Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chrismas with Grandma Kelly...

My mom came into town a few days after Christmas to see everyone who was here, and to have a little Christmas celebration with her. She decided not to stay with us, and to get a hotel, like she's been doing the past few times she has come up to visit. (I don't think she likes our house!) And she wanted to do the celebration there at the hotel. We had a great time with her here, and of course, got spoiled again!
Her & I had gone to Target the day before to get a little tree for the hotel room, and luckily it was after Christmas, so everything was on clearance! :)
Keyton is such a sweet boy:

Cute little Chase. We didn't know what we were having at Christmastime, but this little guy made me hungry for another boy!
Taylor and her excitement for EVERYTHING, once again! :)

Even at just a pair of socks. I can assure you she doesn't respond like that when she is with me in target actually buying the socks! :)

But it was so great, because I think at one point, one of the gifts was inside a box and before she saw what it was, she screamed, 'A BOX!!!!' It was so funny!

These girls got matching crayon aprons. They are so cute!
And, of course, Grandma had lots of help when it was her turn to open gifts:
Grandma & The Pyper kids:
And Grandma and all of her grandkiddies:
These two are good buddies:

One of the great things about having Christmas at the hotel was getting to swim after. It was fabulous, and the kids all had so much fun!
The gang getting ready to head out the door:
And of course, we all had fun in the pool:



I forced Kenzie swim with me in the pool. She wanted in so bad, but didn't have her swimsuit, so eventually her mommy let her come in in just a swim diaper. I grabbed her, and swam with her, and may have dunked her a few times, and then she wanted nothing to do with me after that???


The week between Christmas and New Year, we somehow ended up going out to eat like 15 times, I swear! :) All of us siblings were in town, Papa was still here, my mom got here, Ben had a birthday, and it just seemed like we hit up every restaurant in town! :) The kids LOVE their grandma, and it is always a fight as to who gets to sit with her, or by her, or on her! :)
Grandma stayed an extra day after we begged and begged her to. Everyone had already gone home, so it was just us and we wanted to take her out for once, to the Onion, one of her favorite Spokane restaurants.


On Ben's birthday, we went to Twigs for lunch with the fam. My cousin John and his family also made it into town that day to join us:
The cousins:
John & Becky stayed with us for the night and it was so much fun having them here! I didn't plan it very well on my part and it was Ben's birthday and I didn't know that my dad had promised him a dinner at the all you can eat seafood buffet out at the casino! So we had to leave them for a few hours and I felt bad, but we got to enjoy them for most of the next day. It was so much fun to see them and I am grateful they made the trek up to see us!
This is what you get when you try and put 5 kids under the age of 6 together for a picture. :)
Sweet Lucy snuggling on Tucker:
And this picture cracks me up, because I am sure that this is the same kind of face/attitude that John had as a child with all of his girl cousins--like you are crazy-- and now it's payback time with our children! :)
It was so much fun with so much family in town! I love that we live in a central location and can usually always see family during the holiday's!

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