Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We made it!

Well we finally made it to Seattle! 2 weeks late (and about $2 short) but nevertheless, we made it! :) We were so excited to see our friends, Doug and Sadie-And Emily too, of course,- But Tucker was excited to see his friend Buddy! :) This poor dog was just picked on and chased around all weekend by Tucker! Buddy was so patient and kind to him though, what a good GOG. (I personally think that it was because Tucker would share whatever he was eating with Buddy, so he endured the torture for the treats) :) We are totally going to have to get this child a dog one day. He hearts them!

We took Tucker for his first trip to the zoo... He loves animals! Unfortunately it was still a little cold outside, and Tucker was tired, he hadn't had a very good nap that morning, and apparently it was nap time for most of the animals too, a lot of them weren't out either. But we made the best of it and all in all, Tucker loved seeing the animals that WERE out. I love the look on his face in these pictures, the elephant came SO close to us when he went to eat those branches. Really cool!

We also discovered Tuckers love for hats. Ben isn't really a hat wearer, so we just discovered this hidden love! :) Tucker wanted to wear Doug's hat all weekend! He actually doesn't like wearing them, just stealing them, and putting them on his head and taking them off, then putting them on again and taking them off again! :)

So my friend Sadie is one talented knitter; and just recently a cute little boutique in Seattle started carrying her hats and mittens. One of the highlights of our weekend, was to check them out on their opening weekend! :) Tucker is even a part of it, he is the face of 'So what baby butt' (that's her brand) His little fat face from last summer is on her tags, and business cards. We were nerds and had to take pictures of them in the boutique! I am so proud of Sadie, I've always enjoyed and loved her knitting, and I hope that everyone else will too! If anyone is interested in getting one, just let me know. If you look closely at the picture of them in the boutique, you can see a tag and that is Tuck! :)
OK, this is getting a lot longer than I had planed... Seattle was a blast, we miss you guys already, Doug & Sadie and Emily! :) I had to add this picture because I love the look on Tuckers face. Here he is with two of his favorite Aunties... Sadie and Em! They know how to spoil him and love on him. And he really does love it too! :)
Thanks for a great weekend guys!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekend Getaways, what???

So where has this month gone? I feel like the past few weeks have just gone by SO fast! Maybe I'm just trying to repress the memories. We've had a few failed attempts at weekend getaways that I'm trying to forget. A few weeks ago we were so excited to go to Seattle. We knew the weather was pretty bad, but we were determined! I checked the pass report on Thursday night and the pass was open, Yeah. It was just slushy because all the ice was beginning to melt. So no worries, right? Friday morning was spent packing and packing and more packing. Packing a one year old for a weekend getaway is not the easiest. Ben got off work at Noon, and we were off. We got to Ellensburg around 3:30ish and Tucker was in desperate need of a break from his carseat. So we fueled up the car, and ourselves, and we were on the road again. And to our dismay, what do we run into? But a huge sign that says "PASS CLOSED". They closed it at 3:44 pm. We had barely missed it. The freeway ahead of us was empty except for the sign and the 5 little measley cones in the middle of the freeway veering us off onto the exit. What, did you think that 5 little wimpy cones would keep us from that pass? We have an Exterra, we can handle extreme conditions. The weather was still pretty good, and we could make it. So we are the lone car on the road and as we progress the weather is getting increasingly worse and worse. I was getting a little worried, but I really wanted to make it to Seattle. So, about a 1/2 hour later, at the next exit,another sign and more cones veering us off onto the exit. Once again, we manueverd our way around. So we're off once more. As we are nearing the foot of the pass the weather started to get really bad. We were driving about 40 mph at this point and had found this state trooper with plow on his truck to follow. It was perfect. Until we got to the next exit. Finally there were two state trooper cars actually blocking the freeway not allowing us to pass. Apparently there were avalance warnings and they were getting pounded with snow over the pass and it was freezing and turning into a thick layer of ice. I was a little relieved because I was starting to get a little scared of the surrounding weather. I was not relieved to have driven for 4 hours at this point and still not have been able to get to Seattle. We were SO close. We found out that all three passes to Seattle were closed, and we were stuck. We could drive an extra 6 hours by going down to Portland and back up to Seattle, or drive the three hours home. And as much as we wanted to go to Seattle, the thought of being in the car for 6 more hours with Tucker, made me sick.

I took these pictures mainly for my in-laws who can't even really understand the concept of this much snow. :) The snow banks were literally like walls along the freeway, most of the signs along the freeway were completley covered. And this wasn't even at the worst area! It was crazy.

Notice how the weather gets progressively worse and worse. This first picture was when I thought that we could make it.

We will be attempting to get away to Seattle again this up coming weekend, so lets just hope we have better luck! Anyway, enough about our failed attempts at traveling. Other than that we have just been hangning out at home, the weather makes us not want to really leave the house. It was in the low 40's the other day and I was so excited to not have to wear my coat! I was laughing at myself when I realized I was excited about 40 degree weather! But it IS finally starting to warm up and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to get back outside!

Who could resist?

This next picture is my favorite, it is SO typical! Poor little Tucker is continually trying to win over the heart of his friend, Jason. Much to Tuckers dismay Jason isn't what you would call a 'kid guy'. He is a nice guy, just not one to love on other peoples children. Anwyay, it is a running joke that Tucker is always trying to win his affection, becuse Tucker LOVES Jason and is always trying to get Jason to hold him and snuggle with him. I was very proud of myself when I captured perfectly on film what always happens when we're together. Luckily for Tucker Jasons daughter, Carly gives him enough lovin' to make up for it! Unfortunatley I don't have any recent pictures of them hugging and kissing, but they do it every time they are together. You should hear them in church, they like yell out for each other until they are together. Tucker just says, Car... Car... and points at her, and she says TaTa...Tata and does the same. Its pretty cute.
Anyway, here is Tuck getting denied....
I don't know who could resist those fish lips... I sure can't! :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow...

Well, the snow is still here, and this time around Tucker is ready...

We were beginning to feel a little swamped by all of our snow, since ours was like the only driveway on the block that hadn't been shoveled...

And what to our wondering eyes do appear? But four beautiful Laurel girls, the snow they do not fear...

They shoveled our driveway and they even made us into a little snow family. I think that they were enjoying themselves a little too much for it to be counted as service!

Yeah!...Free at Last!
Tucker was glad not to have to go back out in that cold cold mess...

Here he is hiding from me under our desk. Is he not the cutest thing ever?!