Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've Been Tagged
I've always tried to steer clear of these tags, but I finally got it! And since I actually have a few guilt-free minutes, I thought I'd share.
About me and my hubby...

What is his name? Benjamin Taylor Pyper
How long have we been married? 5 years in September! Eeek!
How long did we date? 8 months, but we knew each other a while before that.
How old is he? 28
Who eats more? He definitely does, he's a pretty big eater; but I can hold my own, too!
Who said "I love you" first? He tells me he did-but honestly I don't remember it. (I'm really bad at remembering things like that.)
Who is taller? He is-and I love being able to wear my heels!
Who sings better? He actually does, but hardly ever sings. I just know its not me, because I can't sing worth crap.
Who is smarter? He is, I'd say. He's very quick with his wit and humor. I'm smart too, though! :)
Whose temper is worse? Mine-hands down.
Who pays the bills? I do.
Who does the laundry? I do-and hate every minute of it!
Who cooks dinner? He does. He is amazing like that, he can just go in a kitchen and create things, I on the other hand can count with one hand how many times I've actually cooked for him. (ok, its not that bad, but close)
Who drives when together? He does.
Who is more stubborn? That’s a toss up, but I'm pretty sure it’s me.
Who is the first to admit when wrong? He definitely would!
Who wears the pants in the family? Hmmmm....Tucker!
Who mows the lawn? He does the lawn mowing-always; but I take care of everything else outside!
Who kissed who first? He kissed me! He shocked me in the airport, the first time I had seen him since we were 'elder pyper' and 'hermana campbell'!
Who asked out who first? I guess that he asked me out first, since he asked me to come to Alabama for his homecoming. :)
Who proposed? He did-In Chicago (not while we were missionaries!) :)
What is my favorite thing about him? His humor and wit and definitely his smile are what first attracted me to him! He is the best dad ever and Tucker just adores him! He is honest and sincere and I know that he just wants the best for me and Tucker and our family! I can't ask for much more than that, right! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Never a dull moment with this child...

It has been extraordinarily hot around these parts the past week or so. It has even gotten to the 100's! It was one of those days I didn't feel like going anywhere, so we decided to spend a day at home and made the best of it! We busted out the kiddie pool...
He loves playing with the hose.

Here he is figuring out that he can make the water go anywhere he wants! :)

And figuring out that he can drink from it! YUM!

And then it got him and that was the end of playing with the hose! :)

We decided to head to the trampoline to dry off. I swear the kid would spend every minute of the day on the trampoline if he could. (all of you debating on weather or not to get one, it was the BEST purchase ever, he loves it! I got ours for cheap on craigslist)

I finally got him to smile-normally!

I was so excited I decided to jump on and get in one with him!

After drying off we decided to make pizzas. Tucker helped in every step. Putting on the sauce. (he calls it dip-and would dip his finger in and lick it off.)

And then the cheese and pepperoni.

It was Tuckers lucky day today...Daddy brought home a frog they caught at his office! I wouldn't let him actually hold it, I was afraid he would squish it, and I personally didn't want to see a frog get squished!

Another exciting day we got to Silverwood again, this time with Nathan and Angie (freshly home from their honeymoon!) and Angie's nephew, Max.

We rode the cars...

Tucker and Uncle Nathan even won a toy fishing!

Tucker wasn't a huge fan of the rides, not as much as I thought he'd be, but he rode a few of the little ones with Max. Nathan took him on a bigger ride (non life-threatening, of course) and Tucker held on to him for dear life the whole time. But when it was done I asked him if he had fun and he said 'Yes!', so who knows?!

I got to take him on the bumper boats, one of my personal favorites...

We also rode the train, again!

But we spent most of our time at the water park side. (which I didn't take any pictures of) And at the end of the day, we had two very happy (and very tired) boys!

I guess the only other things we've (well, I've) been doing to occupy my time are watching the Olympics and reading 'Breaking Dawn'. Here are a few pictures I found to prove that.

Yes, I did go to a Twilight Midnight Party at Barnes & Noble. :) And yes I did run into a few of my Young Women there! :) I mainly went out of peer pressure! :) I really had no intention of reading it that night (in fact, I still haven't finished it, I know, I'm bad), I just used it as a good excuse for a girls night out. :) And Yes, those are "I love Edward' stickers on my chest! :)

So we have had a pool membership this summer at a pool that a lot of our friends are members of--it has been so much fun! And getting into the Olympic spirit, we had some swimming races the other night. Ben was determined to win the Gold of Chester Hills Pool! And that turned into a 'feats of strength' contest as it so often does with Ben! (including chicken fights) :)

I am getting a bad rap with my friends around here, after every picture I take they tell me I can't 'blog it' until I have their approval! :) Seriously you guys, I don't have a blogging problem! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun times with Keyton...

Allen, Kelli & Keyton were in town for two whole weeks before Nathans wedding. Allen had to get his tonsils out here in Spokane, and got two weeks off for it, so they planned it around the wedding, and stayed up at my mom & dads house. They brought their 2 miniature wiener dogs with them, Cookie and Riley. We went up to my parents house a lot when they were here, and Tucker got a lot of good playing time in with the dogs. He loves dogs so much! In the mornings when he wakes up sometimes I ask him if he had any dreams (just to hear what he will say) and every morning while they were here, he would tell me that he had dreams about Cookie and Riley. We are definitely going to have to get a dog at some point in our lives. I hate dogs!
Grandpa sure does love his two grandsons! They spent a lot of time playing together in the backyard and made lots and lots of s'mores together.
One Sunday afternoon while they were here we busted out the sidewalk paint that my mom had gotten for them to play with. It turned out to be quite an adventure. The boys loved it!
The boys also did a lot of bug-hunting/bug-finding/bug-crushing.
They are so funny with their bugs.
Grandma also took us to the water-park one day! We had so much fun!
It was absolutely perfect!
We miss you guys!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Festivities...

08/08/08- Angie & Nathans Grand Wedding Adventures!
Well, the wedding has come and gone and it seems to have gone by so fast! I can't believe it! We have had so many great friends and family in town the last few days, its been a blast! The Events started on Wednesday morning when Kayla and Jason flew in from Utah. We literally took them straight from the airport to the lake! We spent the day on the lake with family and friends and had a great time...
(If you aren't interested in seeing many many pictures of our family, you can stop right now! :) Seriously, there are like 20 pictures to follow...)
Wednesday: Lake day/Bachelorette Party

{the party can now start}

{the boys doing some wake surfing}

{this is Tuckers new favorite spot on the boat, I don't know how to rid him of that 'smile' face}

{Kayla wake-boarding}

{so he was sitting next to Amanda (Angie's friend, and bridesmaid) and all of the sudden she looks down and his head was falling! He had fallen fast asleep while leaning next to her, and she had to hold his head up for a while like that, poor boy!}

{All the family that was there-we all got a little toasted for the big day.}

That night Angie had a little bachelorette party-don't worry, nothing risque! :)

{this is the only picture I will post of the gifts she received: A black pleather rain coat! :)}

{We really just sat around the fire and made s'mores and chatted all night, it was great!}

{The Campbell Girls, once again; and Jolee! :)}

Thursday was the family dinner/Bowling night! I think traditionally its the rehearsal dinner, but there's not too much to rehearse with a Temple sealing, so it was just a great excuse to get all of our families together! We had it at Camp Caro and they have this great little park area, and playground and a lodge with a kitchen and eating space, it was perfect! Plus with my dads cooking, you can't go wrong! We were going to have this great family photo shoot, but I don't know what I was thinking because we were all so distracted by family and friends there that it didn't really happen. So I just snapped a few really quick.

{All the Campbell kids}

{Allen, Kelli & Keyton}

{The Lovely Kayla & Jason}

{And this is the entire(almost) Campbell clan; we had family fly down from Alaska for the wedding, so we had to take a picture. This picture includes my dads brother and his family and my cousins and their families}

{This is where these boys were all night, having a grand ol' time}

Next it was off to the bowling alley. My dad had reserved it for the night, so after dinner, we were all able to bowl to our hearts desires!!!

{Serious bowling faces}

{once he saw everyone else bowling, Tucker had to get in on the action}

{and of course, Keyton couldn't be left out-its not so easy bowling while holding a child}

{My cousin, Calen, from Alaska}

{We finally got this really cool thing (not really sure what it is) so Tucker could just roll the ball right down and it would actually make it to the pins! :)}

{He LOVED this thing, look at that face, I think it says it all!}

{Kayla & Ben}

{My dad & Cousin, Trinidy}

{Kayla & my Aunt Kathy}

Ben was happy because he is friends with a lot of Nathans friends that had come in town for the wedding. Have I told you how my husband hates his picture taken, so whenever I actually get one, I have to cherish it! Even if it does look like this:

{Typical picture of him & Johnny! I try to stay away when these two are together!:)}

{me, Kelli, Angie, Brenda & Kayla}

{OK, so I had to take this picture because Ben left about a half an hour before all of us did, to take Tucker home and put him to bed, and as I was getting ready to leave, I noticed his shoes AND socks still lying on the bowling alley floor! He just left and went home and left them both on the floor!!! I was dying! I can not tell you how many times a day I find his socks and shoes (mainly smelly socks) behind or under things! I took this picture as proof of what my daily life is like!! :)}

Friday-The BIG Day!

{Here they are coming out of the Temple!}

{And the families}

{These are our good friends, Ryan & Stephanie. Luckily we had them to hang out with while we were waiting outside the Temple. (So what else is there to do than a photo shoot?) :) Stephanie is one of Tuckers girlfriends, he loves her and she loves him! :) Steph, this one is for you, because I thought it turned out so good of you guys! (you're not even squinty!-I'll e-mail it to you.)}

The reception was at a beautiful lake house on Hayden lake. It is owned by a family in our stake who were nice enough to let Angie & Nathan use it for their reception-it was perfect!

{All the Campbell kids, once again-not the greatest pictures, just ones that were snapped really quick. Their colors were blue and green, and Kayla was a bridesmaid and all the boys had matching ties. Oh, and by the way, no, I'm not pregnant! Nobody told me the day of that my dress made me look that way except my aunt who was probably the only person brave enough to ask me if I was! :) Good thing it was WAY comfortable all day!}

{the original Campbell's}

{Uncle Nathan with his nephews}

{And our little family}

{They had a little ring ceremony, so this is Nathan with his 2 groomsmen, Ryan and Tyler.}

{You could find Tucker by the candy bar all night during the reception.}

{And once the music started, these boys danced the night away!}

{The Cake-that Angie's sister made, by the way!}

{I thought that this was a cute picture of Kayla, Jason, Angie & Nathan!}

{our friends, the Guys and the Enloes}

{When he wasn't by the candy bar, he was by the water, playing in the sand.}

{And these are our friends, Jordan and Natalie, and their little guy, Jace who is so cute! We hadn't seen them since Jace was like 4 months old! Tucker loved Jordan, it was so cute!}

So at about, 8:00 it started to get really windy and I looked up and there was a definite storm coming. Within like 20 minutes it was raining and really really windy! We all had to rush to get everything cleaned up and inside. It was perfect timing though, a good way to get everyone to go on their merry way! :)

{And here they are, a 'new family' as they kept on putting it in the Temple-so cute! We love you guys!}

Luckily these past few days since the wedding, I've had the Olympics and Edward Cullen to help me rest and recover! :) Seriously, all of the wedding activities got in the way of my reading time, so I haven't finished the book, and I L-O-V-E the Olympics and am always glued to the couch when they are on, and church was cancelled on Sunday because like half of our stake is infected with a virus, brought out by Girls Camp, so I really haven't even left the house since Sunday! :) Its a rough life! :)