Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Festivities...

Well, I've been writing this post for like a week now, and finally have time to finish it and post it. Easter this year was fun, nothing too fancy. Just the, lots of candy and a yummy yummy dinner with my family!

Here we are coloring Easter eggs at 'Paola & Pa Pas'" house.

(Grandma & Grandpa--we're not sure how the Paola came about for Grandma, but that's what Tucker always calls her)

Tuckers not really sure whats going on with all the eggs and dye.

But whatever it is, he's starting to like it!

And by the end of the night, we were lucky to find a part of him that wasn't covered in dye!

( I don't know why we didn't think to put down newspaper--oh well, at least it was at Grandmas--j/k) :)

Tuckers cousin, Keyton was hands in from the very beginning!

And of course, Tucker invited his best friend, Carly to join us--she was very crafty with her eggs!

Easter morning...

It was WAY too cold out to take nice family pictures outside in our Easter duds like I would have liked to do, but we snapped this one before church real quick!

And at Paola & Pa Pa's...

Here they are in their matching Easter outfits from Grandma. (we really tried to get a good picture of them together, but this was REALLY the best one, and eventually I gave up)

Grandma really does spoil them. They got these cool chairs for the summer time. Tucker has already used his, even though there is snow on the ground.

Tuckers favorite part of his Easter basket from grandma?--The bubbles!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Cleaning...

We've just been up to some spring cleaning around here...

When we got home from Utah, I had alot of organizing/cleaning/laundry to do, luckily I had some help.

I just couldn't get him away from these brooms. :)

We went to visit my grandparents in Oregon for a night this week,with my parents and brother. They had some pretty bad wind storms down there this winter, so we helped them out with some yardwork and other little jobs that needed to be done around the house. Tucker was in on the action.

Happy Spring cleaning to all....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Weekend....What?

So we woke up this morning to a yard full of snow...

I can't tell you how sad this makes me!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


We are finally getting back into the swing of things after a week in Utah! We had so much fun and I'm sorry for those of you who I didn't get to see while I was there. My parents went last minute and bought me a plane ticket to go with them, (aren't they SO nice) so Tuckers Auntie Kayla could get some time with him. ( I think that they only invited me as a babysitter) :) Anyway, we had so much fun and the time went by so fast. Since I was kind of just along for the ride, I didn't want to be too demanding in my desires to go everywhere to visit all my friends, so we spent the week hanging out in Provo with Kayla and Jason, and made a few little day trips to some fun places. Most of our outings were Tucker related. Here is our trip. (This is kind of a long one and wouldn't be offended if you just skip to the pics! :) )
The Long Flight there...

This is Tuckers new thing, he loves to look like he's mad, and when he has you convinced, he starts to change his face to a smile and then laughs like crazy, he thinks he is so funny! Now, whenever I see him make this face, I say, 'I know there's a smile in there' and he immediately starts laughing.

After a long day of travelling, both Tucker and Grandma were tuckered out!
Actually, Tucker is a great Traveller. This is his 4th airplane trip. He has two visits to Grandma and Grandpa in Alabama, a trip to New York, and now this Utah trip under his belt! He's a world traveller, just like his mommy. (well, she would like to be) :)

Some Highlights of the trip were:

1.)Being with Kayla and Jason, and seeing their CUTE CUTE CUTE little apartment. They have made it so cute and it is just perfect for the both of them. I loved seeing them together and watching them interact as newlyweds and seeing how their life has begun! I am so happy for them! (didn't take any pictures, but wish I would have)

2.) The Pool/Hot Tub, for sure. I couldn't get this little fish out of the water, we went almost every night! He is going to have so much fun this summer!

He was my man all week long!

3.) The WAY cool dinosaur museum. I have some way cute pictures of Tuck playing in the kiddie area where they let them like dig in the sand to find little toy dinosaurs, but Auntie Kayla has them. Tucker was amazed/a little scared of the gigantic ones.

4.) Tucker pooping on the tile in our hotel room after his bath!(No picture, sorry. Poop isn't the greatest thing to photograph.)

5.) Receiving beautiful flowers from my thoughtful hubby, not once, but TWICE! It was so sweet.

6.)Losing my phone in Ross. My parents went back while I was at Lunch and walked around calling it over and over again, seeing if they could hear it ring. It never did. Luckily they called us when someone had turned it in!

7.) Just hanging out in our Sweet hotel. We had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, three TV's, a Kitchen and a living room! They also served us Breakfast AND Dinner! So, just hanging out in our Hotel was fun! We also rented 'Dan in Real Life'-Great flick! Tucker also rented us an 'adult' movie. Luckily I turned it off before it actually started playing. I then had to call the front desk for them to take it off of our bill.

8.) Eating out WAY too much! But I love my food! :)

9.)Going to Lunch with my friends, Kristi and Julie!

Kristi and her little guy, Boston.

It was a nice little break for me, and Grandma and Grandpa got to take Tucker for a much needed park break!

I loved this sequence of pictures, especially the middle one! I guess Tuck isn't a slide man!

10.) The cool Aquarium.

This is Tucker looking at the sharks, you can't see the sharks, but I thought that this was a cool picture of him off the glass. While we were looking at the sharks, a little kid came up from behind me and grabbed my leg thinking that I was his mommy. It scared the heck out of me. I jumped and screamed--Everyone at the Aquarium thought that that was pretty funny!

We got to pet all sorts of cool fish, including stingrays!

He has perfected his fish lips face!

11.)Last, but certainly not least: Temple Square.

I always love Utah trips for three things: new Scriptures, new Garments, and Temple Square!

Tucker and Jason had plenty of Staring contests...

And there was plenty of kisses going around all week!

And even though I was stuck in the backseat between these two all week:

This one to my Right

And this one to my left, and my dad was stuck with 3 backseat drivers, we had a GREAT week! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for inviting us and SPOILING us ALL week long!