make things. Tucker made this awesome basketball hoop thing. He was a happy little camper pounding it out and so proud at the finished product! 
Taylor also made a chalk board, but that little stubborn thing wouldn't listed to a thing I told her to help. So needless to say, there is no picture of the finished project because there was no finished project. But she does look pretty fierce with that hammer! 
Also, while at the home show Tucker entered to win a knife set. Both kids while wandering around were looking for the candy bowls. A lot of booths had candy bowls out for the kids. My kids were magnets to those things. Tucker saw a bowl and went right up to it. Unfortunately for him, it was a contest to win a knife set from a custom cabinet place here in Spokane. They were so nice to him and encouraged him to enter. And he, being the big boy he is, wanted to fill out the entry form all by himself. So sure enough, he wrote his name and my phone number. And I totally forgot about it. Well, sure enough a few days later I get a phone call and it is a man asking for Tucker. I say, uhh.... who is this? And he starts laughing and explained who he was and why he was calling, they had totally picked Tuckers name out of the hat and he won the knife set. It also came with this really nice slab of granite as a cutting board, 2 knifes and a cheese cutter thing. You should have seen this child beaming. He was so happy and proud of himself. I put the knives in our drawer and the cutting board on the counter, and he keeps reminding me that these are really his, and that he is just letting me borrow them! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter 2012...

This Easter was such a nice day to spend with our little family. I try not to go overboard with the baskets and usually just fill them with their swimming suits for the summer and some flip flops and other summer necessities. Maybe a little game or book or something. Since Ben's mom had just been in town, she got them a few things to 'put in their baskets' which, were of course too big, so they were apart from the baskets.
Following the egg trail to their baskets...
The first item on the agenda was to try on their new swimming suits...
Pictures of my cute kids. I know black isn't a very springy color, but it was the only color I thought went well with her dress from B-ma. :) I thought Easter was all about warm weather and spring, notice we are all still in long sleeves!

{this was about as good as I could get}
After the church clothes were ripped off the kids were immediately ready for the annual egg hunt. As you can tell, it was some serious business for the older two boys.


A little help from the adults...


The delicious whole wheat bread bunny...
After a little lesson on the meaning of Easter and a delicious meal by my dad, Kathryn brought over these super cute birds nests cupcakes and all the supplies to make them with the kids.


Theirs didn't turn out QUITE as cute, but we do appreciate their creativity! :)
It was a really nice day spent with family and remembering our Savior.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

easter eggs with papa...

Easter weekend was quite the celebration this year with Papa and with my brother and his family coming into town. First up on the agenda, had to be coloring eggs.
{there's that cheesy grin again!} :)
These little chubby cheeks were fun to nibble on all weekend...
They took their job at coloring Easter eggs very seriously...
They were happy to give Taylor the pink bowl all to herself. We had a casualty with one of the eggs, and Tucker and Taylor were happy to munch on it while they decorated...
And the finished products:
I love how the colors turned out!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I love these two. They keep me on my toes and life is never dull with them.

Every morning during breakfast Taylor wants me to take her picture for some reason. She says cam-a and points to my camera bag. But when I actually want her to take her picture, she refuses. Go figure.

It is finally starting to get warm around here and the kids are loving it. My mother in law was shocked when she saw kids running around outside in 50 degree weather. I told her that we are just so happy to have the sun out, that we'll go out and play in anything at this point.
You know it's been a good day outside, when this is what your face looks like when you come inside. :)

I went on a field trip with Tuckers pre-school class to Albertsons. I was actually pretty impressed. They let the kids try something from every section in the store. They got apples and blueberries from the produce section, turkey and cheese from the deli, a cookie from the bakery and a string cheese from the dairy section. They had a great time. They told them that there was a cow that comes to the store every morning to give them their milk and then they had someone Moo behind the milk, the kids thought that was pretty cool! :) They also gave the kids a card that lets them get a free apple or banana every time they come back to the store. It is actually pretty smart of Albertsons, because now every time I tell Tucker we're going to the store he wants to go to Albertsons. I have even given in a few times and gone there when I wasn't planning to. 
Here they are on their tour, I'm not sure why Tucker looks so guilty...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

B-ma's visit...

We were so lucky to have Bma come to visit us, all the way from Alabama! She had herself a spring break and decided to leave the 90 degree weather for our 40 degree weather! Lucky girl! There's not a lot to do around here in this kind of weather, so we took her on a tour of Spokane. Lucky girl! 
Can you tell the kids were so excited to have her here?
I'll let Tucker take you on a little mini version of what our tour looked like...


We took her up to make out point...
Cute little man...
The Spokane river...
We tried to get one of Bma with the kids, this is the best we got...

We were so lucky and Grandma took us to Chuck E Cheese. She said she hadn't been to one in like 30 years and was REALLY impressed with the classiness of crowd there that night! :) Her little shadow of course followed her around everywhere! :)

She also spoiled us like crazy the whole time she was here, and for that we are SO grateful! We went to Red Robin one night. Here's my boy being silly...
Thanks Bma for coming, please come back SOON! I loved all of our great conversations and adventures! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012


I love conference weekend, for many reasons. One of them being, of course getting to spend the day in my jammies with my little family. But most importantly I love listening to the prophets and being uplifted and edified. And this conference weekend was no different. We went up to my dads house, enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together, ate yummy food and left feeling a whole lot better than when we came.
Lots of coloring and playing happened by these two...
And even some dancing ...
And yes, somehow Taylors clothes came off and even some napping happened...