Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gone 'til September...

Gone 'til September, Gone 'til September, tell my girl I'll be gone 'til September.
(used to be one of my favorite songs!!!) :)
Oh my gosh, I'm slipping farther and farther behind on this blogging thing! I thought September was good and done, but I was looking through some pictures and found some more!
We had our friends, Melina & Jayded from our branch over to play one day while their mom and dad were packing up their house to move! (staying in Spokane, just bought a new house.) The kids were outside playing and Tucker came running in to the kitchen screaming MOM MOM MOM!!! I seriously thought that someone had died. Then he said ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! And sure enough it was right in front of our house. I'm not sure how I missed it, but anyway, I thought it would be a fun end of summer treat. (The DISH guy who happened to be at our house installing dish actually paid for our ice creams, but that is a whole different story! He was at our house for about 45 minutes making sure it was all set up ok, and in that 45 minutes, he bought us ice-cream, showed us about 5 home videos of his family on his I-pad and he sweeped my kitchen for me when Jayden woke up from his nap and I had to abandon my kitchen cleaning to get him from the crib. I was worried at one point that he might try and kill me, but he ended up being the nicest man ever. I still made sure the kids were outside playing while he was inside installing the dish.)

Taylor also started a little co-op play group with some friends from our old ward. It is so fun for her to go every Friday to a friends house. She calls it her school and thinks she is pretty big girl!!!

Trying real hard to ignore me...

I wanted to get a picture of her cute legs and feet and she kneeled down and said, 'no mommy, I up here!'
That means one Friday a month, my house looks like this:
(which I don't mind!) :)
Her and her buddy Drew... 
I put on a show for the first few minutes to calm down one of the crying girls, and I came in a few seconds later and for some reason Taylor and Drew were watching the TV this close!

Cirriculum night at the school with the teacher. Found this in the hallway...
Oh yea, and Ben and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. That's kind of a big deal! :) We actually went to Red Robin with my family that day for lunch to celebrate my dad getting his braces off! :)
I did a lot of this:
I took the kids to the park with me while I did a photo shoot for my sister and her family. The kids, once again, had fun on the stage...
040 (2)
But we got some good shots of this gorgeous girl:
Speaking of this girl. Taylor loves to have a little one younger than her to boss around/play with:
035 (2)
And Ben and the kids are still obsessed with these darn cats! YUCK!

What's with the obsession with mustaches lately??? :)
036 (2)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Randomness & Crazy kids...

Here is just some more randomness from the month of September in the Pyper house:
Taylor loves to help me around the house. I love our time together when Tucker is at school. She is SO much fun to just chat with and has the best personality! ( I may be a little biased though!) :) Here she is helping me unload the dishwasher:

Speaking of the dishwasher, the bane of my existence:

Notice how the bottom rack doesn't go all the way down and the top rack doesn't go all the way up. Yeah...pretty much sucks to load this thing!

Tucker & Taylor found my unmentionables drawer the other day, unbeknownst to me, and came upstairs like this. Tucker thought my reaction was pretty funny!
I told him to go down and take them off, and of course had to ham it up next time he came up! 
Sorry to my Male Family members who happen to read this--if there are any!!! :)
Taylor had a little fashion show with her new clothes that she got for the fall/winter. Just a few pics that accurately portray her personality...

I couldn't get her to hold still!!! :)

Man, I love this girl!
Scary car washes-- her faces were so funny!!! :)
What a good daddy, doing his little girl's hair. Wait until I tell you what he did to her hair this month!!!
And finally, did anyone see these cute Tomato Soup cans they had a Target? My maiden name is Campbell, so I grabbed a few and have them on display! I think they are adorable as decoration!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Picking Peaches...

We went up with Papa and Kathryn to the most beautiful place this time of year; Greenbluff  to pick some peaches. It was amazingly gorgeous and the peaches were perfectly ready for picking and absolutely delicious!
The kids had a great time picking...


And filling our boxes with the plump fruit...
Did I mention it was gorgeous!?
Love my kiddos!

The kids got their own cart ride with the peaches from their crippled Papa! :) Good thing he's so strong with that one good arm! :)

And we got to enjoy these for a few weeks...
The peaches and cream with these babies was divine! :)
I LOVE me some Fall!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A day at the park

After Tuckers first week of school, we decided to take advantage of the last few days of the summer by heading out to Riverfront park to enjoy the sun! 
Shaved Ice is a must when we go to Riverfront park!


We had been saving the bread heels for weeks wanting to feed the ducks, so we were finally able to use them!


These birds are a big aggressive sometimes. They freak me out! But the kids were fearless!



And a picture on the bridge over the falls. It isn't the time of year where they are really big and awesome, but still fun none the less! :)
And I love this picture of Taylor! :)
And I love these little chubby feet. I was helping Taylor off a toy at the park area and looked down to these feet and thought to myself... I want to remember these cute little feet forever-so I had to snap a picture!  I just love them!

It was a great day with my little friends!