Sunday, November 11, 2012


From the very first day of school, all Tucker could talk about was his friend, Brooklyn, in his class. Every day those first two weeks after school, I would ask him how his day was, and without fail, he would say, 'well, Brooklyn did this...' 'or Brooklyn did that...' Anyway, I was kind of starting to grow suspicious about this Brooklyn girl. I had actually met her and her mom on the very first day of school, we walked in the class together, and they were both so nice! Little did we know that they would become the best of friends. A few weeks into the school year, Tucker said to me after school one day that Brooklyn had told him that she has already kissed 3 boys. OK, a little strange, but whatever, they're kindergartners  how much can you really believe. The very next day he told me that Brooklyn told him that 'your car getting shot by a bullet is worse than your grandpa dying' And I thought to myself, what kind of conversations are they having at school??? Then the third day in a row he came home and told me that Brooklyn told him that if he was friends with her, he couldn't be friends with anybody else! Ok, that's enough I thought, what kind of crazy girl has Tucker gotten involved with??? :) I asked him what he told her, and he said that he told her that he wanted to be friends with other people and that maybe they could just be half friends. :) So funny!
Well, a few weeks went by with no mention of Brooklyn, and so finally I asked him about her and if she was still friends with him since she didn't want him to be friends with anyone else. He told me, excitedly, that Brooklyn decided to become friends with the other kids in the class that Tucker was friends with and they were all friends now! :) So he was pretty excited. I think the drama has died down, and now I just hear fun stories of what him and his friends do at school, and usually Brooklyn is involved. She has come over to our house to play a few times, and she is very sweet! Every time I go to the school to help out she runs up and gives me a big hug! :)
I helped with a field trip to the grocery store a few weeks ago and they had to pair up and hold hands because we walked there, and of course, Tucker and Brooklyn were buddies and held hands the entire time.
A few weeks ago was also the Family night at the school, and Brooklyn and her family were there, these two didn't leave each others sides the whole night.
And here they are with their other friend, Ireland. Tuckers three best friends in his class are:
Brooklyn, Ireland and Chloe. It is a drastic change from his almost pure boy pre school class last year. The only friends from school that he wants to invite to his birthday party are these three girls!
I have spoken with her mom a few times, and she tells me that the sentiment is mutual, that Brooklyn talks about Tucker all the time, as well!
I just can't believe that Tucker has already found the love of his life and hasn't even finished 2 months in Kindergarten yet! :) Boy are we in for a long 12 years!

Post-edit: I totally forgot the best part of this story! How could have I forgotten this??? We had a curriculum night at his school where we met his teacher and she went over the curriculum for the year. We also got to meet Brooklyn's parents while there, and that is where they told us (before we said anything to them) that Brooklyn talks about Tucker all of the time. When we got home that night I had just put Taylor to bed, and Tucker was in the bathroom brushing his teeth (we thought) and Ben and I were in the living room chatting.Well, Ben looked over to see Tucker do something in the bathroom, like wave his arm, or something of that sort. Well, we were laughing because it was obvious that he was talking to himself in the mirror or something. Well, Ben asked him what he was doing, and he got all defensive and guilty looking. So Ben continued to ask him in a joking manner, but he started to get really upset, so then we were getting nervous that maybe he was doing something not good, so Ben got a little firmer with asking him what he was doing and told him that he had to tell him! And he just started crying, so I asked him why he didn't want to  tell us and he said he was embarrassed. So just him and Ben went in his room to talk about it and as it turned out, as he was blowing a kiss in the mirror (which is the action we saw) he said, 'Send this to Brooklyn on her cheek.' :) So him and Ben had a little discussion about how it's ok to think a girl is cute, as long as we are friends with lots of girls and boys and it is just called a crush and he's not doing anything wrong. And that we just don't date only one girl, but have lots of friends.
And I just kept thinking, Kindergarten... really???


Angie C. said...

Good thing he can go on a mission when he is 18 now so you can get him away from those girls quick!!! He is so cute!! Miss you guys! I love how big he is getting :) Sure makes for more interesting conversations :)

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Go Tucker! :)

Kelli said...

That's just funny! I'm glad Keyton's not the only one with all girl friends now! (and he has his favorite girl in his class too) It's funny how they get so embarrassed and defensive over things like that. I don't understand it, but I sure see it a lot!