Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuckers first fish...

My dad took Tucker (and I tagged along, too) to a big hunting/fishing show here in Spokane last week. Tucker had a good time, there were lots of animals there and things to do. What was really cool about the day was that Tucker got to catch his first fish! Granted, it was in a swimming pool and he was barely holding on to the pole...it was his first fish!
It was really funny because the whole time he had a look on his face like he wasn't sure what he was doing. But since then, he has talked about it non-stop.

And here's his proud papa:

I think my dad has high-hopes for Tucker following in his footsteps!!! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My big boy and the Spring time!!!

If you've been wondering about my lack of blogging lately, here's a clue:
No, he isn't trained yet, and to be honest, I am quite torn on the subject. We've stayed in a lot this week and when we have stayed in, I have put him in his big boy underwear. He has had a few accidents. He's not totally sold on the idea of the big boy potty yet, although whenever he sees one of us doing it, he wants to. So... I don't want to force him, I don't want it to be a bad experience and them have him never want to go. I want it to be on his own time and his own desire. But...then part of me just thinks that if I just go all out, stay in for like a week straight and have him go in his underwear a lot, then maybe he'll be forced to do it, and then will just take to it and learn that he likes the big boy potty. But, I'm not sure that will work. He has been easy with change in the past and I think that once he does it, he will love its, since he always wants to be a big boy. I just still don't know what to do!!! Anyway, I guess we'll just see where it goes. I would like to have it happen naturally, but I guess I'm not in a rush! I'll keep ya posted! :)
In other big boy news, he loves to put his own shoes on and more than likely, this is what I see when he does. He is so proud of himself, I just had to get a picture of it!
Getting his own breakfast...the ENTIRE box of Marshmallow Mateys!!! :)
He saw Ben putting his tie on for church and had to wear one himself. He just looked like such a big boy, I couldn't get over it. (he doesn't usually wear ties, this is from Nathan & Angie's wedding last summer)
His favorite thing to do this winter after his bath is sit in his chair by the fire before putting his pj's on...
Ben was going to a late b-ball game one night and Tucker had to put on his sweatband. This child wants to be a big boy SO bad, it hurts him! :)
Tuckers friend, Ella turned one. We went to her party and there was a jump castle there-he was in heaven!
He, of course, was the one right next to her cake the whole time, making sure that he definitely got a piece of it!
Only in Spokane would one day it HAIL... (Tucker had to go outside to see it and taste it)
And the very next day we see new green growing!!!
We took advantage of the nice weather and went outside and played for a while.

I think you can tell from these pictures how much Tuck loves playing outside! We are SO ready for spring!

Ben went under the trampoline and was pushing Tucker up and then his phone rang. Tucker moved on, but Ben stayed under there for a while talking. :)

Welcome Back Spring, please feel free to STAY this time!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thomas the train...

If any of you have a boys between the ages of 2-6, I'm sure you understand the obsession they have with Thomas the train. Tucker is no different. I'm not sure of the allure to Thomas, but whatever it is that draws kids to him, they love him. My dad came over a few weeks ago saying that he heard that Thomas was coming to the Opera house for a show-10 minutes later, he had tickets for all of us! Allen, Kelli, Keyton and my mom all came up for it.

I was a little nervous, when even before it began, Tucker was acting like this:

But he soon got over the attitude when Grandma bought them this nifty little toy! (For $15!!! I couldn't believe the prices on all the stuff there, it was insane!)

I couldn't use a flash once the show started, so I tried to get shots when the lights were out on the audience. I think that you can tell from his face here how much he love it! And it was actually a really cute show. The only downside was that it started at 7 pm, which I thought was a little late for a kids show. Other than that it was great. Very fun and bright and colorful for the kids. Not too long.

I love this picture of these two--its so classic of when they're together.

The Grand Finale!

Thanks grandpa for treating us to a night with Thomas, we had a great time!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ben in Hawaii...

Now, I know that this is the post you've all been waiting for--Ben's pictures from Hawaii. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is not a picture taker, nor does he enjoy getting his picture taken. (which is really funny, because he is the one who ALWAYS hams it up when a camera is in front of him-I think that he secretly likes getting his picture taken.) Anyway... I gave him my little point and shoot camera to take to Hawaii with him, thinking that he would MAYBE take 5 pictures or so; and that they would be of like the TV inside of the house or something. (which there was one!) But he did SO good! I was so happy. We are exact opposites in that regard. I love taking/looking at pictures. Even if I don't know the people. (which may be why I like the blogosphere so much!) So I was so excited when he came home and over 100 pictures of Hawaii for me to look at!!! The pictures brought back a lot of great memories for me and made me miss Hawaii so much. I've gotten my old photo books from BYU-H out and have been looking and reminiscing about my time in Hawaii!!
Anyway...It looks like he had a lot of fun, and I will do my best at re-capping the experience through the stories I've heard.
These pictures are the view from the house.

The before picture of the house. Ben said that the yard was just pure lavarock and was very hard to landscape.
The boys putting away groceries:
All of the boys jammed into the truck, I think that there are 7 of them.
Sharlene, this picture is for you, so you can see what our husbands did while in Hawaii... :)
Their first time at the beach...
This is where they went snorkeling...
Who is this hottie on the beach?
Ben and his friend, Chase.
Ben, Eric, Dave and Chase.
Ben doing a handstand on the beach...
Eric doing a handstand on the beach...
Don't be jealous ladies...
No, Ben's not a poser, at all!!!
A road that they got stuck on while trying to find a secluded beach...
And they found this couch randomly on the side of the road.
Some cave exploring in some caves they found on the beach...
Getting ready to come home...
And the after pictures of the house: (yes, this is a different house. They did two houses.)
A fence they put in around the pool...
Another beautiful sunset...
Out to eat one night...
And I wonder why him and Ben get along??? :)
Ben with some statues on the beach...

A turtle on the beach...
I know that they worked really hard, but from these pictures it looks like they also had a lot of fun! But I am SO glad to have my husband back. :) AND...as a payment for the work, we get the house for a week!!! I am so excited!!! We haven't decided when we're going yet, but I will take a week in Hawaii any day!!!! :) Thanks Eric! And thank you Ben for working so hard there!