Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had so much fun while in Olympia! Sadie's parents house was so nice and comfortable and we were so grateful to be able to relax there for a few days. We went to a super fun family indoor swimming pool.
Two of Taylors favorite things: her daddy and swimming! :)
I love watching her in the pool, she just kicks and kicks and kicks and just laughs and laughs and laughs. :) I love it.

{Sadie and I obviously didn't plan very well and didn't take our make up off before getting in the pool! :) }
Cute cute babies...
Best buddies, already....

Monday, November 29, 2010

family fotos and getting stuck...

Day two at the beach was fun, and we were better prepared with warmer clothes this time around. :) Still, Ben and Doug had to have a contest to see if they could go in farther than they did the day before. They are crazy!
Doug's parents came for a few hours to meet us at the beach to play. Tucker had a great time playing baseball. They had so much fun!
We were busy being cheerleaders to the baseball players, I took my eyes off Taylor for a few minutes. But she was on a blanket, so I didn't think too much of it. I looked over and she was face down in the sand. :) Poor little lady!
So, the plan was to spend the whole labor day weekend at the beach. But if you have ever traveled with two small children, in small quarters, it is not easy! As grateful as we were to be able to stay there and as much fun as we were having, two babies with no naps, it is not fun! :) So, we decided to pack up on Sunday and spend Sunday night in Olympia at Sadie's parents house. That would also give us a little bit of a head start on the long trip home for Monday. Sadie's parents were out of town in Italy, so it worked out perfect. We could spread out and we still got a good beach fix! :)
Before we left we wanted to get some family pics. I took some for Doug & Sadie and Sadie snapped some for us.
A very typical family picture...
Love these two...

Oh. And we thought it would be fun to take our little jetta, that sits about 1 inch off the ground, out for a little spin on the sand. BAD idea! It was actually really scary. After pictures, we drove around for a bit, it was so beautiful, then we tried to find an access road to get off the beach on. We found one, but after getting closer we realized that there was a lot of soft sand. We drove past it at first, hoping to find another one, but then we realized that the tide was coming up and we didn't have a lot of time. We were HAVING to drive closer to the soft sand because the water was coming up so close. So...long story short, we decided to just do it. That was a bad idea.
Yeah...we got a little stuck! Then as these nice young men were pushing us out, our bumper ripped off! My poor little jetta has been through so much! Finally a guy in a big truck came and pulled us out. He was a local and he gave us some advice, told us exactly where to go, and what speed to go at, and miracle of all miracles we did it! I seriously thought that we were going to be stuck on that beach all night and the tide would wash us out to sea! And our two tired and hungry children were happy to be off the beach as well!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

the beach, part ll...

That evening we tailgated and had delicious burgers and baked beans by the fire! It was perfect! Poor Taylor got a little sun burn. Mother of the year didn't even think about sunscreen until about half way through the day when I noticed her face getting red!

After dinner we roasted some marshmallows and made s'mores! Doesn't get much better than that!

Tucker was so excited to be a part of the height door. You can't really tell from this picture, but this door is COVERED in names and heights. Sadie's grandparents have had this cabin since she was just itty bitty, and her and her and her family and cousins and aunts and uncles have been coming here for years. It is a well used and well loved place! :)
Of course, Ben had to find a tree to climb...
Tucker and Taylor watching a movie. (NO TV in the cabin-just the way it should be!) :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

da beach. part 1...

Over labor day weekend, we headed west! We drove to Seattle, picked up some good friends, and headed even more west to the beach! Sadie's grandparents own a little beach cottage right on the coast past Olympia in a little town called Westport. And when I say cottage, I mean totally rustic! It was awesome! :) I just wanted to spend all day taking pictures of all the cute trinkets and decor. It was a running joke that it must be a city ordinance in Westport that every house must be decorated in ocean/boating paraphernalia. Like buoy's, driftwood, rocks, bottles and glass of different sorts, you name it, it was used as home and garden decor.
The outside of the house:

The cute little play house. So much fun!
Boat sand box...
We got there, dropped off our stuff and headed to the beach. I love the Washington and Oregon coasts. It is definitely different than what you typically think of when you think of hanging out at the beach. I can still remember the first time I took Ben to the Oregon coast. He had just moved up here from the south where he was used to the Florida beach and when he got ready to go to the Oregon coast he changed into his swimming shorts and short sleeved shirt and I told him he needed to go change into at least a hooded sweatshirt! :) It's a little different if you're not used to it! :) But it still is beautiful and fun! I love that you can just drive straight onto the beach, park your car and walk into the water! We had so much fun! Tucker had been begging to go to the beach all summer and since we didn't get a chance to go down this summer in Alabama because of the oil spill, I was glad he got his beach trip in. :)
Anyway, the beach pictures...
Me & Sadie
The Agurkis Circus...
Of course Ben & Doug had to go and see who could run into the water the farthest...
Tucker had a great time running with Buddy...

Tucker and I jumping the waves...
Ben & Tucker chasing the birds...
Baby Jacob...
Sadie making our really cool sand castle...
Tucker making our really cool sand castle...
Taters just being Taters...
And Doug just being Doug... :)

Tucker destroying our really cool sand castle...
Kite flying! The weather was PERFECT for kite flying...

Feats of strength! (Long jumping)
Sadie & I with our babies...

Jacob got all tuckered out and went in the back of the truck...
day one at the beach was a success!

Friday, November 26, 2010

edvalson family...

My moms side of the family had a little get together in August, as well! August was the month of family get togethers! :) Actually, my cousin arranged this little picnic because him and his wife would be in Washington State for a few weeks (they live in Albany, NY-but actually are currently living in Guatemala for the school year while he finishes up his PhD. Sufficeth to say, they are always far far away! Anyway...) so he arranged this extended family get together since it had been a while since we had all been together. We met in the town where my grandparents live and where my grandpa is in a nursing home. It was so great! An aunt and uncle came from Portland, some came from Moses Lake, some from Port Townsend, and some were up from Utah. Kayla was here from Wisconsin and of course, we came from Spokane. It totally reminded me of our picnics in the park from when I was little with all of my cousins. And now all of our children got to play baseball together, swing on the swings together and play in the creek together, catching water skippers! :) I have so many fun childhood memories of me and my cousins doing this together! :)
Here is a group shot with everybody who was there:
{And this isn't even all of us!}
My mom and 2 of her sisters:
The big hit for the kids was this rope climbing ball thing:
He has such a serious face when he is concentrating! :) I love it!
My beautiful cousin Alicia and her daughter Janell:
My cousins Brian and Josett. Josett is just a gymnast, but Brian is a Yoga instructor and even went to Indonesia somewhere to learn and practice! Either way, I was impressed with both of them! :)
Tucker and his (2nd) cousin, Jackson always have a good time together.
Taylor found a new friend in Josh! :) He was so sweet with her! :)
The two preggers. Both due in February. Both having girls! :) yipee! Our family needs some more girls, right!? :)
Baby Janell...
All of the first cousins (that were there) with grandma...
{we were even missing 11 of the cousins!}
My grandma has some hidden talents... :)
{please don't hate me grandma for posting this picture of you on the internet for all the world to see.} :)
And this is my cousin John, the instigator of this whole event, and Becky and their little girl Lucy. And my cousin Alicia and Josh and their little guy Jackson. (Ben couldn't make it.) :(
I love these guys!
Alicia and I with our bebe's...
{During this picture we realized that the joining of our daughters names: Janell & Taylor makes the name of my beautiful aunt (Alicia's mom) who passed away a few years ago. Her name was Janell Taylor! She was totally there in spirit with us that day!} :)
We all went over in shifts to see my grandpa in the nursing home. Here is Taters with her Great Grandma & Great Grandpa!
It was so great to see everyone who could make it! We REALLY missed those who weren't there!
I am so lucky to have such a great family!
And then on the way home my bumper fell off the front of my car and it was a grand ride home! :)