Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Quincy Campbells come to town...

My sister in law, Kelli turned 26 on February 11th! They came to Spokane to celebrate and we had a great time with them here. Not that Quincy, WA doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of birthday party celebrating, but they wanted to do something a little more exciting than cow-tipping for her big day!!! :) My mom and I took her for massages, shopping, and to lunch at Olive Garden one day and Allen took her out to Clinkerdaggers for dinner the next night. I think that she had a great time celebrating and I'm glad she did. Tucker was so happy to have Keyton here to play with. The weekend was full of wrestling, trains, cars, lots of loving on Grandma and Grandpa and of course, lots of treats.

Tucker crushing Keyton--poor kid, its not really fair when they wrestle. :)
Keyton had just had a bath one of the nights we were up at my parents house, and I guess Tucker wanted one too. The bath water hadn't been drained yet, and Tucker just hopped right in-fully clothed.
Needless to say, he was a naked man the rest of the night while his clothes were in the dryer. Here he is checking out the cream cheese pies (Kelli's favorite) we made for her. I just love the look on his face here.
This is what he is checking out:

Tucker loves his Papa.

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

On another night they were here, Tucker fell on a book- A book of all things- and somehow totally cut his chin open and was bleeding. Poor little guy. He wasn't out for very long though, he didn't want to waste one minute of time with Keyton.

He was smiling too much for these pictures, so I told him to make a sad face for his owwwie. So, there you have it! :)

On the night that Allen took Kelli to dinner, we played over at our house with the boys. Its so funny how they are so entertained by the simplest things. They loved having Grandma push them around in a box!!! :)

Typical Tucker and Keyton playing- (Good thing Grandma got this on film!) :)
Stage #1:
Tucker hitting Keyton.
Stage #2:
Tucker getting in trouble for hitting Keyton.
Stage #3:
Tucker saying he is sorry for hitting Keyton by giving him a snuggle.
Stage #4:
Tucker tickling Keyton because he seems to think that that makes everything OK! (and luckily it DOES!!!) :)
Stage #5:
Tucker playing with Keyton like a good little boy!!!
*disclaimer-it doesn't always end like this, although this is the best possible scenario.*
We also made some Valentine sugar cookies with the boys the next morning. They had so much fun. I love watching Tucker learn how to do new things like this. He was a very good helper and made a ton of cookies. Keyton on the other hand, lost interest after a few minutes.

They are so cute together!!!

We are SO excited that we just found out that Angie and Nathan will be adding another grandchild to the mix at the beginning of October!!!! :) We are hoping for a girl-this family needs some femininity after two years of trains, cars, balls and motorcycles. (And I'm not just talking about the two little ones!!!)

Tucker & Carter...

This year for valentines day, we did an exchange with the Enloe's. They watched Tucker for us on Friday night and we watched Carter and Olivia for them on Saturday night. It was perfect. We had a great Valentines day evening and didn't have to worry about paying a babysitter.
As usual, these boys had so much fun and got into everything together... They threw out every single towel and pot holder in this drawer.
Ben went and got us some pizza, so I was alone with the kids for a few minutes. I was doing something with Olivia and then started to hear all of this giggling coming from the laundry room, so I thought I should probably check it out.
Here is what I found:
Tucker WAS having a good time, you just can't tell from this picture. These boys are so cute together.
I also watched them another day last week while they took their older boys skiing. We just kind of hung out here at the house and didn't do much, but they had fun together.
Olivia saw me taking pictures of the boys and had to get in on it.
Whatever they did, they did it together.
The Chuck e Cheese in the Valley is finally open, so we went for lunch one day. I thought that this was so cute because I also had the same exact picture of them together at Carters 1st birthday. I can't believe that that was a year and a half ago already!!! Where has the time gone???
They are so cute together, and we are so happy that Tucker has such a great friend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A window into our home...

I got this baby a few weeks ago:
My very own Digital SLR! I have been using my moms up to this point, and while she didn't mind, it is SO nice having my own! I love it. I spent a whole week reading the manual and playing around with all of the settings. (because every camera is different and my mom's is a Nikon) Anyhoo... I took over 600 pictures just in the first few days I had the camera. I thought it would be fun to post them as kind of a window into our home, because some are very random!
Playing around with the aperture and ISO speed.

Making tunnels in our carpet with Tucker for his motorcycles.

Tucker waking up in a good mood from his nap.
(I didn't realize that the blue in his room is so bright and vivid.)
At Ben's basketball game that night, he loves him some Cherie.
He also love him some daddy!
Intently watching the game with Carly.
Nothing too exciting, random shots of our house.
This is how we organize all of our cords; in a huge wad! Does anyone else have just a jumble of cords like this?
My mom got me one of those hanging frames that has like 10 frames in it from Red Envelope for this wall, I just have yet to put it up. So, excuse the bareness of this wall. On another note, I will say that I am very proud of Ben for our TV Stand. That is our old one, Ben chopped off the sides of it, and lowered it, so we could put our new TV on the top of it, making a shelf under the TV. I love it, I think it turned out great! Thanks Ben!!! :) (notice my feet)
Tucker loves making silly faces these days.
Our mantle in Black and white.
And in color!
Bath time!
What I look forward to after nap time: the books on my night stand.
And our dresser! (I know, really exciting stuff here!)
I get to watch this cute little girl, baby Ella.
It doesn't look like Tucker is all that girl crazy yet.
Oh, but he IS!!!
He loves to jump from the coffee table to the couch.
Or, more like fall.
Whatever it is, he sure has fun doing it!

And eating a quick dinner before the babysitter gets here.
Boys will be boys:

Hope you enjoyed our week!!! :)