Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tuckers first Soccer game...

I may have taken a few pictures of Tucker's first soccer game! It was so fun to be back at Plants Ferry in the hustle and bustle of the fall soccer season! At Tuckers age, they still play 3 on 3 and the coaches are on the field with them during the games. 
It is hilarious to watch 5 and 6 year olds play! :)


Tucker seems to be pretty aggressive and seems to be the only one on his team that understand that the ball needs to go through the goal into the net! :) The first Saturday was a double header for us, back to back. By the second half of the second game, the kids weren't even trying to run after the ball, they were more interested in a little fort  off in the trees by the soccer field, and were just kind of done with soccer for the day. It was pretty funny!





And it was so funny after the game, they both cheered for each other then were told to go shake hands with the other team, and neither team had a clue what to do, so the coaches had to literally move their bodies together to show them what to do! :) Tucker and the boys on his team decided to name themselves the blue sharks once they saw that their jerseys were blue!
Tucker had quite the cheering section for him that first game! Papa, Aunt Kayla, Uncle Jason and Kenzie May all came out to watch his first game! I made sure to bring lots of toys for Taylor and Kenzie enjoyed the snacks, but it was fun having everyone there to watch my little man! :)

I told him that I would give him a dollar for every goal he made during the games. So far, he's made a goal every Saturday and has earned $3! He is very happy about that! :) And I love that Saturday traditions of breakfast or Lunch together as a family after the soccer games is becoming a family tradition! We usually don't have so much time with daddy and are loving this new excuse to be together as a family!

I haven't even gotten my camera out since that first game. Except to capture this beauty:
The games are fun and we've already have had some great times with the other parents on the team. We've got some characters! :)

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