Friday, March 30, 2012

What we do to fight the wintertime blues...

We have lots of pajamma days. I personally love these days. Where we hunker down in the house and just play and rest in our jammies all day. Well, I am usually cleaning and doing laundry on these days, but the kids enjoy the relaxing and playing! :) I love not having to go anywhere! Once Tucker & Taylor get a little older, I know these days will be long gone. I am cherishing them while we still can!
We like to experiment making our own treats around here. Here is a home made smoothy. It was actually pretty good! Complete with sprinkles.
Lots and lots of trips to McDonalds for lunch with friends. More trips than I would like to admit, but sometimes we just need to get out of this house, and McDonalds is so easy and cheap.
On this particular occasion, Taylor insisted on dressing herself and she is so very stylish! :)
And LOTS and LOTS of crafts. Tucker loves to create things for his friends and have projects to do. The thing lately has been paint.




Tuesday, March 27, 2012

field trip to the fire station...

I got to go with these crazies to the fire station last week:
It was so much fun being with Tucker and his class. They were so cute asking all their questions and being so excited about being at the fire station. For some reason, the one thing Tucker talks about when talking about this station is this map. He was really excited about this map! :)
Sitting inside the truck:

Tucker and his two BFF's Milo and Garret:
And the whole gang:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aunt Kayla & Kenzie's visit...

We had so much fun with Aunt Kayla and Kenzie here. Papa, of course, spoiled us and even took us to Krispy Kreme one day for some delicious doughnuts.
Kenzie was so cute in her little bakers cap...

Tucker, of course, made a face for the camera...
Taylor refused to smile, but if anyone ever wonders where I get my cheesy smile from, here is proof that I get it from my old man:
And it looks like the gene has been passed down...
We also just did a lot of hanging out at Papa's house. Love these two:
We also went out a lot, here is Kenzie at the Mustard Seed, one of our families favorites!
One day while hanging out at my dads house, I all of the sudden realized I hadn't heard Taylor in a while (which is unusual) I looked and looked and finally found her in the corner by the front door with a stash of candy she had stolen from Papa's table. The little sneak!

St. Patricks day...

I had all of these grand ideas for cute stuff for the kids on St. Patricks day, but when it came down to it, I just got a little lazy! I had just been introduced to PINTEREST, my new FAVORITE addiction and found all of these cute things to do for the kids, but I just didn't have much time to follow through on any of them. NEXT YEAR, I promise, next year will be better! :)
We did have a RS brunch that day that I was in charge of the decoration for, so I did get a little into the St. Patricks day holiday spirit! :)
Of course, Taylor had to dig into my centerpiece decorations...
I told Tucker to change into his green for St. Patricks day and this is what he changed into. I don't know how he found a pair of sweats from last year that were too small and a shirt that I had just bought for next winter that was too big, but this is what we got and we love his sense of style! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

friendly visitors...

Our good friends, the Agurkis's came a few weekends ago to visit and BOY did we have fun! :) We always have fun with them in town.
Uncle Doug is always good for a fun time with the kids. They just love him to death!
Here they are getting their tatoo on. Tucker wanted to put Doug's right on his forehead and that is just what he did.
Such a typical picture...

It was such a nice day (and when I say nice, I mean like high 40's, low 50's, but that is nice compared to what we have been having) that we had to take advantage and head outside to play.
Taylor, of course, with her daddy...
Jacob still has a thing or two to learn about which sport is which! :)
My beautiful Taylor girl...


And of course, the boys had to play some football and Tucker had to join them...




Even though it was a little chilly and our back yard was a mess from it's lack of being used, it was SO nice to finally get out and play after these long winter months of being cooped up inside!
Saturday night we got a little pizza and watched a movie with the kids before they went to bed. Of course, they all flocked to Doug! :)
Sunday night we went up to my dads house for some dinner and while we were waiting for some cookies to bake the boys had a little wrestling match...


What a fun uncle that Doug is! :) And what a great time we always have with our good friends, even if it was just a laid back and relaxing kind of weekend.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here are some random pictures showing what we've been up to lately.
Stroller races in the doll stroller. Taylor is going to be our roller coaster lover, Tucker would let go and she'd go flying and she loved it!
Playing with this little guy is always a hit...
It snowed a bit and Taylor was dying to go outside. So I let her out and watched her out the window the whole time. She had no idea. It was so much fun watching her do her own thing (for the 10 minutes she was out there) She licked everything she could. Of course by the time I got my camera, she stopped licking.
Isn't it a rite of passage or something to put stickers on your childhood dresser. Tucker has just passed. I found these on his dresser the other day. Of course, they are angry birds.
I've been playing with my new toys! A new lens; a canon 10-22 wide angle. I love it!
003 (2)
I took Taylor to a car wash for the first time. She hated it and started screaming right off the bat! That was a fail!
One thing she does love are the window clings from the dollar section at Target. I love them too, the kids are entertained for hours!
We've also been playing with this one. Our favorite littlest cousin Kenzie is in town for a few weeks and we love having her and her mommy here! She is the cutest thing ever!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Nothing more attractive...

I'm taking advantage of a rare saturday afternoon where Taylor is asleep for her nap and Tucker is playing quitely in his room to post this picture I just took.
There is nothing more attractive in a man than him being a wonderful dad. He just spent the last few hours under this 'fort' on our bed with the kids telling them stories and reading books to them. He truly does love them and spending time with them and I love that about him. He is the best dad and I am so blessed!