Saturday, December 21, 2013


Our branch had it's annual Posada. I love our Indiana branch. Our two branches combined for this Christmas feast. It is a Mexican tradition. We all meet in the Chapel, in Sunday clothes. Take off our shoes, and then kids from the primary dressed as Mary and Joseph  walk through the building knocking on doors looking for a place to stay and are always turned away. We follow them through the dark halls holding tea light candles while a person behind us plays a hymn on the violin. It is a really beautiful program. Finally at the last door, our Branch President, President Condon is there, and welcomes us to the 'Inn'. And there is a great feast prepared and set up for us. 
I grabbed a photo of President Condon from inside the feast:
And I just loved this picture of Sister Condon, this is TOTALLY her, always serving, always taking care of everyone. I love this lady.
It was so much fun to see all of our friends from the branch who are still downtown. We miss so many of our friends out there! 
Sweet Josephine serving dessert. Love her.
Maria Vazquez holding Jackson for me while I snap pictures. I'm so grateful for our wonderful branch family.
My friend, Angela, had her sweet little baby boy. Little Peter is so sweet. It was so good to her her again.
My sweet little Taylor Rae...
And of course, no Spanish branch party is complete without a pinata!!!
Luckily, my friend, Melissa from our new Valley branch was there and got a good piece of the pinata. Makes a beautiful hat! :)
We love our Spanish Branch friends.

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Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

I'm glad you got to me Karla in your new branch. You will love her. She is such a great person and so fun to be around, just like you.