Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Decking the Halls...

Usually we get our tree and decorate the house Thanksgiving weekend. I am ready for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is officially over! This year, we didn't do it Thanksgiving weekend, but we did do it as soon as we could in December! :)
{I love me a house decorated for Christmas!}
We got our tree this year at Costco. Not the most beautiful tree we've ever had, but once it's decorated, it was just as charming!

Our statue of Christ and Olive wood Nativity set from Jerusalem make their way out this time of year...
Ben had called Kathryn to see if she had any extra white lights around her house so we could finish off just one last little bit of the outside of our house. She brought these big bulb ones which didn't really go with all of our other little bulb ones, so I put them to good use with this adorable new Merry Christmas sign.
I inherited some Santa's from Kathryn, as well. It is so nice being friends with someone with such great taste! :) I appreciate all of her hand me downs! :) I added them to our existing table centerpiece...
And some Santa on the other side, too.



This is how my kids cope with Christmas decorating:
They are all gung-ho getting everything out of the boxes, but then are over it while I'm trying to decide where to put everything! :)
They do love decorating the tree, though! :) Of course!

This was going to be the front of my Christmas card this year. I was going to attempt to make one, but soon lost the drive. Sorry folks, this is as good as it gets this year: :)
This is how 99% of my pictures turn out:

This boy sure does love his first Christmas tree:
And I sure do love this little boy!
And this crazy one, too!
Since I had taken some cute pics of Tucker in the Santa hat, I thought I'd try to do some other cute Christmasey pics of the other two, (also, for the possibility of just making a last minute Christmas card) 
So, I plopped a naked baby on the ground with a cute little bell rattler, and got this cute one of Jackson:
Then I was stumped with Taylor. One morning I saw her eating a big huge lollipop we have had at our house for like a year now, and thought that it may make a cute photo. But then after I took them lost all interest and desire to do anything good to it. Plus it didn't turn out the greatest (this is unedited) So, this is what we've got. One cute one of Jackson, one semi-cute one of Tucker and one not so great one of Taylor, and that is one of the many reasons I just didn't get cards out this year. 
But we do wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)


Kayla said...

so cute!! love all the decor! wish we could be there! but we will see you guys soon!

Jolee B. said...

So so cute! Decor and kids... I love it! :)

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

What cute decorations! And your kids look so cute by the tree. I too gave up on Christmas cards this year. It's been a crazy month.

Lori said...

I can seriously see why you couldn't do cards. It would have been way too hard to pick the cutest picture. Your kids are adorable!! Merry Christmas!!