Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Best week ever...

Because really, who doesn't need 7 birthday parties when they turn 30? :) I know I sure do! :) And I have my amazing family and friends to thank for making my day, my whole week wonderful!! (this means you, Jason, since you were the biggest supporter of ALL of my birthday parties) :) I've decided that birthdays should always fall on a weekday. When your birthday is during the week, it gives you TWO whole weekends to celebrate! :) My birthday was on a Wednesday this year (May 20, for those of you who don't know). And when I figured out that it was on a Wednesday, I knew it was going to be a good one! :)
The week started out great with these two hooligans showing up in my bed on Thursday night:
I was at my friends house watching her kids while she went to the Taylor Swift concert. I didn't get home that night until like after midnight! I walk in my bedroom not only to find the one big hump on my bed that is usually there when I go to bed late (Ben); but THREE big humps on my bed. Who was it, I wondered, that shared my bed with my husband? But Doug & Sadie; I should have known! :) They drove all the way from Seattle to spend the weekend with us in celebration of my big day! :)
The next day was spent just relaxing. I had no idea any of the plans for the entire weekend. Doug & Ben went and played a little golf in the morning.
That afternoon my mom came in town for the weekend, and a little while later, my brother, Allen and his family. I knew that something was going on, but I wasn't sure what. That night our group went out to Olive Garden. YUM! It was my sister-in-law, Angie's birthday a few weeks before mine, so it was our traditional family dinner out (plus some friends)for our birthday's.
Don't ask me what Doug is doing to my child in this picture, I don't think I want to know...:)
Remind me not to sit between Doug, Ben and my dad at a restaurant ever again. Those three are crazy together!
And these two preggo's were there:
Yes, we were the loud and obnoxious family in the corner with the kids that are out-of-control. Someone (probably my mom, who lets Tucker do whatever he wants) put Tucker in the window sill and he just wanted to jump and jump all night long.
Olive Garden, in Spokane, is on this cute little red brick street downtown. I wanted a cute family picture on one of the benches...I didn't realize that there were construction warning signs right behind us.:)
When we were at dinner, Ben told me that he had gotten my birthday present that day while they were at the golf course. But that he wouldn't give it to me until we got home that night. --Yes, I was a little skeptical--I came home to a cooler full of two turtles! I love turtles. I had one once. (But that ended tragically, so we won't go there.) The golf course where they played that morning was a little rustic, and had like real ponds with real animals in them. Only Ben would pick up two turtles to take home. :)
Tucker liked them even more than I did.
The next day, Saturday, we woke up, got ready, dropped Tucker off at Papa's house and headed out to Silverwood!!! It was so much fun. I'm not a roller coaster girl, I usually go to Silverwood for the water park side, but that part isn't open yet. But I had a great time just spending some time with Ben, Doug & Sadie. Cafe Chulo for lunch on the way out there, and a few hours in nice warm weather with great friends. It doesn't get much better than that!
Here's what the boys did all day: (and Sadie a little-she wasn't as die hard as the boys.)
And here's what I did all day:
Upon picking up Tucker at my dad's house, I was shocked to find a house full of people, yet again! A Campbell birthday is not complete without a good ol' fashioned BBQ with my dad at the helm. Steak & Crab--even better than Olive Garden! :)
The weather was perfect, lots of playing outside with the little ones.
Keyton didn't want to be left out:
Tucker & Carly--they have a love/hate relationship. They want to be together ALL the time, but most of the time they just fight over things now. :) But then they love each other. :)
And of course, no b-day BBQ is complete without a pinata!!! Ben has gotten me a pinata every year for my birthday for the past 6 years (since we've been together).
Tucker (with Angie's help):
Yours truly:
And Sadie, the Jedi knight:
We love whats inside the pinata, though! :)

Of course, Tucker helping me blow out my candles:
Great friends:
So Monday rolls around, Doug and Sadie and my family have all left. I'm thinking that the birthday celebrating is over. My friend Lexie calls us up to invite us over for FHE. Sure, I think nothing of it, Lexie has someone over to her house like every night of the week. She is like THE activity planner amongst our group of friends. And what do I walk into, but a surprise BBQ party!

My friend, Katrina, made me my very own ice-cream cake! And it was delicious! :)
Wes lost a tooth. Since it was a big day for the BOTH of us, we had to get our picture taken together.
Blowing out my candles:
Some of the kids waiting for their ice-cream...
The big boys mostly stayed outside the whole night, playing. I added this picture, because I think it is so cute that Tucker wants SO desperately to be one of the big boys! :)
Tucker and his other BFF, Carter. These two boys just love each other and have got to be the cutest things in the world! :)
Tuesday night (which has nothing to do with my birthday) was American Idol night! :) Gotta love American Idol night. Yummy foods, good friends. It was great! :) This is all of us voting after the show on Tuesday. I didn't really care who won either way. They were both good, I just went and watched for fun! :)

Finally, the big day arrived: Wednesday. This is me officially a 30 year old! And boy do I look it!
I swear, its like my body just knows that I'm 30 now! What, I can't eat chocolate at midnight anymore???(that is NOT what I was doing in this picture, by the way!) :)
Wednesday was fabulous. After the parties that I already had, I didn't think anything was going to happen on Wed. My friends and I have our play-group rotation thing on Wed. mornings, so I dropped Tucker off at 9:30 and had a few hours to myself. Since it WAS my birthday,I decided to get my nails done. :) Happy Birthday to me! I picked Tucker up after, only to find that my friends were taking me to lunch!!! We went to Hay J's a new little bistro in Liberty Lake. It was really good food, and it was even better company, and perfect for a birthday lunch! :) I have the best friends ever! Thanks guys!
And wait...there's even more! Ben got a babysitter that night and we went to dinner, again! PF Changs--another favorite! ( OK, I really just love food in general!) :) And I especially love any excuse to go out to dinner. We got together with our birthday celebrating buddies and had a fabulous evening of the best candied shrimp I've ever tasted. Seriously, if you haven't tasted the PF Changs Candied walnut shrimp, then you haven't lived!!!:)
That night, after dinner, we just totally relaxed. Got in our pajamas, layed on the couch together, and watched TV. (American Idol Finale) And it was really funny because as I was getting ready for bed, Ben had to ask me if I wanted my birthday present from him. He did so much already to make my birthday so special, I would not have even noticed if he didn't get me an actual present. :) I then went to bed that night, officially a middle-aged woman. No longer a youngster! A wise and mature woman of adulthood!! (wouldn't you all agree???) :)
So, thank you BEN, and thank you to EVERYONE else who called or sent a card and thank you to EVERYONE who went all out to make my birthday so special this year! It is so nice to feel so loved sometimes--right back atchya!! :)
I think that I have alot to live up to now for all of my friends birthday's and especially for Ben's 30th! Good thing I have a few months to start planning that one! :) But I'm liking week long birthday celebrations, everyone should try it.
Sadly, our two turtles didn't make it too long. With us, anyway. Ben put them in our wheelbarrow in the backyard and as often as we were home, Tucker was out there right next to the wheel barrow watching them or playing with them. I think that they were miserable! They both escaped by Wednesday! :) I like to think that they are still alive somewhere. I just really hope that I don't stumble upon a dead turtle carcas as I'm walking in my backyard one of these days.
Doesn't he look miserable:
I looked out one day to find Tucker taking one down his slide. He would just talk to it like it was a friend and play with it like it was a toy. Poor turtles...
Also, thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers with regards to Natalee, my cousin. The surgery went great and she is recovering fabulously! We know, without doubt, that prayers were answered and we are SO greatful!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We were driving in the car the other day and Tucker, out of nowhere says to me:
"Mom, you are beeeuteeful!" It was the cutest thing I have ever heard! :)

We were saying family prayer the other night and Ben was saying it and Tucker was being a stinker and didn't want to go to bed, so he had been crying. Ben says in his prayer:
"and we pray that Tucker will go to bed like a good boy and stop crying..." to which Tucker interupted his prayer by immediatley saying: " I will not stop crying" in an even monotoned voice as a matter of factly! We all just started laughing.

We were coming to a red light while driving and Tucker had been quiet for a little while (which he NEVER is) so Ben asked him what he was thinking about. He replied: 'ummm....I'm just thinking about that light turning green.' Like, duh! It was really funny!

We were in the middle of church, during sacrament meeting and right after one of the songs, like in that moment when everything is silent for a few moments and Tucker suddenly yells:
' don't have any hair!!!' like exclaiming it for everyone to hear!!! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet Natalee...

Today I am asking for a favor from the blogging community... my sweet cute little cousin, Natalee has been diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma.

Essentially it is Cancer of the Kidneys. It is very rare in children. It started in her left kidney and the doctors do not know what causes this cancer in children. Because it is so rare, there is not an established treatment method. She was lucky enough to be able to get into surgery today to have the tumors and her kidney removed. We have been fasting and praying as a family for the outcome to come back in a positive way. We are still waiting. A blog has been started on behalf of those who know and love her for status updates so my aunt is not overwhelmed with phone calls and visitors. If you are interested, you can read more here: LOVE NATALEE.
I am asking that you, my friends, keep her in your prayers. We are confident that with the faith and prayers of many, we can see miracles happen.
We love you Natalee!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On being a mother...

Mothers day this year was wonderful. I got the best present ever...sleeping in!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person. I was so so so happy to not only be able to sleep in, but to also wake up to one happy husband and one happy child, making me scones and bacon for breakfast. A perfect start to a wonderful day! :) (flowers and a home made card added perfectly to the pleasant start.) :)

Once again, I am behind in my blogging...big surprise! :) I, like the rest of the country, have been thinking about mother hood lately. (something to do with Sunday being mothers day...I don't know?!) :)
I just can't believe how fast the time goes. I can't believe how in just two short years, my entire world has been flipped upside down. Every single priority in my life revolves around this one little tiny human being. Every thought that consumes me (99% of the time) has to do with him and his well-being and happiness. (except when American Idol is on...) :)
I am so grateful for this little man in my life. He teaches me so much. I am constantly humbled and motivated to be a better person. Realizing the HUGE responsibility that is mine to ensure that he grows up to be a contributing citizen to society is at times overwhelming. But even more overwhelming is the fact that it is MY responsibility to teach him who he is, why he is here and to make sure that he is confident and strong enough to make good choices in his life, so that he will be TRULY happy! And so that he will be MINE forever! :) ( and that's a thought that makes ME very happy!) :)
{Our mothers day photo-2009}

I started this post when it was closer to Mothers day and had to add this picture we took after church on Mothers day. I got to take care of 10 toddlers in nursery at church this mothers day. Happy Mothers day to me! :) Luckily Tucker is one of them, so I can handle it. Plus the year is already almost half over, so we are already half way done with our calling (but who's counting?) :)
I really am so thankful for being a mother. I'm grateful for the smart, sweet and loving child that Tucker is. I'm in love.
And I'm grateful to my own mother for birthing me, putting up with me, and loving me all these many years. So much of whatever is good in me is because of her.
Thanks mom, I love you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Tonight I'm grateful for a wonderful husband! He makes my life so much easier.(and harder at times, too...) :)
He listens to me and calms me. (like when I'm freaking out about how at this point, when we FINALLY do get pregnant our children will be OVER three years apart--which I hate--which he reminds me is not the end of the world.)
He is patient with me. (like when I buy a season pass to the local water slide park and forget to run it by him...oops!) :)
He also happens to be a wonderful father. Tucker adores him. I adore that Tucker adores him.
He works hard so I can stay home with Tucker, which is a huge blessing in our lives. Which not a lot of people can do while going to school full-time!
He makes me laugh almost every day. He is one of the funniest, quick-witted people I know and I love that about him.

I'm just lucky to be married to a wonderful man who, most of the time, is the yin to my yang.

Kristins swimming tournament...

My Aunt Kathy & Uncle Scott and cousin, Kristin were in town a few weeks ago for a swimming tournament. (I don't even know if that's what its called!) :) Kristin is a swimmer in Walla Walla. We always love when they come into town. Tucker loves 'Ann Kafy' and 'Ucle Cott'. He still talks about Kristin swimming that weekend! :)
Tucker loving on his Aunt Kathy...
And lovin' on his Uncle Scott...

And of course, Papa was there with us too and whenever Papa's around, Tucker is always right with him...

Tucker giving Kristin a good luck hug before a big race...