Monday, March 4, 2013


Other than the exciting events that I have already posted about that happened in February, the rest of the month was spent just doing the same ole routine. :) (which is for sure NOT a bad thing!) :) Of course, nothing is routine with kids, as we all know. So, it still allows for ups and downs and joys and excitements! :) Actually, that's not true. We did have two very fun visitors come this month. It was so good to see Cherie, Karly & Drew who moved away a few years ago. Luckily they still have family in town so we get to see them whenever they come into town. Tucker & Karly have been buddies since birth! Also, one of my very best friends from high-school came into town with her cute kids and it was so much fun seeing her and hanging out with her. Somehow I managed to NOT get pictures of either of them or their kids even though we saw them multiple times while they were here. I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes. I take 500 pictures of one thing and then completely forget my camera the next day. I'm losing my mind, I swear! :)
We did have a little super bowl party at my dad's house. Of course, the food was divine with my dad making crab and turkey and sliders and a total all out feast! It was delish. Kathryn made a 'Kings cake' that is tradition in New Orleans (since the game was played there, we payed homage to the city, and Kathryn lived there, and knows the customs and culture there, and they were in the middle of Mardi Gras) So...she made a 'Kings cake' that is tradition during Mardi Gras. I have actually heard of Kings day before where you make a cake on this certain day that is in the shape of an O and you hide a baby in it (a toy, obviously) and whoever gets the toy in their piece of cake is in charge of hosting the next party and has to make the next cake and then the tradition continues with whoever gets the baby in their piece of cake at that party and so on. My Mexican friend from our branch told me that Kings day is to celebrate the actual day that the Three Magi actually arrived in Israel to see the Baby Jesus. So I think it has ties to Christmas and I know that Mardi Gras has ties to Easter, so it's all connected somehow! :)
Anyway...Tucker got the baby in his piece of Kings cake. I guess that means I had better start planning a party, huh!?? :)
Tucker with his baby & his Mardi Gras beads on:
We also went to a Family BINGO & Pizza night at Tuckers school. Once again, they asked me to take some pictures, so I was busy snapping away, but the kids had fun playing. Tucker even won a $10 gift card to FROYOearth which he was SUPER excited about! :) I love that he loves to go to functions like this and get involved and gets so excited to see his friends from his class at school.
It was also a Mardi Gras theme, so they had beads and masks all over the tables. Kinda creepy if you ask me! :)
Taylor's birthday present from her grandma finally got here and she was so excited! :) A little Kitchen just for her! She has been cooking on it every day since and absolutely loves it! Thanks grandma!!!
Of course, the two big boxes it came in were just as big of a hit with the kids. Here, they WANTED me to actually tape them inside of the white box. They both had their leapsters plugged in (you can see the cords going in) and were playing on their leapsters, which provided the light for them and they were seriously in that box for a good hour! Crazy kids!
Here is a close up through the crack in the box:
That's it! I'm not spending money on expensive toys anymore. Just get 'em a few boxes and they are happy for weeks!!
Pyper Cafe
 Me and the kids wanted to surprise Ben one night after work so we turned our kitchen into a restaurant, Pyper Cafe. We made a sign for the table, Menu's and everything. When Ben walked in the door that night from work, Tucker welcomed him at the door and took his coat. It was so cute, the kids were so excited. We got out the 'fancy' plates. And by fancy, I mean anything that is not plastic! :) We had my mom's famous Lesbian Lasagna. (It was actually my first time attempting to make it and it turned out great! I was very pleased!) :) Cesar Salad, Bread sticks, Blueberries and Jello for dessert. It was perfect! Ben was so surprised and it was a fun night together as a family.
Totally candle-lit with roses and all!!!
Here we are toward the end of the meal:
I love these guys! Can't believe it's already March! Sheesh!!! Where does the time go?

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