Thursday, April 11, 2013

March March March

March started off exciting and seemed to only get better and better! :)
Ben took Tucker to the monster truck show downtown, which Tucker LOVED! They went with their friends, Ryan & Lucas and Ryan's nephews, Max & Henry! They had a great time!
monster truck show2

monster truck show1
Lucas loves Ben...
monster truck show3
When my cousins were here for the Carrie Underwood concert, we did some serious shopping! (yes, it was actually the end of Feb.) Taylor loved all the attention from Trinidy and these two had a great time together!
Sometimes I may even encourage this to happen:
Most Saturday's we just stay home and hang out as a family. We love having us some cereal for dinner on those family movie nights! :) And on the counter, to boot! It must have been a good night! :)
Trio blocks have been a fave since Tucker was a little guy. Taylor loves it when Tucker is gone so she can play with them without his control! :)
And you know it's been a good day, when this is what you look like when you finally get home in the evening...
26 weeks! Woo-Hoo!!!
Most of the time I have to bring my little friend to my dr. appts. with me. Once I start having to actually get checked during these appointments, I will leave her with someone, but at this point, the appts. are still pretty short and sweet. One day while waiting for the doctor to come in, Taylor jumped right up and knew exactly what to do! :)
There are many many days where it takes everything in me to NOT re-make his bed in the morning! At least he tries, right??? :)
Tucker was the 'spotlight student of the week' And I got to make this fun poster about my little boy. It is definitely things like this that I enjoy most about having a kindergartner  :) Right up my alley! :)  Oh, how I love this little boy!
What....what is that bright light in the sky??? Could the sun finally be coming out??? I looked back at Taylor in the car one day while we were waiting in line to pick up Tucker from school and she was doing this saying it was too bright! :) Us Washingtonians aren't used to THIS much sun! It has been a pretty mild spring. And I love it!
We got invited to a fun playgroup on St. Patrick's day (or a few days before, I think) It was fun hanging out with old friends, and meeting some new ones! :)

The month only got better after all of this fun. But that deserves a post in and of itself! :)


Angie C. said...

You look really really pretty in that little photo of you and the little man!!! You are the cutest pregnant lady I know!! Your hair is getting really long :) I like it :) We can't wait to meet him!

Jay Hernandez said...

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