Friday, October 5, 2012

Officially a soccer mom...

Tucker started his first season in soccer. He has been asking me for years when he would start soccer practice and I thought that this would be a good year. He is one happy camper out there on the field, and seems to be getting the hang of it pretty well. His coach is intense! Well, it's kind of strange because he is intense in the fact that he has them practice two nights a week. So, Tuesday and Thursday nights are both shot for us, doing anything other than soccer and a quick bite at home either before or after. Now, he wants to add a third running practice on Friday nights. He insists that they get chocolate milk after every game to help their body recover. (Mind you they are 5 and 6 years old!!!) :) But he is great with them and really knows what he is doing! He played collegiate soccer and is currently the Cheney High School girls soccer coach, so that takes him away from our boys on most Saturdays for their games, so on Saturday's he has these two high-school aged kids coach for him, who are nice enough but definitely aren't as good as Coach Matt. So, practices are great; games...not so much! :) The boys need more direction during their games and I think its a bit confusing for them to not have their coach there. Anyway, Tucker is having a blast and that is all that matters! :)
Here is the big boy on his first day of practice:
And here's what Taylor did on the first day of practice:
And since then, every Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30-7:30 you can find us here:

This little girl likes to do her own 'soccer practice' while Tucker is at his. Every time I say we have to go to Tucker's soccer practice, she makes sure to tell me '...AND my soccer practice!' :)

Most of the time she is just running around like this:
Or bouncing around like this:
A few weeks ago it started to get real cold real fast and the sun was setting in the middle of practice, so these late nights aren't going to be possible anymore! The fall is definitely officially here! :(
One night at the end of practice, it looked like this:
So Papa let Tucker borrow his head lamp that he uses for hunting, but coach Matt wouldn't let him wear it because it was too dangerous! :) I think that he got the hint though because the very next day we all got an e-mail saying that practice time had been bumped up an hour! :) was getting cold!!! Being a soccer mom sure is fun though-- I really enjoy it! :)


Angie C. said...

So cute!!! I can't wait for my boys to start soccer! Nathan and I wish we were there to see him!!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Welcome to the world of soccer and endless practices! I think we will get to play you soon. Marcus started to and just loves it. We only practice once a week, so your coach is definately hard core:) At least he is learning something though!