Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grandma's visit at Halloween...

My mom came at the end of October to visit. She had a few things going on. First, we were watching my niece for the weekend while my sister went to a quilting retreat (Jason was in Texas for the month) and she was going with all of the women in his family, so we got to watch the Kenzie girl! :) And second, for a Dr. appointment for my grandma. She came down the Wed. before and stayed for a whole week. And man, did we cram a lot into that week! It was so much fun, but it was such a whirl-wind trip, looking back, I don't know how we survived.
The very first night she was here, we headed to Tuckers school Fall Carnival. It was so much fun, and they asked me to take pictures for the yearbook (surprise, surprise!) :) So I was busy running around doing that, Tucker was running around with his buddies, and my mom was on Kenzie & Taylor duty! :)
Here is Tucker with his friend, Brooklyn decorating sugar cookies:
Grandma helped Kenzie & Taylor decorate cookies:
Ireland, Brooklyn & Tucker:
The gym was full of different types of games, and it was so much fun to watch Kenzie go from game to game, like she owned the place! :) Grandma really had to reign her in!
She did NOT want grandma to help her, she wanted to do it all by herself!

And doing things her own way, she wanted to put the velcro balls on the target herself!

Coloring cousins...
Then they got their faces painted,and it was so much fun to watch them. They were SO serious about the whole thing! :) Kenzie got a heart:
Tucker got fangs:
And we have yet to figure out what Taylor was:
Whatever it was, she was happy! :)
The next day we stopped at some peoples house so I could pick something up for a friend, and their dog attacked me! It was the scariest thing! I immediately started crying on the front door step! :) But my pants didn't have a hole in them so I just thought it wasn't as bad as I was making it out to be. I got in the car, pulled down my pants, and it was bleeding and already bruising. So I went to the Urgent care. It was a bit crazy! My poor mom stayed in the car for three hours with the three kids while I was in the clinic! I don't know how she didn't go crazy! Two Urgent care trips and a Tetanus shot later, I was all good! I didn't like dogs before, but now I literally get anxiety when a big one gets near me!
Tucker got to test run his Halloween costume at a friends birthday party. He wanted to be a boxer so he just wore athletic shorts, his robe and he had boxing gloves. We also painted one of his eyes black to look like a black eye. But without the gloves, it was hard to tell what he was. When we walked into the party, he didn't have them on and the boy's dad thought he was a Shepard with a black eye! :)
logan's birthday party
My mom got a hotel room for a few nights that my grandma was with her. So we did some hanging out there, and swimming. Kenzie just doing a little business:
And then Taylor got to:
Our Shepard boy and Kenzie playing:

We had a few movie & picnic dinner nights:
Grandma got to go to Tuckers last soccer game of the season. It was so much fun! I loved going to Tuckers soccer games. His last game he got to play against his best friend, Garret's team.


And he even scored a few goals! (I think grandma was really proud!) :)

Tucker & Garret after the game:
Emily giving Tucker a High-five:
And of course, grandma treated Tucker to Krispy Kreme after his game:
On Sunday afternoon, it looks like me and my grandma had the same idea. We were all just lounging around chatting and my mom said that before she knew it, we were both out! :)
Grandma got Taylor a new Dora doll sometime during the week, which got taken with us EVERYWHERE! Dora became part of our family. She had to have a kiss goodnight and a blanket at bed time, and as you can see here, a bowl and spoon for cereal for breakfast! :)
On Halloween day we went to U-High to go trick or treating in the morning, with our friends, the Mortensens:

Taylor wasn't so sure about the whole idea:
Look at that glare:
{The funniest thing happened right after this picture, there was a coffin on the ground, with what looked like a fake mummy in it, and as my mom walked by the mummy grabbed my mom's ankle and scared her half to death! I have never seen her jump like that! :)}
Until she saw John, then she was a happy girl! :) --these two, I tell ya!!!--
Kenzie May showed up and was the cutest little owl!


After a morning of swimming with grandma at her hotel, I got to go with Tucker to school to help out with his school party. They had a costume parade:
I was in charge of a game, it was get the candy corn using chopsticks, but since we didn't have any chopsticks, they used pencils! :)

After school, Tucker started to complain about a stomach ache (surprise, surprise!), so we went home and he threw up! Not a great way to end Halloween day, but he seemed to feel fine after getting it out of his system, so him and I stayed home and passed out candy while Taylor and Ben went to a nearby neighborhood for some trick or treating. We were going to all get together in the evening for trick or treating, but just ended up all doing our own things. But I have to say, I didn't mind staying in and passing out candy with Tucker, we had a great time together, him and I. We watched Home Alone (his choice) and I think he actually enjoyed it just as much! Ben walked through the door about an hour later with Taylor asleep on his shoulder, so apparently my kids had had enough of Halloween! :) And honestly so had I! :)
Grandma left early the next morning after we all had candy for breakfast. :) We took down the Halloween decorations, and it was in the books! :) We sure had fun while she was here, though, it seemed like we crammed in enough stuff to last a month, it was hard for me to believe it had only been a week!

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Oh my gosh!!!! I'm so glad you survived the dog attack! Your battle wounds were pretty bad! I HATE HATE HATE doge!! They are loud, jumpy,unpredictable, wild, crazy , awful, creatures!