Sunday, May 30, 2010

Campbell Grandbabies...

While Kayla was here Allen & Kelli also came up to see her. Having all 5 of the Campbell grandbabies together made for some great photo ops. There were like at least 30 pictures I wanted to post, so I put them into a collage...

Tucker, Keyton, Carter, Cassidy & Taylor Rae
Such cute babies. 5 babies in three years...crazy! I can't imagine what we did without them now! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I love April for many reasons, but one of the reasons is these beautiful flowers!
Every April they come and make my back yard beautiful for a few weeks and we love it!
The first spring we lived here, I wouldn't let anyone touch them because they were so beautiful! Then they are gone so fast I decided the next year we had to take advantage while we had them and now we make as many bouquets for as many people as we can during the month of April. I do feel guilty clipping them, but they just die after a few weeks and get all old and limp.
And they are perfect for photo ops...
Thank you April for bringing these beautiful flowers to us.
Too bad our Spring this year has lasted like 7 months. Ugghs! Today is June 25th and just yesterday I had to wear a sweater and jeans because of the cold wet rain. And today I got a sunburn!!! Go figure! :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

We heart the Y...

My mom and I took Tucker to a kid festival thing at the Y back when Kayla was here. It was like a 10 station course and he got a prize at the end. You know promoting kids health, yada yada yada. :) He had a good time and took the task very seriously! :)
Look at this strong boy...
hopping on one foot...

doing a squat...
After it was over, the prize was a little YMCA tattoo. Tucker looked at the tattoo, looked at the girl and asked her where his real prize was. She then fumbled through an old box on the ground and produced this really cool straw. The upgrade seemed to satisfy Tucker and we were on our merry way to go get our ice-cream. :)
Mom can't come into town without a visit to PF Changs; Not on my watch, anyway. I am just glad that she shares my love of that place. :)
This little handsome fellow came with us this time.
As did this handsome fellow....
He opened his fortune cookie and said, (like he was reading it) ' Tucker, Keyton is a really good boy and loves his grandma.'

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuckers trip to the dentist...

Someone went to the dentist for the first time...
You were all nervous that it was me, weren't you! :) So, yes, I finally took my THREE year old to see the dentist. I think the suggested age is 1?! oops! I felt one was a little too early, but really meant to take him by his second birthday. That didn't happen either! They're just baby teeth, right! :) j/k!
Anyway, he did SO SO SO good! I was really nervous because he can just be a pill sometimes. But he did so great and I was SO proud of him! He even got x-rays and sat on my lap the whole time being such a big boy! :) It really gave me hope for his future. It was looking bleak there for awhile! :)
BUT...not so great news... he had a cavity! Yes, I felt like mother of the year! He has a cavity on the back of one of his front teeth. AND...he has to go in in July and get a crown put on his FRONT TOOTH! My first thought was OMG! I am going to have a child walking around with a silver front tooth! :) Luckily they have tooth colored porcelain ones, and that is what he will get. I feel so bad. When he goes in in July, they are going to put him completely under. Like with gas (i think). They do that so that he doesn't hate the dentist office and will want to come back!
But as you can see above, we have to keep that smile bright and shiny! :) And he loved getting a new toothbrush, and he actually likes flossing his teeth! :)
What a champ!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kayla's visit...

Kayla was home for three whole weeks and we tried to fit in as much as possible while she was here. We had so much fun. Tucker loved having his aunt Kayla around all the time. Here is just a few pictures of what we did. We did a little shopping with Taylor. Girl time. Taylor loved it, as you can tell from the picture below. She found lots of great steals!
photo (4)
Once she actually woke up she looked more like this. So maybe she didn't enjoy it so much! :) We did though! :)
photo (5)
Aunt Kayla took Tucker to a shock game. Tucker loves the Spokane Shock! :) They went with Uncle Jason's brother, Jeff. (Jason hadn't gotten here yet)
One of the real reasons for Jason & Kayla came into town was for a wedding. Jason's aunt got married and they came for the wedding and to help out. Kayla helped make like over 600 cupcakes while she was here! :) And boy were they good. This is at their reception.
Tucker was in hog heaven...
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Me, my momma and Taylor...
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Aunt Kayla and Tucker dancing...
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I love this picture, I think it is so cute! :) Tucker loves his aunt Kayla. We are already missing her.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Foto Fun with Aunt Kayla...

My little sister came in to town in April (more on that to come...) and while she was here, we had a little impromptu photo shoot before church one Sunday.
I guess when you have kids that are THIS cute, you can't help but just take lots and lots of pictures.
Aunt Kayla and the kids...
Aunt Kayla AND Uncle Jason with the kids...
Aunt Kayla and Baby Taylor...
Our little family...
All of us...
My two sweet babies...
Aunt Kayla tickling Tucker, I love that smile! :)
Kayla was here for three weeks, so I have a lot more to blog about from her visit. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Landscaping...

Look what my amazing husband has done to our house!
Up until a few weeks ago, to say that the front of our house was boring would have been an understatement. We had some serious landscape issues! :) It was basically red rock in a ring around our house, around the front walk way and that was about it; and I loathed the red rock!:) Ben Surprised me a few weeks ago by bringing home this huge pile of gray rock, some new shrubs and bushes and him and Tucker started in on our new front landscaping! It was so wonderful and so thoughtful of him. I loved it!
It was a lot of work, too! First Ben had to clean out all of the red rock and move it out and then him and Tucker got to work on planing the shrubs and bushes and filling in the gray rock. I should have taken more pictures. But there really is a reason I have no pictures of the front of our house...boring! :)
{Here they are hard at work-I love that Tucker always wants to help and really does ALL that he can to help! He loves working with his daddy,and can often be heard saying things like, 'ok dad, lets get to work!'}
And, after a weeks worth of back breaking work, the finished product!
It looks SO much better than the red rock!! And I love it! And it goes so well with our brand new windows that Ben also surprised me with! He is so good at reading into my hints, and really has done SO much to make our home more beautiful! :) Tucker and I planted the flower pots on the front porch to go with our new landscape.
I had to add this picture in with it, because whenever Ben mows the yard, Tucker has to get out his mower and follows him around. Here is Tucker 'adjusting' the settings on his mower, just like his daddy! :)
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tuckers first sleepover...

It is only fitting that Tucker's first sleepover is with Carter. These two boys love each other! In the past few weeks, they have been together for 8-12 hours a day! One day they had preschool from 9:30-11:30, they screamed and whined that they still wanted to play together, so I told Sharlene that Carter could come over for a while if she needed to do some things. So Carter was at our house until 3, when Sharlene came to get him, another round of tantrums ensued and so Tucker ended up going to their house until I went and got him at 7! That is pretty typical for them lately. I usually don't give into Tuckers tantrums because I don't want him to think that he can get whatever he wants if he acts like that, but because these two have such little time left together, neither Sharlene nor I can deny them time together! I seriously don't know what we are going to do when they move! They move in less than a month. I am too depressed about it to even think about it. I'm in denial!
Anyway... back in April Eric and Sharlene went to Utah for a Shock game and to look at houses and we got Carter for the whole weekend! I was a little nervous at first, just because I just knew Tucker wouldn't sleep or behave very well (he likes to 'show off' sometimes in front of his friends and not listen to mommy.) But we had so much fun! Carter is such a little sweetheart and Tucker had so much fun with him around ALL the time. Sharlene always says that she wished these two were twins so that they could just always be around each other, they love each other so much, and I have to agree. They entertain themselves and always have a great time.
We jumped on the trampoline...
We ate lots of bread! We had just gotten some yummy Great Harvest bread and the boys loved it! Carter, for being such a little guy is an eater! Well, he never eats anything big at one time, but like every 20 minutes would tell me he was hungry, so I was getting desperate for new snacks to give them. The Great Harvest bread did the trick, they loved it!
We watched movies...
And they both slept in sleeping bags on Tuckers floor. They did so good, too! Fell right asleep and slept well! I was very happy! :) They thought it was so cool that they got to sleep in sleeping bags, too!
We painted...
And at church on Sunday everyone in Primary kept on telling me that my nephew was so cute. If it was someone I didn't know too well, I would just smile and say thanks! :) I hope that even after the Enloe's move to Utah that Carter can come up and spend many more weekends with us! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Dino show...

A few months ago, the Enloe's got some tickets to 'Walking with the Dinosaurs' at the arena. It was supposed to be pretty cool with life sized dinosaurs and everything! The boys decided to make a date out of it. The boys meaning Eric and Ben with their kids. :) Sharlene and I are pretty sure that Ben and Eric would make a fabulous gay couple. They really love each other and really just get one another and could spend hours together. Anyway... They packed up the kids and headed out to walk with the dinosaurs.
I sent Ben with my little point and shoot camera. But I wasn't sure if he would actually take any pictures, so I snapped one as they were leaving. I really can't stand point and shoot cameras, really!
To my amazement, Ben had taken quite a few pictures. Granted, the quality of ALL of them is like this, he took them nonetheless! :)
I think it looks pretty cool, myself! Ben tells me that the kids LOVED it!

167 cute!
Here are Carter, Olivia and Tucker. I'm pretty sure that Tucker thinks that Olivia is HIS sister, too! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My babies...

When this little one first started smiling I tried to have a little mini photo session while she was in her bouncy seat. Her faces were just too cute, and then she started talking to me, so I had to keep on shooting! :) I seriously don't think that babies get any cuter than this little lady!:) I used one of these for her baby announcement! :)

This little girl is getting so big! I can't believe that she is already 3 1/2 months! I remember when she was first born I just wanted to fast forward these first three months because they are the hardest. But now I just want time to freeze! She is such a happy girl! I love it! She is always smiley and jolly! :) And she is talking like crazy! I love listening to her try and talk to me. She loves attention and being talked to! And she is so sweet! I just can't even imagine our family without her and I can't even imagine loving a baby more than I love her. Of course, I thought the same thing about Tucker too when he was a baby! :) And she is such a good baby. She is usually so easy and happy and content. I can't believe that I got lucky with two easy babies! ( I know, don't hate me!) She is already sleeping from 10-5, sometimes even 8! I just love love love this little girl.
Now this little boy is a different story! :) He saw me taking pictures of Taylor and couldn't be left out, so he had me take these pictures of him, doing what he does best! His favorite things to do are jump off the couches and be loud and annoying (oh wait, did I say that out loud!) :) Oh, but I love him so! :) One minute he is the sweetest, cutest, most loving boy and the very next minute he is obnoxious and loud and rude! It is kind of a roller coaster with him right now. I'm afraid I am ruining him by not having patience for his antics all the time. I want him to be him and be happy and confident, but I need to keep my sanity, too! :) But he also makes me laugh EVERY day. The things he comes up with, I don't know where he gets it! Well, I do know where he gets it, from his daddy... :) In the car the other day Taylor was crying and he put out his hand and in a joking voice said, ' Silence baby Silence!' like all authoritative, but joking.
This child is so smart! I am always so impressed with how quickly he picks up on things. He is already writing his name and is pretty darn good at doing it too. He loves doing puzzles right now. When his grandma in Alabama was here she got him this huge dinosaur floor puzzle he put it together all by himself in like 5 minutes. It took me longer to do it when I tried to do it by myself. :)
I am just so lucky to have these two in my life! What would I do without them???

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I can't believe that it is already May! Easter has already come and gone and it seemed to go by so quickly! Last year around this time I think I took Tucker to some 8 Easter egg hunts! Yeah, I was a little crazy! This year we didn't even dye eggs! Lame, I know. We took him to the church for an Easter breakfast and egg hunt. But even that was only him and I and my dad. Baby stayed home with daddy and then we rushed home so I could feed her. Not exciting for a two year old, but that is life with a newborn, right!! :)

I decided to make it a little more exciting for Easter morning. It has become tradition that we have an egg trail coming out of Tuckers room in the morning leading to his basket. He loves it. I've decided to start another tradition, that Easter baskets will be filled with the kids swim suits and candy. And that's it! :) I found myself wanting to fill them with all kinds of toys and had to remind myself that it wasn't Christmas again. So to make it easier on myself, swimming gear only! :) Plus it is a perfect time to start getting ready for the summer! :) Anyway...
Tucker was SO excited! :) He only cares about the candy anyway...

This child concentrates so hard on things. When he is determined, he is determined! :) And his face really shows it!
Easter Sunday was great! It was conference weekend, so it doesn't get much better than that! I love conference weekend. Number one, obviously for the talks and getting to listen to the prophet, but also I love lounging around all day in my pj's and eating! :) Conference this year was amazing and like always, I REALLY felt that all of the talks were written directly for me. Funny thing though, thinking about them now, I really couldn't tell you the topic of any one of the talks that we listened to! :) I guess that's why we get the ensign so I can go back and read them. :)
We watched the Sunday morning session at our house on our computer and then Tucker and Ben went up to the Enloe's house for the second session while Taylor and I stayed at home. Then we went up and totally crashed their family Easter dinner! We had no family in town since my mom doesn't live here anymore and my dad was in Arizona with his girlfriend and Nathan and Angie were with her family. We were family-less! :)Luckily we have our second family here.
Of course, Sharlene and her family had this delicious dinner prepared (Thanks to Eric and his excellent culinary skills!) and an awesome Easter egg hunt planned! :) We were lucky to get in on the action.
Tucker found so many eggs and was in heaven!
Carters basket dropped and he was so sad! That is such a sad face! :)
Jackson found so many eggs that his basket overfilled and he had to start putting eggs in his tucked in shirt! :)
These two cute boys...
Tucker gave Taylor an egg and she held on to it for a while... :)
Somehow Eric ended up with Taylor and he looks really excited about it...
This is what he really wanted to be doing...
Thanks Enloe's for adopting us as part of your family! You guys are too good to us! We love you!
As much as I tried to NOT spoil Tucker for Easter and keep things simple and low key, He ended up with a brand new bike!!! My dad got it for him for Easter and he loves it! We haven't gotten too much use of it because of the weather, but he will go out and ride it in the garage every now and then. He fell over his first time on it. We hadn't gotten him a helmet yet, and luckily he just had some scratches on his nose. Poor guy! But we have gotten him a helmet since then! :) And it's taken some convincing but he still can't wait to ride it in the summer time! :)