Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More family foto fun...

Here are some more shots taken from that day of family picture fun! :)

And some outtakes...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's day!

Yeah, we know we're lucky!

Ben gave ME a massage, mopped the floors and cleaned up after dinner today! Either I'm the worst wife ever, or he is the best husband ever! :) He also got breakfast in bed, a nice 4 hour nap after church and his favorite 'husbands delight' for dinner, so don't feel too bad for him! :)
I'm leaving on the trek tomorrow though so we'll see how he does for a week being Mr. mom! I'm sure he will have a great time!
And I can't mention Fathers day without mentioning this guy...
We are so lucky to have him so close! He does so much for us and I don't know what we'd do without him! I am so blessed to have great fathers in my life! I love you Kevin Campbell, Rick Pyper & of course Benjamin! :)
Here are some pics from our fathers day meal. You can't end a dinner a papas house in the summer time without roasting a few smores! :)
{this was also after having an oreo milkshake! My kids are so spoiled by their grandparents- All four of them!}
You also can't have a dinner at papa's house without having a little soda...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kayla visits...

My little sister and her family are in town from Milwaukee, WI! It has been so much fun having her home! I love having her here to hang out with! I wish they lived closer. We went to the melting pot for her birthday one night. It was so much fun!

Since Kayla was in town, my mom came up to see her. We watched Carter one day while Nathan & Angie packed. (tear) They leave ON fathers day for Las Vegas! We are so so so sad to have them leave us! I got some cute shots of Carter while he was here though.

It was so cute, Tucker & Carter were playing so well together and wrestling and having a grand ol' time!

Then they got distracted by the TV. :)
While this little one passed out! I love it when she sleeps, it's the only time that there is peace and quiet around here. Seriously!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

recent happenings...

Yet another shower! This time for my dear friend Gen. She is having a little girl any day now and we are so excited! She also has a little boy about a year younger than Tucker so we are on the same track! :) (she just a year after me) :) I love Gen. We've been friends since the 7th grade! I can't believe it's been that long; time flies by so fast! :) It was so much fun being there to celebrate with my long time friend. There is nothing better than old friends! :)
I want this chair for Taylors room! :)
Gen's mom made her a quilt for the baby's room. It was very sweet, Gen got very emotional and even started crying! :)
And the two of us, after all these years we are still good friends... love her!!!
And this is Taylors newest trick. The fish kiss face! I love it! Her kisses are the cutest!
This however, is the face you will most likely see coming from our angelic daughter...
The other night Ben wasn't at home (don't remember where he was) and I had a headache so I was just lying on the couch and Tucker came in and wanted me to play with him in his room and I said, ' ok, give me just one more minute...' and then I vaguely remember him saying something about a trail to his room. Well, a few minutes later when I finally decided to peel myself off the couch I found this trail of carrots going from the couch I was sitting on to his bedroom door. I asked him why he left me a trail of carrots and he said it was so that I would remember how to get to his room. (Because our house is just THAT big!) :) It was so funny and random! :)
Our next door neighbor is a member of our ward and she is getting a new fence installed so Ben had some of the young men come over and help remove the existing fence. Austin, a young man in Ben's class knocked on our door with a mannequin head on. Not sure where he got it or why he was wearing it, but it was pretty random and funny! :)
The boys had a great time punching Austin in the 'face'. Oh, boys....

Thursday, June 2, 2011


We have been in full party/shower/reception mode here these past few weeks. My friend Laura is having a little boy and my other friend Ashley is the cutest decorator/party thrower. I took some pics for Laura. Everything was so cute!

All of us at the shower. It was so much fun! I'm so excited for this little boy to get here!
Next up was Tuckers good friend, Garret's birthday. Another trip to Chuck E Cheese and Tucker was happy! :)
The whole gang. Also there was Tuckers new friend, Maddox. They are new in our ward and Tucker loves Maddox and they play so well together. I love that Tucker has such great friends! It makes my heart happy!
Then we threw a baby shower for another friend of mine, Tiffani. She doesn't know what she's having so we decorated in pink AND blue. We did it during our ward playgroup and it worked out perfectly! :) The kids played at the park and we got to party with Tiffani! :) I love our ward playgroup. The ladies in my ward are so great, I love spending every other Wednesday with them!

Taylor loved all the good food at the party! :)
Then...it was a happy happy day for Tucker when the Enloes came in town for the weekend and Carter was here! Carters cousin got married and Tucker was so happy to have his best friend back! We went to Five Guys one day for lunch before they left. They just opened in the Valley and it was my first time, and I loved it!
Taylor loved it, too. :) It looked like a tornado had been through after we were done!
Shar sent me these from her phone on the night that Tucker spent the night up with Carter at her parents house! I love these boys. I hope they stay best friends forever! :)

Whew...I am all partied out, and this is just the beginning of the summer wedding/party season! :)
(OK--I'm not partied out, I secretly love it and am SO looking forward to it all-the receptions, the traveling, the showers and parties-all of it!) :)