Monday, October 1, 2012

Bouncing babies and the best daddy EVER!

When we got back from Milton-Freewater, Ben surprised us with a trampoline in our backyard! The kids were so so so excited! Anyone who knows my kids knows that they love to bounce! The kids helped Ben put the finishing touches on it (the safety net around it) and started jumping right away! These kids don't know how lucky they are to have such a wonderful daddy! 




The trampoline has literally become a daily routine. They go and jump every single day for hours! We love to make up games on it. We have a shark game, crack the egg, of course, and flip the bacon, of course--but the kids love to be creative and make up their own games.
When Tucker is at school she will just play out here by herself--totally content!
Usually I just can't resist that cute face and go join her! 
(even though I usually have a gazillion things I'm trying to do!) :)


I love my little bouncing babies though and REALLY love their daddy who loves them and totally takes care of them!

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