Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A new chair and a new do...

You know its been a slow week when I start blogging about a chair! :)
But its just so dang cute...whenever I tell him to go relax in his chair, he knows exactly what to do, he puts his head back and just sits there for a few seconds! :) Its really cute! Sometimes it amazes me that he understands so much! I will say something, and he either does it, or kind of does it, but knows what I'm talking about, ya know! In the picture, he got distracted by something (which happens quite easily, hmmm... I wonder where he go that from) and had just started laughing! He is such a happy boy! I am so grateful for his little spirit in our home, he is SO much fun and just at that stage where everything is new and exciting and he wants to get in to it all!!! Oh, and he never goes anywhere without a ball or a car in his hand.

I also chopped my hair off! Its that time of year again! I swear, it is the cycle of my life. I have always had pretty short hair, and whenever I get it cut, I think, I'm going to grow it out this time. It gets right about to my shoulders and I just get sick of it, so I chop it, and then want to grow it out again and... you get the point. Anyway, I don't think that my hair will ever be too long, but a girls gotta have a dream...

Thanks Jenna, you did fantastic!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

FHE in style...

Theres nothing like 'Family Home Evening' in the hot tub!

(its not like we can even have too many spiritual FHE's with Tucker anyway...)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Saying goodbye to Pa-pa...

My dad is a commercial fisherman in Alaska, so he goes up to Alaska a lot and is usually there about 4-6 months out of the year. Obviously, I have learned to deal with this and it doesn't really affect me anymore (although I still hate to see him go every time) Anyway, I can totally tell that since having grandchildren it has been SO hard for him to leave and say goodbye. Well, he just left for Alaska on Sunday and since the weather was actually nice, we decided to have a little family get together to say goodbye. My parents live right next door to an elementary school, and the boys sure had a fun time.

I love the difference in their faces. Keyton loved the toys...especially the slide. His look is like pure joy, he was having so much fun and has such a cute little smile. Tucker on the other hand was scared to death as he was going down and didn't want to go back.

Even with Pa-pa; he wasn't liking it so much....

And another concerned look. What is wrong with this child?? :)

Why, you might ask, is my child playing in the rocks with so many fun toys surrounding him? Yes, that was his favorite activity. His second favorite? Just running aimlessly in the soccer field next to the toys. My brother had to chase him down a few times.

And here is a cute shot of Allen (brother), Kelli (sis-in-law, obviously)and Keyton (being so serious). I try to be a photographer, sometimes... luckily I had some Guinea pigs on hand that day.

My dad also decided to bust out the fire pit for her maiden voyage this year. Of course, s'mores were involved. Tucker wasn't too interested in actually roasting the marshmallow...

He really just wanted to shove it in his mouth...

until finally, his Auntie Angie let him taste the goodness of the s'more and then he didn't want it to end...

hmmm....I wonder who gets that from???

After that, I couldn't get a marshmallow away from him. He wanted to put everything over the fire.

Good Bye Pa-pa, we will miss you this month!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just one of the big boys...

It was FINALLY a half way decent weekend weather wise, and Tucker got to go with Pala and Papa (my mom and dad) to my brother Nathans soccer game. (Ben and I got to go on a date! yeah!) They said he had so much fun. (I kind of wish I could have been there with the weather so nice and all, but it was REALLY nice to be able to get a way with my hubby, since that hardly ever happens anymore.) :) Anyway, they said that he really wanted to be a part of the game and took every opportunity to run out on the field to be with all of the players and play with the soccer balls. This child, I swear, is a boy through and through. He loves sports, balls, cars and dogs. Does it get much boy than that?

Look at him, thinking hes just one of the players!

He wants so badly to be a big boy. My favorite is when he laughs when all the adults are laughing, even though he obviously has no clue as to whats going on. Its so cute!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Morning...

I woke up this morning to find this as the screen saver on our computer! I was laughing SO hard!
Thanks Ben!
This is why I love him! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grandpas Birthday...

Those of you who know my grandpa, know that he is a fun and wild man. Unfortunately, a few years ago, he had a stroke, and since then has been pretty much bed ridden. The left side of his body still has very little movement. At the end of March, he turned 84 years old! So, my parents, and my two aunts and Tuck, of course, all met up at my grandparents house to celebrate his birthday. It was such a good day! It is still hard for me to see my grandpa like this, he has always been such a fun and lively and strong person my whole life. But such is life, and we have to deal with what we are given, and he is still wonderful! He was still telling his jokes and war stories, just like the grandpa I know and love, so it wasn't too bad.
We just made a day trip out of it, and my darling aunties were there. It is so good going back to my grandparents house. I have so many wonderful memories there. It is just good to be with people who know and love you and I have to say that I have a pretty great family! Those who know my family also know that when we get together, there is bound to be a photo shoot. These photos are just a few of MANY taken that day!

Tucker and Grandpa snuggling
And of course, kissing that bald head of his!
Here we are, all 4 generations... Me, Tuck, my mom and my grandparents
And the three boys that were there that day... my grandpa, my dad and Tucker
...And the Edvalson girls... Aren't they beautiful?
My Auntie Sherri, Auntie Lorraine, my Grandparents, and my Mommy.
My grandpa really liked my hat, and wanted to take a picture with him wearing his army hat. He's so cute!
It was so good spending time with grandpa, and we hope that he has many more birthdays to come!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuckers haircut...

I couldn't justify spending $12 on a haircut for Tucker. He hardly has any hair!!! So, I decided to give it a try! :) (my first time EVER) It only took 3 of us to hold him down and distract him! :) I think the look on his faces says it all....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shock game & More...

Tucker went to his first Shock game this weekend! It was so much fun! I was a little hesitant to take him, because they can be loud-my parents have season tickets right at the goal line, and their section is seriously full of all the crazy fanatic fans that are wild and loud- Anyway...I didn't know how long he would last, but he was a champ and had SO much fun! There were so many things to look at, and coupled with is love for balls and dancing, he was in heaven! :) We sat the first half in my parents seats, and then sat in the owners booth the rest of the game (Ben's boss is part owner of the Spokane Shock), where there were other kids and more room to run around in.
It was the big season opener, so it was extra loud and extra fun!

Intently watching the game with Daddy...

Tuckers favorite part was dancing to the music they had playing most of the time. Especially when the cheerleaders got out there, he was out of his seat and moving right along with them! :)

Tuckers best friend, Carly came over to play the other day and I went downstairs and found them like this:
Both trying to fit through the little hole in Tuckers crawl toy! I still can't get over how much taller than him she is!
Usually Tucker is the ham for the camera, but I told them to say cheese, and Carly knew exactly what to do! :)

Yesterday Tucker did not take a nap all day! He is usually a PRO at sleeping. Let me tell you... I learned that I need nap time just as much as he does every day! Not to actually sleep myself, but to have ME time without a little one, ya know! Anyway, by the end of the evening, we were both pretty spent, and crabby. At about 6pm, I went into the kitchen to answer the phone, and within two minutes, came back to the living room, to find him passed out, exactly like this on the couch! (we were in the process of putting his PJ's on, because I figured he would be going to sleep early, I just didn't realize it would be this early!)
He was so exhausted!