Wednesday, May 8, 2013

While daddy's gone...

Ben went away to Seattle for the weekend to buy a flatbed truck for work, so it was just me and the kids for a weekend. 
Friday night I got a sitter and had a much needed girls night! :) And I didn't even feel guilty about it! :) 

We had a great time in between Tucker's two soccer games going to big R with Papa to see the baby chicks that they sell this time of year.

These kids are so animal crazy, I know one day I will have to give in. I just need to pick the right animal that I can handle. (no smell, no hair, no noise and no pee and poop, and super that too hard to find???) :)


I have to admit, that they were pretty cute little guys. Almost made me want to buy a coop for our backyard.
We had a party night that night where we got to do the things that the kids wanted to do all night. Board games were played, pizza was ate, and some Play Station was played. (much to Tuckers disappointment his mother doesn't play like his father, and he had to stop and teach me how to do all the moves, and he was getting frustrated with me!) :) He didn't mind though, he doesn't get to play that often with our playing time rules. I still don't know how I feel about having a gaming console in our home. I actually hate the idea of it, because the first few weeks we had it, it is all he wanted to do and all he could think about, he was so excited. But we are learning the ropes, and making rules and guidelines. It's growing on me because I figure soon he will just go to friends houses to play if he can't play here, and if we establish guidelines now, then maybe that will help him later curb the enthusiasm  (We shall see!) It was funny the other night the kids were playing outside, and he came in and said, 'Mom, I like playing outside WAY better than playing the play station. So, I think we should do an A B B pattern. A nights are play station nights, and then B nights are outside nights. So only one play station night for every two outside nights.' It was pretty funny, he had really been thinking about it. I still think that A B B might be too much. Maybe more like A B B B B :) This is all new territory for me, any suggestions out there????

Anyway, we had a fun family night at home relaxing. I had to get a pic of Tucker like this, when I looked over and he was just chillaxin' :)
Taylor, of course, had to follow after he brother:
Taylor does this funny new face sometimes when she is talking to me. She talks to me like she's an adult, and like if Tucker is being crazy, she'll look over at me, and make the face below and say, 'Mom, why is he being so crazy?' Or something like that! :) 


Jolee B. said...

I love that Tucker came up with his own A B B night idea! And clearly because I have kids that age and a game console (neither), I'm an expert and you should listen to me... but, I really think you should go with his suggestion. It'll empower him in decision making skills, and if he likes outside that much, he may start to choose it on A nights anyway. :)

Jaime Lynne said...

I hear you on the animal thing. If you find one that meets all those criteria, please let me know.

I always forget we both know Jolee and then I'm surprised when I see a comment somewhere from both of us. Small world!