Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Enloe's good bye party...

Before we left for Alabama in July, we had to go to the good-bye party for the Enloe's! :(
So Sad!
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It was so much fun getting everyone together, even if it was to say good-bye to our most favorite people! :) It still hadn't hit me at this point that they were leaving.
It was at the Shock Center, and so the kids got a lot of playing time in. Tucker, Milo and Carter racing...
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Here are the three boys with the 'awards' that Tate made them! :) Tate is Milo's big brother, and Tucker loves Tate! Before Tate started Kindergarten, he would always be at our play groups and was always so sweet to Tucker. Tucker loved him! He even set up this awards stand for them to stand on. :) So cute!
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And little miss thing was there. Complete with a bow Caro Syrup'd to her head! :) Ben makes fun of me for doing this to her, but I think it's so cute! :)
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Olivia and Ella.. So cute!
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I was in charge of taking pictures of all the families/people there to put in a book with good-bye notes from everyone. Danna is such a good party planner! :)
It was so much fun to have everyone there, here are a few of our friends who came.
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The Nelsons...
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The Guys...
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The McLaughlin's...
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The McCombs...
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And my dad & Kathryn...
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There were a lot more people there, but a lot of them I didn't know! :)
Thanks Danna for the fun party! But let's not have any more of our friends leave, please!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


OK, I need to wrap this month up! :) Why do I always feel like we don't do much, like when people ask what we've been up to, I always respond, 'not much.' But then I go back through pictures and there are hundreds of them. ( I realize I take way too many pictures, but still...) :) Anyway, we need to move on from June, though it was a great month, I feel like I could be stuck blogging about it for months. :) Anyway, here's a recap, in pictures, of what the rest of our June was like.
Lots of park time with friends! This is Tuckers new (and only) way of swinging:
Superman style!
Lots of lovin' on each other time. If left to my own devices, I tend to be a little bit of a homebody. Well, that's not entirely true! :) I am NOT a morning person. So, I like my mornings to be at home getting things done around the house, I don't like to jump up and hustle out the door. We usually save all of our errand running and outings with friends for late morning and afternoons. I realize that will all change once my kids are in school, so I am enjoying this schedule while I can.
Some swimming! June didn't start getting really warm until the very end, so we didn't get a lot of summer time playing in until July, but we did make it to the pool once. Ben's boss let us come over one night to swim while they weren't there. We had so much fun! It was fun getting back into the pool/swimming mode. We got Wild Waters season passes this year again, but the park closed down! We got our refunds/letters in the mail like just in May! We were so bummed. But it was kind of a blessing because the weather this summer was so crappy, we may not have even gotten our money's worth! Plus we were gone a lot! Anyway, we had fun at the Orndorff's! Thanks guys!
After we all swam for a while, Taylor had had enough. So we hung out and just watched the boys...

Ben was impressing us with his skills...

This is Taylor's crib:
{This is Tucker and Taylor playing in Taylor's crib! It was so cute, I walked in and he had climbed in her crib and was telling her stories.}
This is Taylor's crib that she hates!
Where do you ask does she prefer to sleep?
Here (our bed):
Or even here, sometimes (Tuckers bed):
002 (2)
This little girl seems to think that she's the boss around here, and can do whatever she wants! Oh, and we won't even start about her sleeping schedule. She DOES NOT like to sleep during the day. I thought that I had her going on somewhat of a schedule before we went out of town on Labor day weekend, and by the time we got home, she was all messed up again. I don't know what I am going to do with this little diva I have! :) Luckily she sleeps at night, all night, and like I always say, I don't care what they do during the day as long as they (and I) sleep at night! :)
Here she is doing a little light reading on our bed:

Kathryn has a pond in her back yard that in the summertime turns into a really cool frog cesspool! :)

But Tucker loves frogs, so we have been going over there to watch them grow from tadpoles to little tiny froggys to bigger frogs! John is Tuckers buddy and fellow frog catcher. Kathryn let us take home a few tadpoles to watch them grow.
Fun with alphabet crackers...
And the Taylor lady...she loves frogs too...
Allen & Kelli came up to visit for the weekend in June. Uncle Ben, Tucker and Keyton went on a fun treasure hunting adventure at Papa's house. My dad is a commercial fisherman and has maps all over his house, so Keyton & Tucker found one and wanted to find a treasure. It was so cute watching them get so excited finding little things around his yard, calling them treasures.
{This picture is so funny to me because Keyton ALWAYS has his hands full of as many toys as he can fit into them. so funny!}
Cute cousins...
And the baby girl cousins...
Another trip to the park...

Tucker loves his baby sister...
I am such a dork! I was so proud of the marble tower we put together, together! :) OK, so maybe I took over and did it, but we still had fun together...
{and don't get me started on our train tracks, I love putting those together!}
Taylor fell asleep snuggling with her monkey. Taylor NEVER snuggles with anything, so this was a rare thing.
But she does love bathtime! :)
Kristins graduation 257
Love that fat face!
Kristins graduation 267
And Tucker was feeling left out, so wanted me to take a picture of him.
On a side note, how is it that we have a blond haired, blue eyed little girl with a big brother who has those big brown eyes and brown hair? Total opposites! But I just want to eat 'em both up! :)
Kristins graduation 261
OK, bring on July! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another sad goodbye...

In July our dear dear dear friends (and Tuckers Best Friend!) the Enloe's moved! It was a sad day!I seriously don't know what we are going to do with the Enloe's! Sharlene was like my social outlet! :) She was always planning and inviting me to things, and of course, Tucker LOVED his best friend Carter. In preparation for this move, we had these two boys spend as much time together as possible! In June we had many many play dates with these silly boys:
And some slumber parties:
And a few trips to Chuck E Cheese:
We were in Alabama when they actually moved in July, so we had our farewell dinner with them in June. Well, for our actual farewell dinner, we went to Texas Roadhouse, but we spent many a Sunday dinners at their house, so on our final Sunday dinner, we went up to help them pack and just hang out. They are seriously like family to us, and it was so sad! Tucker and Carter playing Dr. :

Look at these cute boys! Sharlene and I have made a pact to always keep them best friends, and to make sure that they don't forget about each other! Luckily we are going to Utah for Conference in October and are going to be staying with them. And Tucker is so excited and still refers to him as his best friend Carter (Tucker has a cousin Carter, so he always has to differentiate.) :)

We miss you guys so much!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Tucker and Taylor have the best daddy ever! Seriously, they love him so much and he is so good! We are so lucky.
I love this picture!

Tucker wanted a solo shot...
He's not a poser or anything! :)
So I had to get a solo shot of the little lady face...

Of course, the day had to start with breakfast in bed...
Tucker painted this really cool wooden scorpion for Ben. I was so proud! :)
Happy (be-lated)Fathers day Ben! We love you so much! Thanks for all you do for us!