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Back to school...

Our back to school festivities this year were so much fun! And by back to school I mean, first time to school festivities! :) There was a little drama because we moved right before summer break at the end of last school year, and were late getting Tucker into McDonald Elementary, which is the elementary just down the road from our new house. I knew he would be going there, so I went in in May before we moved to tell them we were moving and to get him transferred over, and they wouldn't do it without a proof of address. I told them I probably wouldn't be getting one until end of June sometime, but they said that wasn't a problem. Well, it was the middle of June, school was out for the summer and I saw that the office would be closing soon for the school, so I called them to find out what I should do. They told me to call our power company and have them fax them in a proof of address. So, I did and I called them the next day to make sure they had gotten it, and they had and all of his registration paperwork was transferred over from the school he was originally signed up for. (South Pines Elementary) Anyway... I asked them if everything was good for him or if there was anything else that needed to be done and then they hit me with the bomb that he was #8 on the waiting list for Kindergarten! So, we wouldn't know until August 22nd after the office opens after summer break if he even got in for sure or not and if he didn't get it, they would have to bus him to a different school!!! I was so annoyed! They had told me in May that there was no worry of him getting in or not when I asked them if June was too late to register. Anyway, she said the good news was that, he was #8 and they only need 13 total over to open up a new class! So, that was a possibility!
August 22nd came and I didn't hear from them, and I waited and waited, and finally I called the Monday before Labor day (school started on the Wednesday after Labor day) and the secretary told me that they had enough kids to open up a third Kindergarten class, but it hadn't been 'officially ' approved by the school district, so they couldn't tell me 'officially' yet what was happening! She said that on the Friday before school starts they post the classes at the school and to come and if there is a third Kindergarten class with his name, then he's in. And if I don't see his name on a list, then to call on Tuesday (the day before school started) to find out where he would be going! I asked her, kind of surprised, that there were 13 extra kids that enrolled this year for Kindergarten, that kind of seemed like a lot to me, and she told me that not only had 13 kids enrolled, but they were 22 kids over! 22 extra kids had enrolled, enough for a full extra class!!! And that the problem was, was that both of the am kindergarten teachers are part-time, and they had both been offered the afternoon class, so to teach full time, and neither one of them wanted it! So, the problem was, was hiring a part time K teacher in such a short amount of time!
Anyway, Friday came and we rode our bikes down to the school with our friends, to see if Tucker's name was on the list; and it was!!! :) We were so happy!!! I had heard such great things about the principal and teachers at McDonald Elementary! Plus, I just didn't want the hassle of having to take him or have him bused to a different school!
Gwen must have been happy with her teacher!!! :)
THREE classes--woo-hoo!!!
Calling daddy to tell him he got in!
Taylor dancing (no surprise there!)
After we for sure knew he was in at McDonald, we went out to get the supply list. Because each school has a different supply list, we hadn't gotten anything yet! Target was pretty picked over by the time we go there, the day before school started!
Tuesday night came and it was back to school night to come and meet the teacher and find out which class is his! We got to walk through the school for the first time and see his class and meet his teacher! Her name is Mrs. Gosney, and she told me that she had just been offered the job, the Thursday before, so she was scrambling to get everything together! But she is super nice and fun and cute! She is like 22 years old, I swear! :) 
We also met Tucker's principal for the first time that night. His name is Mr. Krentel and he is so nice! He walked right up to us when we first got there, and at first Ben and I were like, 'who is this metro guy helping us. He was wearing fitted khaki chinos, Italian leather loafers and a nice white button up shirt. And we found out it was his principal! He is totally Josh Lucas's twin! And he is so nice--I really like him!
Mr. Krentel
Just in case you don't know who Josh Lucas is:
What's probably even more weird is that I just googled Mr. Krentels name and saved a picture of him on my computer. (to write this post) He can never know that! :) ha ha

After the back to school open house, we went to the park and had a picnic as a family. I asked Tucker what he wanted to do for dinner the night before school started, and he said he wanted to have BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches (his favorites!) and a picnic at the park! I wanted to start some back to school traditions, (nothing major-because I'm not THAT good!) :) But something fun to celebrate the new school year! I have lots of blogging friends who do some fun and creative stuff, so I had some ideas floating around in my head. 
So, we just went to the park and had a nice little family picnic and it was perfect!

All of Tuckers favorites: BBQ pulled chicken sandwhiches, blueberries, apple and fruit dip and pringles! Doesn't get better than that! :)
Poor Ben, I was so focused on Tucker, that I didn't bring him anything he would actually eat (he's my health nut!) so he enjoyed a nice apple for dinner! :)
Oh, and a fresca! :)
These kids love their daddy!
Especially this one! Daddy's girl for sure!!!
The feeling is definitely mutual!


So cute together! :)
I wanted to do a little theme, so Tucker could remember a little phrase or saying to help him behave good in school! He can be a bit crazy sometimes, so I thought the theme 
'Listen & Obey' would be something good for him to always remember and focus on during his first year in school. I made this little print, and framed it and it is not sitting on our kitchen table to remind him everyday before school what he needs to do. During our picnic we talked about the people that Tucker needs to listen and obey. We talked about his teachers, and all the teachers at the school. And how he needs to listen to and obey us, his parents. And last, but not least, the Holy Ghost, and always do what he knows is right! It was a good little (and I mean little!) lesson for him, and he comments to me still, every now and then, how he remembers to listen and obey when he is tempted not to!
Of course, daddy had to climb a tree!
Taylor was very concerned for her daddy! :)
She walked right over to that tree and put her hands out and told him she would catch him! :)

Our daily reminder:
The next day was the big day! Everyone kept asking me how I was doing about the whole thing, and even a few weeks into it, would ask me how I was holding up! And honestly, I think it's great! I am so excited for him! I think that because he is only half day Kindergarten, and is only gone for 2 and a half hours a day, it isn't a big deal to me. Next year when he's gone all day, that is going to be more of an adjustment. But for now, he is loving it and was SO ready to go, I am so happy and excited for him!

That's a K for Kindergarten! :)


My cute BIG boy!!! 
We were a little early on that first day and had to wait by the front doors for a few minutes before they would let us in! :) He was so excited! This is also where we met his dear friend, Brooklyn! (more to come on her later!)
His seat in his classroom:
And then they got to go straight out to recess for a few minutes right away, so we said good-bye!
Tucker and his teacher, Mrs. Gosney:
Taylor was so sad as we drove away and kept on saying, over and over, "I want my Tucker, I want my Tucker!" It was so sad! I did that for the first week after we would drop him off. She doesn't do it anymore, but is always so excited when we go to pick him up!
There are no sandals allowed at school, and since Tucker insists on wearing shorts no matter what temperature it is, he had some pretty styling outfits going on during those first few weeks! :) I always loved to see what his sock/shoe combo was going to be! :)
Speaking of school dress. Funny story. A few Sunday's ago we were in Primary and the singing time leader was playing a game with them, where the kids got to choose a paper out of a bowl and written on it was a good thing or a bad thing, and if it was a 'good choice' then they got to move up one space, but if it was a 'bad choice' then they had to move back one space. Well, one of the kids pulled out a piece of paper that read, 'You wear a tank top to school' and all of the kids yelled out, 'Bad choice' at the same time Tucker got excited and yelled 'good choice!' He was clueless and was totally baffled as to why that would be a bad choice! :) I think she was going for the modesty lesson in that one, but Tucker didn't quite get it! :) He always wants to wear tank tops to school, and quite honestly I'd never thought about them not being appropriate for school! :)
That night my dad wanted to do something special for him, so we had a little end of summer BBQ. We walked into the living room to see Tucker and Kenzie snuggling, it was so cute!
John came and for some reason had a back pack full of wrestling singlets. (well, he is a wrestler) :) But Tucker had to try some on.
And then the wrestling started, and Tuck had some good moves! :)
Papa was outside playing with the little girls:


Cousin IT was there playing with us, too! :)
I love this little girl, and she really does love me, too. You just can't tell in this picture! I've loved having here for the past few months! :)
Looks like we are in store for lots of busy and crazy and fun times over these next 12 school years with Tucker. So far he is loving it! He is so social, and Mrs. Gosney told me that he is great, she just really has to work with him on talking during class. And raising his hand when he wants to answer something. She said he ALWAYS wants to answer every question, and has to remind him to raise his hand AND cover his mouth until she calls on him. (no surprise there!) But that he is very good and so social, and really gets along with all the kids! I am so happy he is having such a great experience, so far! 
On Tuckers first day of Kindergarten, I asked him about some of his favorites:
Color: Blue
Food: Pancakes
Toy: Imaginext Dinosaurs
Sport: Soccer
Cartoon: Angry Birds
What he wants to be when he grows up: A Rapper!
After school I asked about his friends that he had made that day. He said his favorite friends that he had made that day were:
Owen, Jayden, Keegan, Kaycee, Brooklyn and Elleot.

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Kelli said...

Fun post. Crazy last minute decision making for the school! That poor (very young!) teacher must have been so stressed out! But hey, she has a job, probably her first real teaching job, so can't be too bad, right? :) And the tank top story is hilarious. Only Tucker would get so excited about his tank tops.