Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grandma's & GG's visit...

OK, I am getting way behind here. My mom came at the beginning of October to visit my sister and her family while they were here in Spokane. Kayla, Jason & Kenzie were here in Spokane for 3 months this fall and it was so much fun having them here! My mom came up with my grandma also so that my grandma could see a gynecological oncologist about her ovarian cancer. Our little house was a bit crowded with so many guests, but I personally wouldn't have it any other way. I love me a full house! (for a while...) :) Since my grandma slept in Tuckers bed so she wouldn't have to go up and downstairs, that put Tucker out of a place. My mom prefers to sleep on the couch when she visits, rather than our blow up mattress in the basement. So that meant that Tucker, of course, slept out with her on the couch. Good thing we just got those new big couches! :)
G-ma & Tucker's slumber party...
Ranch Viejo is a family tradition. We've been going here maybe almost weekly since I was in high-school. Sometimes more than others, obviously. But we love it. So, of course a trip to Rancho while grandma was here was a must! 
We had to get some photos of  Taylor & Kenzie in their matching outfits...
018 (2)
Although, it was a big difficult with these two...
015 (2)

017 (2)

Grocery shopping...
Man, I love this little girl...



My poor grandmother obviously isn't able to be very mobile. Taylor picked up on this pretty quickly and loved having someone she could corner to play with. She always knew grandma wouldn't get up and leave her. :)
She did my grandma's make-up...

{I guess her hair was getting a little scraggely...} :)
Then she did her own make-up...

Then we decided to take the grandma's and the kids up to Greenbluff. A fun little orchard area just north of Spokane. They have the best pumpkins up there, and the best apples, and peaches, and Christmas trees, and just about every seasonal fruit & veggie; and also good treats! :) Pumpkin doughnuts, YUM!
Kenzie learned what it was like to have older siblings during the three months she was here; the poor girl! My kids babied her, and pestered her, and bothered her, to no end!
Picking some squash for GG. (that's what we call Grandma Glenda or Great Grandma)
I love that my kids know and love my grandma. 
We found out, once there, that this particular farm only does carameled apples and pumpkin doughnuts on the weekends, but we still got to enjoy some delicious ice-cream! We probably could have gone to a different farm, but we were pretty content to just relax for a few minutes, and decided that ice-cream is JUST FINE! :)




4 Generations of Edvalson/Campbell/Croskrey women:
4 Generations of Edvalson/Campbell/Pyper women:
It was a beautiful fall day and I'm so happy I got to spent it with people I love!

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