Thursday, January 17, 2013

The beginnings of November...

November came and started out so beautifully!
Unfortunately, the night that I took the above picture, Tucker & I noticed on our way to put him to bed that it had started snowing. 
The first snowfall of the season.
Of course, Tucker was thrilled about this and just stood there looking out our front door excitedly.
And by the next morning, it looked like this. I always think that the first snow fall of the season is beautiful. I love it on that first day. It is so beautiful and serene. It seems to just get nasty and dirty the day after that, so my excitement for it wares off really fast!
And even though it wasn't a lot, they had to go play in it!
For me, the first snow fall meant turning on the heat. Unfortunately, by doing so I almost burned down our house! I am not used to base board heating, and that is what this house has. Shortly after turning up the thermostat I started to smell a burn. I thought at first it was just, ya know, old dust burning off from not being used for so long. After 20-30 minutes or so, I started to get worried, and started checking around and sure enough, found that the back of our couch had been burned to a crisp! Oops! We got lucky on that one!
The first few weeks of November for me were filled with wedding planning. Which I loved! I am in trouble when one of my own children, or actual family members gets married. One of my best friends' daughters got married. I helped her with the planning of the wedding and threw her a bridal shower (along with 2 of our other friends)
Here is what took over my house for a few weeks:
I seriously gathered and created stuff every night! It was fun, but exhausting!
I did all the decor for the shower, along with the thank you gifts.
The cute 'Mr. & Mrs.' sign I made:
I think it turned out pretty cute! Her wedding decor was shabby chic & romantic.

Cute Madison:
I also took her wedding & bridal photos this month, but more to come on those!
We also got this little man's school picture back, which turned out awful, so we had to do re-takes.
Tucker Pyper 601100
Such a sweet boy!
Taylor also got to go to her first friend birthday party. Her little friend, Abbey. We do a play group with all of these girls and rotate houses, and it is so nice for Taylor to have cute little friends. I was so much better about getting Tucker into play groups and co-ops. Poor Taylor's only friends have been Tuckers friends up to this point in her life. I'm glad she has some cute little friends. :)
It was a princess party and they were supposed to wear princess dresses, and it made me realize that we have none! Taylor isn't really into the girly girl thing, so she just wore a pretty church dress. :) Close enough, right  Plus, I knew that Abbey had more than her share of princess attire, and she would be fine if she really wanted to wear a princess dress.
abbey's birthday party
Savanah, Abbey, Taylor & Zoe.
{Taylor's best friend from the play group is actually, Drew, the only boy (go figure) but he didn't come to the princess party!} :)
I love this time of year when the weather starts getting chill and there are more reasons to hunker down inside together as family and friends. And we've had plenty of reasons to celebrate so far this season. Stay tuned for even more celebrations to come! :)


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Nice one Taraka, burned the couch! Great job on the wedding stuff. You are so talented.

crobl005 said...

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