Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Historic Market square & Lady Antebellum....

The next day we were ready for some non Sea World San Antonio fun.
Of course, we started our day with a pajama dance party...
And our destination for today was the Mexican Mercado. It was so cool. It's a downtown area, like a street block of Mexican stores, kind of like a flea market and restaurants. I loved it, I loved the bright colors and the shiny banderas hanging from the ceiling. It was awesome, totally my kind of place!
In the restaurant we ended up going to to eat, there were even some nuns in the entry way selling jewelry for their church...
I mean, these shiny banderitos, were so beautiful just strung up EVERYWHERE! I loved it!
So funny story about this Mariachi band. They just came over to our table and started singing, so we just thought it was part of the restaurant atmosphere, and we were singing and dancing along with them having a great time, and I was going to tip them a few bucks, but when they were done they just started at me, because I was the one speaking Spanish. And so I was just staring at them and it was a bit awkward, and finally one of them goes, 'that's 15 dollars!' We were all just laughing because we didn't ask them over, like who does that? But it was still fun, the kids had a blast!
And honestly, just looking back through these pictures and seeing all of the drinks on the table. We were SO freaking hot from walking around the mercado, that I just remember being famished by the time we sat at our table and we were all just dying for water. The humidity there is bad, just like in Alabama. And when you're out in it in the middle of the day, it's killer!
This little mister loves his cousin Kenzie. He always wanted to hug her and love on her. It was really cute!

I love how his face is so serious in this picture, like he loves her so much! :)

And then he really starts to feel it. I mean, the eye close and everything!!! haha

After lunch grandma offered to let the kids get their faces painted in the little outdoor walkway of the mercado. The older ones all wanted it so of course, grandma gave in! :)

Even the little guys got some glitter tattoos. I love Burton's face in this one:

The girls were very happy with their art:

And Jackson's soccer ball. The boy loves anything ball! I just want to eat that cute little face!

That night Jason and Kayla had plans to go to Lady Antebellum. Jason had gotten Kayla tickets for her birthday. So grandma and I were left in charge to babysit the kids. I'm glad they got to go out and have a fun date night. And it was even fun for us to just hang with the kids after a long day. It was fun helping Kayla get all dressed up for her country concert! :)
I don't remember what movie we watched, but the girls got to make this cute little pallet bed together and had we had a great time! We tag teamed them and it wasn't actually that bad!

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